Find a cognitive behavioral (cbt) therapists in Denver, CO

Find cognitive behavioral (cbt) therapists in Denver, CO

Find cognitive behavioral (cbt) therapists in Denver, CO

Share a few details and we'll show you the best cognitive behavioral (cbt) therapists in your area.
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Find cognitive behavioral (cbt) therapists in Denver, CO

Share a few details and we'll show you the best cognitive behavioral (cbt) therapists in your area.
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Top 10 cognitive behavioral (cbt) therapists in Denver, CO

Clients agree: these therapists are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.
Sadie Hawkins Dance *Energy Medicine

Sadie Hawkins Dance *Energy Medicine

Offers online services
3 hires on Thervo
9+ years in business
Serves Denver, CO
Carson T. says, "Had an excellent and beneficial session! She not only provided a massage tailored to my needs, but also worked with me on assisted stretching. Highly recommended." Read more
Transformed Hearts Counseling Center

Transformed Hearts Counseling Center

Offers online services
3 hires on Thervo
26+ years in business
Serves Denver, CO
T.T. C. says, "“The most intense two weeks of our lives, effects are still with us as we work to make a change that will rearrange the course of our lives.” " Read more
Positive Direction PLLC

Positive Direction PLLC

New on Thervo
Offers online services
3+ years in business
Serves Denver, CO
I graduated with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2020 and about 5 months away from full licensure. I am here to navigate the twists and turns of life with you. Based in beautiful Colorado, I offer couple's therapy and individual therapy for mental wellness. With empathy at the core of my practice, I provide experiential therapy that helps you find your way through life's complexities. As a trauma-informed therapist, I specialize in somatic therapy, healing intergenerational trauma and impacts, and helping you discover the power of self-love. Let's laugh, heal, and grow together! At Positive Direction PLLC, I help bring the magic
Abundant Solutions Counseling L.L.C.

Abundant Solutions Counseling L.L.C.

Offers online services
1 hire on Thervo
14+ years in business
Serves Denver, CO
Jennifer V. says, "Working with Paul is amazing. He taught me so much and helped me more than he knows. " Read more
Chris Davis M.A.

Chris Davis M.A.

Offers online services
4 hires on Thervo
9+ years in business
Serves Denver, CO
Doug L. says, "Well you never actually worked with Chris or talk to him on his chat line but he was very responsive and and and quick to respond to us so thanks Chris anyway" Read more

Your cognitive behavioral therapy questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thervo.

How much does cognitive behavioral therapy cost?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) costs $100 to $250 per session without insurance, depending on your location. Prices are on the high end of the range in major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and New York. Many therapists offer virtual therapy appointments for $50 to $200 per session

The average cost of CBT with insurance is $20 to $60 per session for the copay. However, many health insurance plans do not cover therapy costs unless you have a billable diagnosis, such as depression or bipolar disorder.

Online therapy costs $50 to $110 per week for a membership plan or $85 to $135+ per session. Onlien therapy websites provide therapy in a variety of formats, depending on the site. Popular formats include text messaging, online chat, email, phone, or live video sessions with a licensed therapist.

What is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a popular form of therapy that focuses on identifying and changing thought patterns that have a negative influence on your behavior or emotions. CBT is a structured, goal-oriented treatment approach based on these core principles:

  • Our thoughts impact our feelings and behaviors.
  • Our deeply rooted core beliefs impact how we view ourselves, our environment, and our future.
  • Unhelpful thought patterns can contribute to mental health problems and negative behaviors.
  • Recognizing how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected and changing how we think can improve our mental health and well-being.

What can cognitive behavioral therapy help with?

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help with a wide variety of concerns, including these and more:

  • Depression and mood changes
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Chronic stress
  • Phobias
  • Addiction and substance use
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Marriage and relationship problems
  • Grief and loss
  • Personality disorders

Does cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) work?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most successful treatment methods available. Many research studies have demonstrated CBT to be as effective as or more effective than other therapy methods and medications.

However, CBT works best for individuals who take an active role in their treatment and apply the skills and techniques learned in their therapy sessions to challenges they face in everyday life. It's also important to remember results take time, and though CBT can significantly improve your mental health, some issues could persist after therapy ends.

Where can I find the best cognitive behavioral therapist near me?

When searching for a therapist for CBT, it's important to choose one who makes you feel comfortable, safe, and respected. Follow these tips in your search:

  • If you have a specific concern—such as depression, stress, or addiction—look for therapists who specialize in that area.
  • Ask your medical provider for recommendations.
  • Read reviews from other clients on Thervo and Google.
  • Confirm the therapist accepts your insurance or offers a sliding-scale rate.
  • Ask about telemedicine and virtual visit options.
  • Schedule an initial consultation to make sure you're happy with the therapist's communication style and empathy.

What questions should I ask cognitive behavioral therapists?

Ask these questions to help you find the best therapist for you:

  • How long have you been practicing?
  • What are your certifications?
  • What is your philosophy as a therapist?
  • Are you more directive or guiding in your sessions?
  • What does a typical therapy session look like?
  • How long will each session last?
  • Do you give homework or reading assignments?
  • How many sessions do you expect I'll need?
  • How do you determine success in therapy?
  • What is your success rate in treating past clients with this issue?

Reviews for Denver cognitive behavioral (cbt) therapists

Recent success stories from people in the Denver area.
Charles A.
I was very comfortable at all times, my body felt way better afterwards and I would highly recommend Sadie! It was a really great experience in a relaxing setting. I will definitely be going back!
Sadie Hawkins Dance *Energy Medicine
J. C.
“There is no price for saving a marriage or getting the healing one needs! I was scared coming alone and Cory and Marlene tailored the intensive to my needs. God is giving me great victory in my life over believing Satan’s lies and in healing me. I was at a crossroads and God used this intensive for me to be able to come back into my home, make wise decisions, and face the spiritual battle that is waging armed with His truth and His help in healing me in the process. Thank you!”
Transformed Hearts Counseling Center
Cary Christopher S.
Great listener , professional man committed to his profession .
Chris Davis M.A.
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