Find a reflexology massage in Hayward, CA

Find reflexology massage in Hayward, CA

Find reflexology massage in Hayward, CA

Share a few details and we'll show you the best reflexology massage in your area.
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Find reflexology massage in Hayward, CA

Share a few details and we'll show you the best reflexology massage in your area.
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Top 10 reflexology massage in Hayward, CA

Clients agree: these therapists are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.
Solistic Hypnosis

Solistic Hypnosis

Offers online services
Serves Hayward, CA
M K. says, ""I decided to take on your hypnotherapy service to help take care of old memories that have been affecting me for the last 20 years. Despite trying various solutions, including medication, nothing was working. Therefore, I decided to try hypnotherapy, hoping that your expertise could finally provide the relief I need. Before I took on your hypnotherapy service, my life was significantly impacted by my past. I was always haunted by my old memories, and this was especially true regarding the people in my life, particularly my in-laws. These unresolved issues had a profound effect on my overall well-being, making it difficult to move forward and find peace. Before starting hypnotherapy, I was always scared because of how it was interpreted in movies. I worried that it could hold people in their past and they wouldn't be able to return. However, working with my hypnotherapist cleared up these misconceptions. He explained how hypnotherapy works, assuring me that it doesn't erase past memories but can change how I perceive them—basically not giving them the importance I had been. Despite my skepticism, I decided there was no harm in trying, and I am glad I did. Through the process of hypnotherapy, I've experienced significant changes, transformations, and healing. No doubt, there are times when my past comes to mind or certain occasions trigger those old memories. However, I noticed that it's now like a simple click, and the memory clicks away. I don't get into deep thinking and cry over it anymore. Instead, I'm able to put the past aside and look forward to peace. I've learned to go with the flow and embrace a more positive outlook on life. Since I began your hypnotherapy service, I have been capable of letting go of things that used to weigh heavily on my mind – this has brought me peace. In fact, I can't help but feel a twinge of regret for not seeking out hypnotherapy sooner. I realize now how much time I wasted dwelling on painful memories. However, I'm grateful for the progress I've made and the positive impact it's had on my life - my ability to turn negatives into positives. Furthermore, I've been able to forgive those who have hurt me in the past. This act of forgiveness has not only released me from the burden of resentment but has also contributed to my overall sense of well-being and inner peace. Overall, engaging in hypnotherapy has enabled me to let go of the past, embrace positivity, and cultivate forgiveness in my life. Since taking on your hypnotherapy service, I envision a life where I can approach challenges with a positive mindset, equipped with the ability to forgive not only the past but also anything in my present. This journey has empowered me to embrace life's journey with resilience and optimism. If you're considering taking on hypnotherapy service, my advice is to go for it without a second thought, especially when nothing else seems to work. There's truly nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Farzin helped me not only set aside things that were consuming my time and health but also provided the tools to start living a more positive life - especially talking to my inner child. Plus, I also found a good friend in the process. Don't hesitate to embark on this journey—it could be the key to unlocking your own personal self that has been lost in the past. When it feels like there's no light at the end of the tunnel, consider giving hypnotherapy a try. It could be the path that leads you towards healing and brighter days ahead. Thank you Farzin!"" Read more
Massage By Bri

Massage By Bri

8 hires on Thervo
14+ years in business
Serves Hayward, CA
Bobby V. says, "I had an excellent massage from Bri. She was on time and prepared. Good communication during massage and she found all the muscles and areas which needed work. Very relaxed after. I highly recommend her." Read more
Tri My Touch Massage

Tri My Touch Massage

26+ years in business
Serves Hayward, CA
Julian L. says, "Damian is an amazing Amma massage guru and healer. I've had massages from Damian when I'm in an "I can hardly move and everything hurts" state --- particularly after days of tree climbing / tree work, chain-sawing fallen trees, and other physically taxing activities. Damian's training and experience and his amazing communication skills and personal warmth means that you can trust him to apply just the right pressure in just the right places to get you from hurting to healed. I highly recommend Damian -- 100% on trust, 100% on skill, and 100% on results!" Read more


New on Thervo
14+ years in business
Serves Hayward, CA
Greetings! I go by the name Sadie , I’m here to give you the best service and I’m sure that you will be my regular and come back With over 5 years of experience, I am a seasoned professional in the field of massage therapy. My primary aim is to provide each client with an unforgettable and satisfying experience. I'm dedicated to ensuring your complete comfort and relaxation. To book an appointment and experience the rejuvenating benefits of massage, kindly reach out to me via the provided phone number +13056458346 Your well-being is my top priority, and I look forward to serving you.

