How much does a swedish massage cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does a swedish massage cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does a swedish massage cost?

$50 - $75/hr

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$50 - $75 /hr

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Tom Grupa

Average Swedish Massage Cost

The average cost for a swedish massage is $60 an hour. Hiring a swedish massage therapist for a one-hour massage, you will likely spend between $50 and $75. The price of a massage can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code).

A specialized type of therapeutic body session, a Swedish massage is administered by a licensed massage therapist. Offering a range of benefits, including greater flexibility, a reduction in stress levels, and total relaxation, this form of therapy has a positive impact on your blood flow, pain management, and immune function.

Typically offered in 30-minute to 120-minute sessions, there are many factors that impact the final cost of a Swedish massage. For example, M&W Massage And Wellness Solutions, LLC offers 60-minute Swedish massages for $95. This includes the use of cream or massage oil to ensure the highest level of relaxation.

The length of the massage

The duration of your session will have the greatest impact on the final rate. More often than not, the longer the massage, the higher the rate. Since massage therapists generally offer varying tiers in terms of the type of massage offered, Swedish massage tends to cost lower than more strenuous massage options.

In-studio vs off-site massage massage

The location of your massage will also impact pricing. Many Swedish massage therapists offer their services in their own studies, in an office, fitness center, or other professional location. Since you are coming to the massage therapist, and they do not need to charge for travel costs, you tend to save money.

For example, Danny Hot Touch Massage charges $80 for a 60-minute Swedish massage in-studio, compared to $150 when offering a mobile service.


When you bundle a number of services and pay upfront, you can typically get some great package deals. In this case, you will pay less per session. Renewal Spa, for instance, located in Hollywood, Florida, offers a range of packages, including:

  • A 90-minute "Zen Out" package, which includes a 30-minute body scrub and a 60-minute Swedish massage for $145. Alternatively, you can enjoy their 2-hour "Relax" package, which includes a 60-minute Swedish massage and a 60-minute European facial for $160.

At Body & Soul Massage, located in Salem, MA, you can also enjoy a side-by-side couples massage for $195 (which includes a 60-minute massage each). They also offer a range of add-on options, including a cupping service for an additional $20.

Geographical location

Where you're located will also impact the average cost of a Swedish massage. For example, KBJ Bodyworks Center in Bolingbrook, IL charges:

  • $65 for a 60-minute Swedish massage

  • $100 for a 90-minute massage

  • $130 for a 120-minute massage.

Compared to Brea's Divine Hands Intuitive Massage in Oakland, CA, who charge $75 for a 60-minute massage and $112 for a 90-minute massage. LaMasterworks Massage, located in Kenmore, WA is another option. Per hour, they charge $80 for a Swedish massage and for those who prefer a 90-minute Swedish deep tissue massage, this will cost you $110. To help you save money, speak with the Swedish massage therapists within your local area. See what packages are available and if there are any offer special rates or promotional offers currently available.