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Dynamics By Design

Offers online services
Offers online services


Clients get results! Those experiencing challenges, searching for answers / clarity / insight / peace / purpose, or seeking fresh perspectives / vision / cultural changes, facilitation, organizational or business development.

Integrating who you are (soul), with what you do (business),

to produce the life you want (results), with integrity.

Seasoned, Results-Oriented, Purpose-Driven, Free-Spirited, Playful, Collaborative, Insightful, Grounded, Cultural Architect, Human Behavior Specialist, Trusted Advisor, Confidante & Curious-Natured Soul.

Designations & Certifications:

ICF-PCC Credentialed Coach; Board Certified Master Practitioner of Integrative Psychology, NLP & Mental Emotional Release Breakthrough Facilitator; Center for Executive Coaching CMT Enhanced Practitioner; Master Empowerment Coach (TEP); Performance Psychology; Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Enhanced Skills Coach; Emotional Intelligence Certification; and Neuroscience Seasoned Thought Leader.

Assisting client(s) to articulate their intentions, discern/clarify the obstacles, conquer the challenges, calm the chaos, engage in the process, anchor their values, and strategically develop a game plan.


31 years in business
Serves Chino Hills , CA
Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions


    1) Discovery Session: Learning what is important to the new client; what they would like to accomplish; their timeframe; what are the perceived challenges/obstacles; their dedication/commitment level to accomplishment.

    2) Collaborate and devise a strategic game plan. Commitment to work the game plan.

    3) Schedule sessions, dates & times. 

    4) Follow through/Accountability. Empowerment, Exploration, Focus, Kick-in-the-pants (when needed)

    5) Celebrate victories & lessons learned.

    Designations & Certifications

    ICF (Int'l Coach Federation) PCC Designation

    Master Empowerment Coach (TEP)

    Board Certified Master Practitioner, Integrative Psychology

    C-IQ Enhanced Skills Coach (Conversational Intelligence)

    Emotional Intelligence Certification

    MER (Mental Emotional Release) Breakthrough Facilitator

    Neuroscience Seasoned Thought Leader

    Center for Executive Coaching CMT Enhanced Practitioner

    Pricing should never hold anyone back from the goals they are committed to achieve. I prefer to work from a value standpoint, whereby the client has just enough investment to be serious about their endeavor, yet not be so strapped that they aren't able to focus on the end result.

    Because of my reputation, dedication, & experience, the price of my services are not that of a new beginning coach - but I also have very satisfied powerful clients who bear witness to this process and are willing to offer partial scholarships to those serious enough to make a difference.

    The profession of coaching evolved for me when I recognized society had lost the art of thought-processing. As a former consultant, advisor, & trainer, I recognized people were dependent upon someone else telling them what to do and how to do it. And that works in the short-term, but was not statistically profitable or efficient in the long-haul of success and vision. True vision, purpose, commitment, endurance comes from within. A great coach will stimulate ownership of thoughts, actions, strategic planning, endurance; and empower the client to clarify the obstacles conquer the challenges, calm the chaos, and execute their purpose.

    I have worked with young children, young adults, college students, couples, families; individuals, organizations, small business owners, Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 corporations. I have worked with musicians, professional athletes, actors, creative artists, international superstars, as well as a 5 year old child prodigy. Little League to Major League, large corp, families, or individuals, the underlying factor is every client has a thirst for improvement and a driven personality for change.

    If you are searching for a pure professional coach, be sure your coach is credentialed by the ICF (not just certified by an organization - anyone can certify); and that you have a synergy between you and the person with whom you are entrusting this relationship.

    1. How dedicated to a coaching relationship are you willing to be?

    2. What specifically is your objective... what do you hope to accomplish by hiring a coach?

    3. Do you have a reasonable budget in mind before talking to a pro? And what amount of wiggle room is there in that number?

    Services offered

    Life Coaching
    Family Therapy
    Spiritual Counseling
    Business Consulting