Heavenly Hands Massage Therapy, Energy Balancing & Meditation Practioner

Heavenly Hands Massage Therapy, Energy Balancing & Meditation Practioner

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Im the massage therapist you have been waiting to find! Worth your time...worth your hard earned money! My work is PRICELESS and my clients say my hands have been touched  by God! I'm an empathetic & intuitive massage therapist life/Spiritual coach which means there are natural  God given gift and talent attached to my work and I know exactly  where your pain is at and with  help from heaven I bring the healing! Time and money are not a factor for me which means I do this our of pure love of the trade! I value my time, effort and money spent to educate myself to make a career out of my passion and do so with the best organic products on the market so there is a charge attached to the work I do but I can be flexible in the right circumstances when intuitively guided to do so. My motto is that: "Nobody should have to go without a massage because they cant afford it!" Just call and we'll work something out! <3 I have a special place in my heart to bring healing to those suffering from chronic pain, mental health disturbances even if just stress. Mental relaxation is required to be your best self, do exceptional  work and feel your best!  I once lived with dibilitating chronic pain and fatigue due to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic depression and anxiety for 17 years so I know exactly what where every pain is and  how to care for you to bring the relief you are seeking. I believe God puts people in my path that He is ready for them to be relieved of their suffering as I pray each morning to guide me to the people who need help. If you are looking for a sign if I am the right therapist for you...THIS IS YOUR SIGN!!! LOL My philosophy is that every person that gets off my table feeling like a new person as that has been the consistent feedback I get from my clients. I know when to use  swedish, deep tissie, triggerpoint therapy and always incorporate my energy healing leaving a blessing  upon my clients for alignment and Rejuvenation on a body/mind/Soul level as I am a holistic practitioner which means I seek to empower my clients to go beyond relieving the symptoms  and find the root causes of pain and stress and help you heal yourself by taking small consistent changes toward a life where YOU too can live a life with passion/purpose, joy, love and abundance in all areas of life! A life where prosperity and miracles  are not just seen in movies but in your very own life! Why??? BECAUSE YOUR WORTH IT!!! Because we were created that we might have JOY, love and prosperity and I have overcome much to stay in a constant state of not merely TRYING to experience those states  of being only to have fleeting moments but literally  BEING in a constant state of joy & love by doing the things that make my soul  happy!  This will definitely including making a living out of what you wake up and LOVE to do everyday! IF IT DOESN'TCHALLENGE YOU: IT WONT CHANGE YOU! *Change and action  are required! As not only a massage therapist but a LIFE/SPIRITUAL COACH & MENTOR and Auma-KhuaKi energy practitioner I am able to help you thru the process of getting out of misery, fear, stress, depression and anger and into another  dimension  where those are but memories of the past! Contact me for a consultation to discuss a plan of action and we'll get started!. This is not for the faint and ONLY FOR PEOPLE SERIOUS ABOUT TRANSFORMING THEIR LIVES!  I can't wait to be apart of your journey  into your new and BEST LIFE! TO NEW BEGININGS...OF GOOD HEALTH + OVERALL  WELLNESS, JOY, LOVE, PEACE, ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY!!! CHEERS!!!! 

I do not except INSURANCE  for those asking. Contact me and we can discuss pricing, payment arrangements for any and all services massage, life/Spiritual coaching, anger management, pre and post marital counsling or any kind of counsling. PLEASE SEE MY FB PAGE FOR COMPLIMENTARY DAILY ADVICE AND CONTACT ME FOR CUSTOM COUNSLING PLAN AND SESSIONS. WE JUST NEED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. DONT WAIT ESPECIALLY IF U HAVE ANGER OR DEPRESSION. CONTACT ME IMMIDIATELY! WE CAN HAVE A FIRST ****COMPLIMENTARY SESSION. https://www.facebook.com/groups/957597911252212/

-->>Providing body/mind/soul REJUVENATION!

-->>Feeling of FULFILLMENT by  living out my soul desire & purpose/calling of healing.

-->>PROVIDE RELIEF to those suffering FROM  PAIN or effects of STRESS, anger, fatigue, grief, depression and fear  & instilling a sense of wellness & rejuvenation that provides the client with an altered/heightened state of being & feeling of peace, relaxation and joy and love THEY NEED to PERFORM at MAX  POTENTIAL!! This entails using my expertise of the body and applying just the right amount of deep tissue pressure and trigger point therapy to just the right spots that LEAVE  THE CLIENT FEELING  BRAND NEW!!!

-->>Tapping into client & Source energy to ALIGN  chakra ENERGY  CENTERS  that may be blocked energetically causing ill physiological effects and  toxic emotions KEEPING the CLIENT  FROM  THEIR  BEST SELF  & BEST  LIFE! 

-->>FINDING  the MIND/BODY  CONNECTION  THRU my intuitive ABILITIES/GIFTS  that may PINPOINT  the ROOT  CAUSE(s) of the clients ailments/diseases and possibly *BE  A CHANNEL FOR  HEALING MESSAGES as an

-intuitive healer,

-psychic/claircognisant medium,

-empath/clairsentenence feelings & knowlwdge I may receive

+ Life/Spiritual coach & mentor services


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Stagecoach, TX 77355
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  • Porschia P.

    She is very caring!

  • Andrew P.

    Great Experience! She knows what she's doing and is very attentive to details.She has very good techniques and the environment was very helpful to help me relax

  • Darlene G.

