Billy Zachary, Licensed Acupuncturist

Billy Zachary, Licensed Acupuncturist


Billy Zachary, L.Ac is here to assist you on your journey to recovery and relaxation. You will see for yourself how well acupuncture really works.

Through my training as a martial artist, then a shiatsu practitioner, and as an acupuncturist, I don't look at just the surface of folks I am talking to. I work to clear my own mind, so that I can take a the whole a person in their totality. My teachers refer to it as a form of listening, a type of indirect 'looking' that forms an awareness of the person being observed. It takes virtually no time to do this and to form a quick impression. I often find myself wondering how I could potentially help a particular person, and what I'd do for treatment if they showed up at my office. This isn't effort for me anymore; it's become a natural part of my daily existence and experience. It is as if this split-second assessment of your ki (energy), or your gait, or the underlying tone of your skin makes a kind of sound. If you are dealing with something in terms of your health, why don't you consider acupuncture? It could make a real difference.

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