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Evan Bryan Massage

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I provide excellent customer care, specially-tailored and professional massages, and a unique therapist/client relationship in which I seek to integrate work on the "whole person". This includes after-massage suggests in diet, nutrition, stretching and exercise. A massage is generally about a relationship and I hope for there to be deep comfort between myself and the people I am blessed to work with. I have four years of experience with mobile massage.

I consider my work to be my calling as it provides me the wonderful opportunity to connect with people in a personal way that helps to discover unconsidered reasons why specific types of massage may be needed!


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9 years in business
Serves La Mesa, CA

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    Amanda W.

    I cannot say enough good things about Evan. I have been having lower back and sciatica pain for a while now with no relief. He targeted the right spots and I can actually walk without pain now. 10/10. I’m recommending him to everyone I know
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    September 17, 2020
    Hired on Thervo

    Angela A.

    January 03, 2020
    Hired on Thervo

    Raymond O.

    Evan is VERY professional, knowledgeable, courteous and aware
    of his customers comfort!
    We highly recommend Evan for your massage!
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    September 21, 2019
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    Raymond O.

    Evan treated me for severe neck and back pain, as a result of a
    rear-end accident. After just one visit, my pain was reduced from
    a 9 to a 3.5! He is knowledgeable, courteous, and polite. I look
    forward to my next massage. I highly recommend Evan!
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    August 23, 2019
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    Ken M.

    He helps me to relax.
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    June 03, 2019
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    Frequently asked questions

    We talk over the phone or in person to see if we're a good match, generally. It's important to see where both parties are at in terms of in-home massage services and I like people to have a sense of who I am before I visit them as a complete stranger. We discuss the needs, billing, and any other odds-and-ends that may be necessary to start working together.

    I have over 1,000 hours of training in my profession as well as 3,500 hands-on massage hours. My training ran from the basics of Swedish massage, to bit of energy work, Tui-na and Shiatsu. My focus in training was on myofascial release, neuromuscular facilitation, sports massage, active release, passive joint, and facilitated stretching. I'm educated in medical massage and am comfortable working on people who just want to relax to others who have serious medical conditions.

    My standard pricing is $120 per hour plus $40 per upgrade (such as hot stone massage or cupping). If you want to pay using a credit card, I charge a processesing fee. I accept cash, check, Venmo, Square, Zelle and Paypal. I've even traded depending on the offer. 

    I was disabled in the Marine Corps and received some therapeutic work that really blew me away! Then, in a fit of frustration at my old job, I found that there was a massage school just down the street and that I should make the switch! They accepted me right off the bat and I haven't looked back since I found I could give the same services provided to me in my pain for others in theirs!

    I've run the gamut from joint replacement, to NFL players, to general relaxation, Men and women, young and old, over and under weight. After thousands of hours of massage and hundreds of people, it's rare to come across anything outside of my experience.

    One of my customers had three joints replaced after a brutal car accident and raves every time she sees me about how thankful she is to enjoy both the massage therapy and friendship we have developed. I am so satisfied in her presence because of her gratitude! It always brings me joy to find people who are willing to trust me to work on them through whatever trauma they have experienced mentally, spiritually, and physically.

    Don't give up! Keep looking! Find someone you can trust and challenge them to help you! Be humble and vulnerable. Trust that there are people out there who genuinely care for your well-being!

    Why should I get a massage? Why should I get YOUR massage? What makes you different and better than any other massage therapist? How do you think you can help me? Should I wear undergarments? What is your philosophy as a massage therapist and how do you communicate it before, during, and after a massage?

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