    Angela was very professional & proficient in pain mgmt. Her abilities to pinpoint & relieve the problem areas are amazing. Her focus is intense. Her recommendations for home maintenance are priceless. Whatever & wherever your pain is, she can address and make you feel like a new person before you leave. I paid many copays (and spent much precious time) to doctors, chiropractic clinics, etc. with little to no relief. A visit with Angela is money (and time) WELL spent! You’ll be glad you did. I’d recommend her to anyone.

  • Vince

    Angela is an excellent massage therapist. She is very knowledgeable, has an amazing touch - that relaxes & heals, and gave me the help that I requested. 5 Stars!

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What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

After client reviews my profile he/she will request a quote.

I review their profile/desired length/service/style of massage/location and if I feel we're a fit I will fwd any details requested like fee for service,  my availability and any other details I feel are warranted. 

*NOTE: No insurance accepted currently. Contact me for special pricing if needed other then what I quote but don't wait! 

I've wasted money on mediocre massages.Thats not the. Case here.IVE WASTED SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF TIME ON COUNTLESS COUNCELORS because insurance covered it. I do eztensive research and my methods are none like u will see at your counselor. Give me your dedicaltion and ill give u ur miraculous healing fr depression, anxiety anger, fear. SEE LINK BELOW TO JOIN MY COMPLIMENTARY DAILY/WEEKLY ADVICE AND CONTACT ME FOR CUSTOM PLAN AND PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS! 

A client intake is filled out upon arrival or they prefer to do it face to face or we can save time day of the massage and arrange a video chat before hand so I can get to know their needs and expectations simultaneously filling out the form  for the client so they merely have to sign it upon arrival and we can get straigh to the massage.

If in any pain i get a starting number of pain between 1-10 and discuss what is possible within the plan of action (time/modality) we decide upon that fits the clients desired outcome.

Upon arrival and after setup & completion  of intake form... I step out so the client may get undressed to their comfort level. They will drape  w/ a towel only faced down or sheet & blanket if they desire over genital areas that I will not be touching or exposing.  I will undrape the parts I will be massaging and get permission before hand if client would like their glutes massaged and if so on the skin or over the draping. 

*Note: glutes are extremely important  to massage as it not only effects the glutes that u sit on all day but can be the source of trouble to an array  of other muscless it refers inflamation/pain to  ie lowerback, legs, knees and feet. -The whole body is conntects.* For example the periformous appr. 4 layers deep below the glutus maximus cld be the cause of sciatica pain needing trigger point therapy to reduce inflammed which relieve compression against the nearby siatica nerve causing the LB/Sciatica pain and/or tingling down the leg. -Their are muscles that originate at the hip joint (greater trochanter)near the glutes that crosses several joints i.e.over femur and knee joint (patella) and inserts down on the lower leg area below the knee.

When indicated I re-enter the room to a draped body ready for massage.

I'll scan & palpate the full body (minus genitals) to start with compression to acess the customer areas of attention needed. I document time starting and Time to finish determined  by customers request of length of time desired. 

TIME TO COMMENCE THE HEALING!!! I commense by relaxing the client w/ a short n sweet scalp massage. Move onto neck/traps/back/glutes/legs. 

Time to flip!

Face first if desired ( i prefer face up fist starting w/ face n scslp) after sanitizing hands or I skip to temples/ears/pecs/neck & abs if desired/arms/hands/legs/lastly the feet.

***A full body massage is recommended but I am flexible if client prefers more time spent on some areas more then others... Or opts out of some areas like face/hands/feet as is sometimes requested.

*** I prefer to give a 90 min. Massage vs. a 60 min. one So I can give  ample time on each part for a Full body massage and adl. 30 min. on other targeted area desired.

I begin and end with swedish massage strokes and/or feathering for relaxation and incorporate deep tissue and/or trigger point, energy balancing if client desires  in between swedish massage strokes.

I let the client know the session is complete and...

I use hot towles,stonrs & chro Jeanie machine if desired to remove lotion/oil from feet or use other areas the client request i.e. face and clean palms. 

A glass of water is given to flush any lactic acid released from muscles to customer to drink after they get dressed.

I exit the room to the bathroom to thoroughly wash my hands while they dress->I return n enter when the cliet indicates they're fully dressed-> I break down my belongings/collect feed back and collect pay for services->Exit the house and premises or thank n day goodbye if at my place.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

Over 1000 hrs. Education. I went to Christian Associates of massage and The Phoenix School of massage. I've taken apecoal xourses to be bersed in deep tissue.  I incorporate all modalities I know where required...deep tissue and trigger point  for chronic pain and deeper muscles , swedish for relaxation and energy for blockages  in the flow of energy  thru whats called meridians of the body.  Redlexology and paraffin wax tratments also avaialbe. I am an  intuitive empath and with  these gifts  I can sense where your pain is,  the intensity level and know where all the spots are that require attention and the knowledge of how to lessen or rid your pain and with a lil divine help I am a channel for healing and loving  energy that can bring balance to your energy centers that are in your body that cause disease when they are out of balance. I am coursed in how to get u into a state of deep meditation that allows for not only physical relaxation but mental relaxation that leaves an overall feeling of rejuvenation and wellness!

Do you have a standard pricing system for your services? If so, please share the details here.

Can be flexible in the right situation. 

60. Swedish 1 hr massage

70. For deep tissue

95 for 1 1/2 hr 

Paxkages available for best discount!!! :)

* my prefered amount of time is 1.5 hr. as I like to be very through and provide reloef and relaxation u deserve!

*i incorporaye teigher point and wnerfy balanxinf and meditation as well.  

*Complimentary hot stones, towels, jeanie rub and aromatherapy at my place

33. A session for counsling and/or lofe/Spiritual coaching. 1st session complimentary. 

I'm about providing results!!!