Heavenly Hands By Rosanne

Heavenly Hands By Rosanne

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Welcome! What make me stand out from all the rest, is that I love what I do and have been told I have "the gift" for massage. I have 17 yrs experience with working with chiropractors who have taught me pressure point and trigger point techniques. I continue to go to school to keep my license current. Since I am now on my own, my schedule is my own, so I can take my time and give you your FULL time. No deductions for getting on and off the table. We will discuss your issues, problem areas, and I help you with those issues. I listen and apply my techniques that will help you.

I am versed in many styles of massage. Such as deep tissue, prenatal, trigger point, sports, therapeutic, reflexology. I blend most of what I know within your session.

Helping others in all walks of life! From healthy, to ill, to those preparing for a marathon and others.


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22 years in business


Massage type

Swedish massage (standard), Deep tissue massage, Reflexology, Pregnancy massage

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1 person

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Female therapists

Session length

60 minute session, 90 minute session

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    tom A.

    Rosanne is a pleasure to do business with. Her studio is clean and quiet. Her massage is very relaxing you definitely wont be dissapointed with Heavenly Hands By Rosanne
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    January 24, 2019
    Hired on Thervo

    Frequently asked questions

     My process for working with a new client is getting to know them a little bit by the information they give me regarding their health issues what's bothering them surgeries injuries etc.

    **side note***if you are interested in booking with me, please give me as much notice as possible, If I can't answer right away (either if you call my cell or leave a message within this app,) give as much info as possible so I know what you are expecting.  Let me know day and time you are thinking, maybe give me more then one or two options, I do NOT do half hour apmts!  I offer either 1hr, 70 minutes or 90 minutes.  This is my business and there is only me as the therapist on duty.  No male therapist available.

    The education and training that I have has been from the massage school I graduated from in 2001 and I continue to go to continuing education classes, to keep my license current, at Irene's massage school in Detroit. I have also learned from chiropractors that I have work from in the past.

     My pricing is as follows:  

    My price is 70 minute massage for $70.                                          Different pricing for different services such as hot stones massage. 

    Look closely at my area and what I offer, to give you a quote cost us to do so. If you are “far away,” select things I don’t offer,

    like you “want a male therapist,”

    “couples massage”

    I cant help you and I will “pass” 

    I have always been in the service industry so this was the next natural progression. I gave neck and shoulders massages and was told "I have the gift" and believe I still do!

    i have worked with many health issues, someone who has MS comes regularly and believe natural paths help him tremendously! A woman who broke her leg struggled to get it totally healed and my style sped the healing process. Stretching helped her as well!  I have helped runners or those in other sports to stretch, work out sore areas to get them ready for their sport as well as work out the kinks after the events. Pregnant woman have come to me and I've helped ease their back pain. 

    I went to a fundraiser for a charity and set up as a free service to give sports massage before and or after the event of running or walking to those who participated. 

    my advice to you is give the therapist as much notice as you can, give as much Info when you leave a message. Ex: I need a massage in 2 days, please get back to me today so I know if you are available. If you are flexible on day/time, give a couple of choices of days and times that will work for you so the Therapist has something to go by. 

    As well as when you meet, explain what you expect from your hour’s time w/the Therapist. If you don’t like the Therapist to do a lot of talking while you are on the table, tell them up front. Many come to me saying the Therapist talked too much! And then the thing you need to communicate is when the massage begins and the pressure is too deep or too light, speak up, so you get what you want out of the massage not what the Therapist thinks you need! 

    Think about exactly what you expect to happen within your massage session then ask questions accordingly. Such as "if I pay for an hour, do I get the full hour" "Are there any hidden fees," what little extras are included? A little aromatherapy, pillows for the neck, eyes, knees, extra blanket available in case you get cold? Soft lighting or bright lights in the room? Soft music as background or loud music which doesn't promote rest and relaxation.

    Services offered

    Massage Therapy
    Alternative Healing