Your reflexology massage questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thervo.

How much does a reflexology massage cost?

A reflexology massage costs $40 to $90 per hour or $30 to $75 per half hour. Some reflexologists also offer 45-minute sessions for $50 to $80 each. You'll typically pay a few dollars less per minute when buying reflexology massage as an add-on service to complement another type of massage, or when purchasing a multiple session package. Prices are higher for mobile reflexology massage, where the practitioner comes to you.

What is reflexology massage?

Reflexology is a form of massage in which the therapist, also called a reflexologist, applies pressure on specific points of the feet, hands, and ears. Stemming from traditional Chinese medicine and the belief in the body's energy flow, or Qi, practitioners believe reflexology massage helps release energy blockages and rebalances the body's nervous system.

Some therapists use the term "reflexology massage" for a reflexology session for the feet alone or the feet, hands, and ears, while others use this term to describe a massage therapy session that combines traditional Swedish massage techniques with reflexology techniques.

What are the benefits of reflexology massage?

While reflexology techniques have not been extensively studied, research so far shows that reflexology massage may help:

  • Decrease arthritis and back pain
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Alleviate some multiple sclerosis symptoms
  • Improve mood and one's overall sense of well-being
  • Improve sinus issues
  • Improve constipation problems

Can you get a reflexology massage while pregnant?

Most doctors recommend avoiding reflexology massage during pregnancy due to the effect it may have on blood flow. Always discuss any type of therapy you are considering with your doctor first to confirm it will not put you or your baby at risk.

How do I choose the best reflexology massage service near me?

When searching for a reflexology massage near you, be sure to:

  • Choose a company or reflexologist that is licensed, insured, and has been in business 5+ years.
  • Confirm their licensing information. Most states have an online database where you can look up a therapist's license and status.
  • If your state does not have massage licensing requirements, look for a therapist with at least 500 hours of training from a reputable massage therapy program and specialized training in reflexology.
  • Look for members of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) or the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).
  • Check out their profile and reviews on Thervo and Google.

What questions should I ask when searching for reflexology massage?

Reflexology is a skill that requires specialized training beyond the techniques taught in most massage therapy programs. Consider asking the following questions to help you choose the best reflexologist near you:

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What training and certifications do you have?
  • How long have you been a massage therapist?
  • How long have you been doing reflexology?
  • Will reflexology massage help with my specific problem?
  • Do you offer any additional services?
  • Do you require a health questionnaire?
  • Do you offer a reduced rate if I pay for multiple sessions?

