Back In Motion Muscle Therapy, LLC.

Back In Motion Muscle Therapy, LLC.

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My business is fresh and new. Always making room for improvement for modalities. My clients are heard and my techniques tailored to their needs.

I enjoy my work because I genuinely love making people feel better. I enjoy troubleshooting muscles and isolating the problems. I work diligently to help people to find relief; either because they are in pain or just need a routine relaxation massage.


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One of the best massages I have ever had!! Janet is a sweetheart who didn’t rush me, knew what she was doing and worked on an area that had literally been making me feel sick. I left with so much more mobility and feeling like a new person!! I highly recommend!!!
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July 11, 2019


Karen D.

Very good at working on the places that are hurting. Going to janet has helped me alot. She will give advise on how to help yourself at home. Best massage I have ever gotten !! I had my husband go in and it helped his neck some. Going back for more.
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June 24, 2019


Jimmy D.

June 24, 2019
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Frequently asked questions

Greeting them with a warm smile and introduction is first and foremost. 

Having them complete my health history form and client consent comes secondly.

Then, a thorough Q&A about my clients concerns, conditions and how I intend to work with them in obtaining their treatment goals.

I attended The New Hampshire Institute for Therapuetic Arts in Hudson, NH.

I offer a new client promotion: $75 for 90 minutes.

My current price for 60 minutes is $75.

Years and years ago, I learned my gift of massage and intution by working on my grandmother's feet.

I started my own practice with the help and support of many people in my life who knew my worth and passion for helping others.

I have worked with a variety of people. Those that come in for relaxation and find they need deeper work to specific areas. I typically start out with a lady, who then brings her husband, who in turn brings their children! The dynamic of people that have come in and out has been amazing. All great people.

I would suggest people to try a few therapists. Every therapist is different and like shoes, you can't just try on one and love it right away. We are all unique and gifted, otherwise, we wouldn't be doing what we're doing!

"No pain, no gain, right?" I do not believe this to be true. There may be therapeutic resistance and tenderness found in muscles and other soft tissue that may not be comfortable, yet. Sometimes discomfort is a necessary evil. Please know your limits. Never be afraid to tell your therapist they are using too much or too little pressure.

What should I wear? Wear what you're comfortable with. Athletic clothing is usually a good bet with many therapists because it is likely the therapist will do a lot of stretching and range of motion.

What if I feel uncomfortable with a certain area? PLEASE, inform your therapist. Stop, means stop. You are always free to voice your concerns, likes and dislikes.

Wow, I really liked that technique but I don't want to tell my therapist how to do their job, should I say something? YES!!!! I speak for myself here, if it is a movement or technique that is helpful and makes your body feel better, ALWAYS ask for a repeat performance!

I really did not like that technique and my needs didn't feel as though they were met. Should I say something about it? YES! Not all massage is a one size fits all. Any therapist should be open minded to swithcing up the routine to fit YOUR needs. 

Massage therapy should be beneficial and enjoyable. Always keep in touch with your therapist. Good communication is key to getting to your better self!

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