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Comfy Results

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My services are TOP NOTCH Quality using Nourishing oils for skin and appearance You will be shinny And results Noticed feeling rejuvinated = I also use battery palm held massager/vibrator U will be amazed!

Providing comfort and stress relieving massage with a skin treatment / Your choice (olive-Coconut, Jojoba) Complete satisfaction or pay nothing! Wishing to become stress relieving Friend and Massure! Thx a bunch for allowing me to deliver! Wishing you a great Day! Funn

Happy Holidays to all!!


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A. P.

Good rub. Great guy. Attentive
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March 09, 2021

Frequently asked questions

Introduce myself ,find out how long of a session they want,find out types of oils they prefer(Olive,Coconut,Coco butter or Jajoba )

Discover if any areas need to be focused on and other details Then set Appointment

I have had my own massage services for 5 years now I've had several clients in Phoenix and Las Vegas, You will discover  my services are quality and definitely worth your penny! I will always make it my priority to deliver best Massage ever Providing a stress relieving massage, Including  skin treatment if requsted  using various Oils (Cocunut, Olive, Jajoba, Aloa Vera) I wish you a prosperous future and a wonderful day God bless !

My services are provided at A standard Rate of 80.00 for a hour long session and 100.00 for A 90 minute session. 

  The skin nourishing is added for free but can be A Tip.

Delivered about half dozen and found work to be rewarding and easy I I then looked at massage techniques and say mine is more a deep tissue massage with use of vibration rather than hot towels  so give urself A treat! And me some money  I  so need!

I have worked with several clients both Male and Female with respect always being present. I am always a Gentleman and urge clients to share any concerns.

Have A grand Day!

Fond of seeing True Love in action!

To seek A honest uplifting friendly and Mature provider,Making sure results are noticed Feeling relaxed and muscles are relived of tension. If you get a massage I suggest requesting use of skin Nourishing product as our skin is our Shine!

What part of their body is in need, Is the Pro talented in their delivery of Massage and is the pro concerned about clients requests?

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