Reviews for Hayward reflexology massage

Recent success stories from people in the Hayward area.
Arlene N.
The reasons for me taking on hypnotherapy was the following reasons: I felt weak. The second reason I wanted to get stronger to move forward in my diet and my weight loss. The next reason was I had a difficult time meeting new people, I was having a difficult time giving speeches in front of a huge crowd. I also had difficulty sleeping in the dark which was really fearful. Lastly, I wanted to feel comfortable making everywhere my home. My life before hypnotherapy was very negative. I felt very weak and that’s why I needed this help. Before hypnotherapy I couldn’t have the courage to diet to workout to keep up with my weight loss. I had a difficult time meeting new people and giving speeches in front of a huge crowd. I also was afraid sleeping in the dark. Also I didn’t have the courage to move away from my home to a new city a new place and make that new place my home. My experience in working with hypnotherapy was great. I was using the hypnotherapy five times daily. I was lying down in a position that I was comfortable it was just me and myself and that was just helping my hypnotherapy go by smoothly. The recording given by you Farzin jan helped me a lot. It was helping me in the consciousness to put a language and memory for myself and to visualize that strong, beautiful arlene which arlene is at peace with how strong she really is. The recordings were beautiful. Farzin jan every 10 days you were coaching me through everything. That helped a lot. Your personality is incredible and I had fun working with you through everything. The changes, transformations, healings, and empowerments I experienced through the process is I lost 13 pounds in 30 days. I also healed by forgetting all the past pains that were in me from childhood. I healed by forgiving everyone for all the pain they caused me. I practiced grace and forgiveness. I also got to meet new people in my life. I am comfortable now doing a presentation in front of huge crowds and new people. I am ready and comfortable for moving to northern California to continue my studies in person and make that place my new home as well. I also forgot the affirmation at first that I was weak and now my affirmation is I am at peace with how strong I really am. In relation to my reasons for taking on hypnotherapy my life is going great now. I am meeting new people in my life. I am giving speeches on zoom in front of a lot of people and I feel comfortable doing that now. I am continuing my healthy diet and focusing on my exercise and I have dropped 13 pounds in 30 days my next goal is 8 pounds in the next 4 weeks. I am moving to northern California making that my new home and I cant wait to move there and start a new life. I got rid of the fear sleeping in the dark because of the advice you gave me Farzin jan. I am at peace with how strong I really am. I am living a peaceful happy life filled with plenty of love. I have continued practicing forgiveness and getting along with everyone really well. What I see is possible for me now in the future since I took hypnotherapy I see that if I put in all the work that I had to do during those 30 days I will improve even more. Nothing is impossible as I learned from this. It is all the persons willingness to change to work on one self. I see that if I find my other supportive behalf the person who will be by my side will be a great adventure as well. After hypnotherapy I felt like I need to meet my significant other and I feel that comfort now while I was never ready for a relationship because of the reasons I took hypnotherapy. Now I feel ready to start a new life if I meet the right person and I see it is possible for me to work on my weight loss goal in one year. As me and you planned by October 2023 I shall be 175 pounds and nothing is impossible. That is my goal and I will reach to it. I will move to northern California graduating my joint bachelors masters degree getting the job that I dream of having in the finance industry and I am sure these are all possible since I have taken on hypnotherapy for the issues in the beginning. What I can say to anyone who is thinking about taking on hypnotherapy and working with you as a hypnotherapist I would say the following. I took on hypnotherapy and I am at peace with how strong I really am. Working with Farzin has been a pleasure a wonderful opportunity in my life. Farzin understood me each step of the way. He guided me he thought me more about the background to hypnotherapy and he helped me understood what the main purpose of hypnotherapy is. To me it means to be in a conscious state and to put aside the old language and memories and to start new language and new memories that will lead you to a successful and bright future. To me Farzin is an angel a best friend a relative now. He was talking to me each step of the way if I needed to message him he helps in any instant he gets back to you at any minute he will find free time. The way Farzin projects the hypnotherapy and the way the client receives the hypnotherapy is such a great feeling. I give Farzin 10 stars and even more if I could. Farzin jan thank you for everything. Yes, I have final words for you Farzin Jan. Thank you so much for everything. I wish that I can keep in contact with you not only as my hypnotherapist but as our family friend. I would like to have you over as a Iranian brother as a guest to Socal in the future. I hope that when I graduate you will accept my invitation to my graduation party and I will be able to thank you for being a part in my life and I will be able to thank you for this support in this journey. I will be glad to update you on my improvements and my weight loss and my future goals as well. I hope that I will have you as a person seeing my journey and my dreams as well. Farzin jan, you became not only my hypnotherapist but a brother for me and my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What you have done for me will never be forgotten.
Solistic Hypnosis
Lee A.
she was very responsive, very flexible and was terrific in person. i had a very good massage and would highly recommend
Massage by Bri
Penelope Jane S.
I’ve been working with Damian for years, and I appreciate his depth of experience and understanding. He is a master of his craft and shares his enthusiasm for vibrant health and vitality. I’m so grateful that he offers the option of traveling to me since it’s very hard for me to get away between work and kids. I’ll totally hire him again. Highly recommend.
Tri My Touch Massage
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