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A couple years back I would work 5 days a week and see at most 5 clients a day. I was burnt out.

Today and depending on how a day is booked I only allow to see a few to sometimes one person a day and only work a few days out of the week. Because of this I an now much more detailed and an able to have better focus and concentration to the bodywork that's being facilitated. 

I have an absolute passion for creating safe and sacred space helping people heal in their highest.

Meaning, no matter what they've been through, (trauma or any other life experiences), or who they are, (gender, ethnicity, you get it). I see past that as my main focus is what I can do help alleviate from whatever is anchoring them down in life, (PTSD, pain, stress).

Sometimes a client can emotionally release, whatever is expressed, the space I work in is a vault.

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  • Brenda H.

    Laney is patient and listens to your concerns and your issues and then works on you! Her energy work is generated by love and she is genuinely caring. You will enjoy your sessions with her and each session will target your issues and raise your vibration. I highly recommend Laney Marie!

  • Shaun B.

    Laney does amazing body work! Her craniosacral technique helped to uncover hidden trauma stored in my body, and I always feel comfortable and safe when under her care. I highly recommend Laney!

  • Linda Y.

    Laney’s healing work is amazing and I highly recommend her healing touch!

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What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

Whether I'm working with someone new or on going, I always make sure to do a thorough consultation to discuss their goals or any issues that are bothering them in body, mind and spirit. This helps me navigate how to tailor a session to their needs.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

2006 is when I graduated from The Soma Institute for Clinical Massage Therpay. At the very beginning of my career it was deep tissue/clinical work. Once contracted at an oncology center where I then learned Manual Lymphatic Drainage. MLD would be considered more of an advanced medical technique because it's taking draining techniques and specifically flushing out lymphatic vessels.

My current training Ancestral Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, (CST), and Miasm Release. 

Ancestral Healing is an ancient indigenous healing modality that releases energetic/emotional buildup that surround the brain/spinal cord, muscles, cells going bone deep. This is facilitated through various forms of healing modalities. 

For the past few years I've been studying CST and Miasm under Don Massast, founder and director of The Sacred Journey Institute located in Illinois. In just under 2 years I completed a 6 out of 12 level program and his teachings have completely transformed my entire fucking life. My heart is filled with much gratitude as I am now able to help others and transform in certain aspects of their lives they never thought was possible.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your services? If so, please share the details here.

Craniosacral Massage:



$150- 2 hours

The sessions starts with craniosacral work which helps facilitate the slower brain wave frequencies, (theta is a meditative state and delta is dream state). This allows for deeper relaxation making it easier for the body to respond to massage. These techniques help me detect the temperature, tone and helps prep the muscle so that I can work more thoroughly. Cranio techniques are then applied to muscles that work the lymphatic system, (the garbage can of the body). This will help drain any excess fluid from these tissues and helps to detoxify the cells and body helping accelerate the healing process.

Ancestral Craniosacral Therpay:

An investment is $325, first time clients recieve the rate of $200.

Plan for 90min.

This session that combines Craniosacral Therpay infused with Reiki. A gentle non-invasive modality that facilitates the nervous system helping release energetic buildup surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This has the potential to disengage the sympathetic nervous system which may result in victim mentality. By emphasizing the role of the musculoskeletal system the body is able to self heal/self correct.

Ancestral healing bodywork:

An investment is $1,145 first time clients recieve the rate of $804

What makes this session unique is that with all the modalities combined move at a much slower pace compared to a typical session you get a spa. This session isn't time, place for at least 5 hours. 

Taking the healing aspects one step further, this sessions combines Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular  techniques and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. 

The first hour of the session consists of combing Reiki and Crainiosacral. Combing these two modalities help open the bodies energy centers and facilitate slower brainwave frequencies: theta which is a meditative state and delta which is dream state. This allows for not only deeper relaxtion but also deeper levels of healing in which the body is able to better respond to massage.

When the body surrenders into the theta/delta state they can experience multidimensional/dream travels. As their channel to healing opens they have a better connection to guides/ancestors to clarify answers to questions that are being asked.

When the body is in deep relaxation, the body is able to respond better to massage an neuromuscular techniques. This involves clearing muscle attachment sites and surrounding muscles making it easier to facilitate Trigger Point Therapy which breaks up adhesions

Manual lymphatic drainage is then applied to help increase lymph flow and the lymphatic system relies heavily on cells that line the walls of the vessels. This serves a safe and effective approach to cleansing the body and it's tissues. respond to massage

I will also apply a visionary approach by asking the client questions we discover any energetic blockages. I then guide the client using color and shapes, going into the emotion/memory and extracting what no longer serves.

The body will begin to release it's defense mechanism known as Miasm, an energetic layer the body develops as a means of protection. Miasm blocks out what it sees as a threat to help move the individual through a challenging experience. At some point Miasm calcifies as a low frequency holding us back in life, think taking one step forward and five steps back.

Both ancestral sessions help heal wounds from current to past lives, to deep wounds that get passed down from generation to generation and what’s stored in DNA.