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Damai Wellness Inc. was born out of our love and interest to help people manage pain and disconfort. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best healing and relaxing experience through a combination of massage and holistic therapy. Each therapy is customize to each person and their particular needs, our mediums(oils, Salve, cream) are made or mix in house in order to guarantee the use of true organic products. Diffrent techniques require diffrent mediums wich combine with the bodywork done improve the healing process of the individual e.g. feeling under the weather, we utilized our signatured tisane pot, for frozen shoulder, we use high quality magnesium oil, for skin problems such as ezcema, or excessive dryness, we offfer scrubs made of 100% certified organic honey and sea salt.

Our LMT's have been working for at least 5 years in the field of Massage and somatic therapy, graduated from the well known Cortiva Institute, with a certificate and extended degree that includes the 600 hours of practice as well as the NY/NJ 1800 hours program the same include a extremely focus study of the scheletal system, muscular and cardiovascular system as well as the nervous and lymphatic system, additionally, this program teach Eastern techniques techiques such as Shiatsu and Thai Massage, reflexology as well as the most popular practice in the Western as is hot stone, sport massage. We have combine, ayurvedic practice, Thai techniques and holistic therapy, all combine create an ultimate massage experience. Please visit our website for more details on our services :https://www.massagebook.com/damaiwellness


3 employees
6 years in business
Serves West New York, NJ

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Frequently asked questions

We welcome all walk-ins and wonderers but we prefer a heads up  one hour ahead to ensure you will be serve imediately and avoid waiting time. We offer a complementary 15 mins infra-red sauna therapy to our  new clients plus a 20 dollars discount on your first and second therapy, we ask you to be on time since we will need you to fill out some important paper work prior to you come in. After your 15 mins sauna you will be escorted to the couples room ( in the case of two) or to the individual room where the therapist will work on your chosen somatic work; For your convenience we accept all major credit cards. please call us at 201-590-9297 or Tex to 646 852 5368 for further details.

Our prices range from 60 dollars to 140 for specific therapies, applied during a time frame between 60 mins and 90 Mins. All taxes are included after discounts are applied also, we offer an additional 20% discount to all senior Citizens.

Please send us an email and will be more than happy to send you a flier with all policies and details.

[email protected]

We are very much involve in comunity work, providing aid to cancer patients, is all about giving back what the comunity give to us, currently, we will start a campaing in which all cancer patients can come for 30 mins of infra-red therapy mon through friday completely free of charge. 

We have build a practice aiming to help with relaxation, confort and pain; based on experience each and every one of our services had been designed taking into consideration that not everyone like the same therapy and not everyone like the same quantity of pressure, for that, we ask our clients to take the time and read through our flier and determined what exactly would you need based on how your are experiencing, wether you searching for heavy pressure, medium or light, it is extremely important to understand what we offer. We can certainly recomend based on what you tell to us. but dont worry you are in good hands.

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Massage Therapy
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