Find a reflexology massage in Danbury, CT

Find reflexology massage in Danbury, CT

Find reflexology massage in Danbury, CT

Share a few details and we'll show you the best reflexology massage in your area.
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Find reflexology massage in Danbury, CT

Share a few details and we'll show you the best reflexology massage in your area.
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Psychedelic Informed Guide,       Courtni StarHeart

Psychedelic Informed Guide, Courtni StarHeart

Offers online services
23+ years in business
Serves Danbury, CT
Luke V. says, "100% A++++++ At a high level. I had a wonderful experience. Before: I had a number of zoom meetings the month before my planned visit with Courtni that helped me prepare but her guide and readings were excellent. I loved the books(audio) that were required, and the overall different areas of preparation helped me be successful. Changing my diet was hard but that paid off during my journey. Day One: I flew in mid-afternoon and took the train into her area then taxied to my hotel. Simple and straightforward, plus the hotel ended being very close to Courtni. I am now a regular texter with Courtni and I am feeling a closeness because of how open, mindful and thorough everything has been since beginning. We planned to meet at 5pm(ish) for a few hours' day one. Day one night was more for cleansing and preparing the body/mind for the journey on day two. I meet Courtni and we are like two old/new friends with open dialog on life, experiences and the next day and a half. All good vibes and feelings from walking through the door. The Kambo medicine process was given about 8pm that night and was interesting. Courtni was thorough on setting my expectations and that all we were really doing was getting me ready for tomorrow. Courtni applied the Kambo and drove me back to my hotel and we planned to start around 11am the next morning. Day 2: Courtni picks me up at11:30 and we head into town to see what is going on. Huntington NY is a cool vibrant place with a lot of shopping and great places to eat. We drive around and down to a water spot then find a fantastic breakfast place. I’m not to eat much so I have an açaí berry bowl which was lovely. Courtni got a crepe that was gigantic, and we laughed about it throughout the day and weekend. After that, we went back to her house and sort of hung out. She was talking through the journey stages and making me aware of things that could come up. The plan was for around 7pm ish, I would start with some capsules and then possibly take another amount every two hours. Seven o’clock comes and we take a walk and talk about our lives but broken up in 13 year portions. Courtni and I are pretty close now and very open. I feel like we are friends. We sort of take a long walk and I end up a bit sweaty. It was good to talk about our pasts and remember things not thought of in years. We get back to the house and it’s probably 8+ now. We are sitting in a room and she sets the mood with music, some sage burning and candles. She gives me six capsules. Courtni also warns again that the medicine could make me sick and brings a bucket close. Two hours go by and no effects. She pours me a Dixie cup worth of medicine and I drink it. It’s not pleasant and something like a barky porter beer that’s been sitting in the sun. Two more hours go by and still no effects. She gives me another Dixie cup of a different kind. She warns me that some people don’t journey for different reasons. After 30 minutes I feel the medicine coming and I ask to take the music and go into a quiet room. I am able to journey now once my eyes are closed. If I open them, it almost stops everything. As soon as I close them I am off. It’s magical and fast. I’m a dragon and I also played games of chess. I really kept thinking of my brother who was having health issues again. I think of past lovers and intimate times. More dragons and dark but fun visions. Courtni brings me more medicine. 3am I purged hard but there was nothing in my stomach. I feel great and strong with focus. I kept going back to my brother and worrying about him and how I would fix him. Throughout the night I would meditate off of dead ends and could guide myself to better things. Chess games kept jumping in my head and it sort of pissed me off. I sort of slept somewhere around 5 and woke up around 7:30 when Courtni and I talked through the visions. I have been integrating this experience in and feel like the medicine was good, but I also feel like my head was not quite ready. I feel better than I have in ten years but that’s also because I have been healthy and cleared out some negativity that was in my life. All and all, it was a wonderful experience and I think it would be great for anyone who can prepare and is ready. I hope this was not too much writing and you are doing well." Read more


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3+ years in business
Serves Danbury, CT
Pia P. says, "I love how he came all set up with his table, sheet and candles. I felt i was at a massage place the comfort of my home. He was very understanding and so amazing! I had great experience with Jorge" Read more


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10+ years in business
Serves Danbury, CT
Here at DSM Massages we value your unique needs. Our therapists deliver and customize what’s best for our clients, and ensure every experience is unique. We drive high our high expectations, values, responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism for our team. I love helping people I love the feeling I get when my clients are relieved of their body pains stress headaches tension in the body where as they are totally relaxed When I do massages it keeps me grounded during the massage and after because the clients wants to come back to me afterwards I'm here to help...

Your reflexology massage questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thervo.

How much does a reflexology massage cost?

A reflexology massage costs $40 to $90 per hour or $30 to $75 per half hour. Some reflexologists also offer 45-minute sessions for $50 to $80 each. You'll typically pay a few dollars less per minute when buying reflexology massage as an add-on service to complement another type of massage, or when purchasing a multiple session package. Prices are higher for mobile reflexology massage, where the practitioner comes to you.

What is reflexology massage?

Reflexology is a form of massage in which the therapist, also called a reflexologist, applies pressure on specific points of the feet, hands, and ears. Stemming from traditional Chinese medicine and the belief in the body's energy flow, or Qi, practitioners believe reflexology massage helps release energy blockages and rebalances the body's nervous system.

Some therapists use the term "reflexology massage" for a reflexology session for the feet alone or the feet, hands, and ears, while others use this term to describe a massage therapy session that combines traditional Swedish massage techniques with reflexology techniques.

What are the benefits of reflexology massage?

While reflexology techniques have not been extensively studied, research so far shows that reflexology massage may help:

  • Decrease arthritis and back pain
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Alleviate some multiple sclerosis symptoms
  • Improve mood and one's overall sense of well-being
  • Improve sinus issues
  • Improve constipation problems

Can you get a reflexology massage while pregnant?

Most doctors recommend avoiding reflexology massage during pregnancy due to the effect it may have on blood flow. Always discuss any type of therapy you are considering with your doctor first to confirm it will not put you or your baby at risk.

How do I choose the best reflexology massage service near me?

When searching for a reflexology massage near you, be sure to:

  • Choose a company or reflexologist that is licensed, insured, and has been in business 5+ years.
  • Confirm their licensing information. Most states have an online database where you can look up a therapist's license and status.
  • If your state does not have massage licensing requirements, look for a therapist with at least 500 hours of training from a reputable massage therapy program and specialized training in reflexology.
  • Look for members of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) or the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).
  • Check out their profile and reviews on Thervo and Google.

What questions should I ask when searching for reflexology massage?

Reflexology is a skill that requires specialized training beyond the techniques taught in most massage therapy programs. Consider asking the following questions to help you choose the best reflexologist near you:

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What training and certifications do you have?
  • How long have you been a massage therapist?
  • How long have you been doing reflexology?
  • Will reflexology massage help with my specific problem?
  • Do you offer any additional services?
  • Do you require a health questionnaire?
  • Do you offer a reduced rate if I pay for multiple sessions?

Reviews for Danbury reflexology massage

Recent success stories from people in the Danbury area.
Joanna R.
Working with Courtni Starheart changed the trajectory of my life path. Doing Courtni Starheart retreats multiple times I uncovered deeper truths and layers about myself. Every time I finished a retreat I felt lighter and upgraded to a better version of myself. It takes more than one time to uncover those layers and heal. I recommend diving deep into the amazing healing retreats with Courtni Starheart.
Psychedelic Informed Guide, Courtni StarHeart
Jessica A.
Jorge was professional and timely. I had a positive experience and would highly recommend his service.
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