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Mmb Therapeutics LLC



Like many others within my profession, I have a passion for helping people. I utilize my education, and background as a personal trainer, exercise therapist, and corrective exercise coach to provide clients with the most optimal service relevant to their needs.

My abilitly to assess and communicate with clients allows me to continue to help as many people that cross my path.

Being a licenced massgae therapist, personal trainer, exercise therapist, and corrective exercise coach, my education and experience allows me to approach every session strategically.

Not only can my clients walk away feeling rejuvenated, but many walk away relieved of pain, improved mobility, and stress free. For me, that's a job well done!


Serves Jacksonville , FL

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    Frequently asked questions

    When working with new customers, I typically begin with a basic screening process to get idea lf why the individual wants my services.

    I conduct a consultation to gain an understanding of the client's needs, and come up with a solution of how my services may benefit them. If all aligns, then we can move forward.

    I possess a background in personal training, exercise therapy, corrective excercise, kinesiology, and over 700 hours of training surrounding anatomy, physiology, and various modalities massage therapy.

    These modalities range from treating patients for othopedic concerns, working with athletes, improving mobility, pain management, stress relief and relaxation, and many others while in clincial settings.

    I typically price each service according to the duration. I have fixed rates that may increase depending upon the clients needs, or request.

    All services to the needs of the client. With that said, prices vary depending upon relevant services, or desires.

    I've been in the health and wellness industry for upwards of 7 years. Living an active lifestyle, met with occasional pain, discomfort, and stress, i began to exploring the many realms of wellness .

    The importance of self care, and staying shape stayed with me, and now I seek to share that realm with others. Taking my own personal experiences into consideration, I strive for continuous education, to apply knowledge in efforts to help as many people as possible head towards a better lifestyle, while improving their quality of life along the way.

    Over the years, I've worked with athletes, everyday gym-goers, people in corporate, and various men and women. 

    Each experience allowed me to learn, showcase my skills, and gave me the chance to improve their quality of life in some way.

    When looking for the right therapist, always consider their background, ability to address your needs, and openess to point you in the right direction when they have no way of being of service. 

    Integrity is important, and being able to connect with people can go along way.

    Services offered

    Massage Therapy