P. Troy Gremillion, Psychotherapist

P. Troy Gremillion, Psychotherapist

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Energizing you to transform your life to the fullest capacity through encouraging you to embrace change as a dynamic process that is fun, deeply profound and life-changing, and one that greatly enhances connections with family, friends, and colleagues is my driving passion. If letting go of shame, deepening insight, and finding creative solutions that lead to healing, connection, and personal and professional transformation excite you, then let's talk and see if we're a GREAT FIT. I'm earnestly passionate about what I do, and I care deeply for my clients' well-being and personal/professional growth. I listen, I reflect, I hold space for clients to explore their motivations and desires, but I goad and challenge, too -- all toward moving the client into real change that ultimately leads to greater happiness, self-awareness and fulfillment.

I love seeing people tackling issues they've been procrastinating or reluctant about because they haven't known how, and in the process really experiencing change at a whole new level. When I see that look on someone's face that says, "Ahhh, I hadn't thought about it that way before, but I could see how that would work for me or my situation" then I know I've done my job. Change IS scary, but you don't have to do it alone. Are you ready to let go of your B.S. (belief system!) and move into a completely different way of thinking about your basic assumptions about life? If so, then let's get started.


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Offers online services

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    James T.

    Ive spent quite a while now trying to figure out how to write a review which adequately encompasses how strongly I feel about Troy as a person and the work he does - its hard to articulate!
    I have been seeing Troy now for going on 5 years and I can honestly say that he has saved my life. He has helped me navigate the most difficult challenges in my life and taught me how to have an in depth, loving and meaningful relationship with myself. Most importantly I have learned how to manage and not identify so strongly with my emotions which has developed into a profound sense of personal sanctuary, serenity, and happiness.
    Troy has a unique method of providing therapy and advice which is different from other therapists I have seen in the past. He sits and listens. He takes notes. He tries to empathize and understand exactly what your story is. Troy is not the type of therapist where you walk into his office and walk out an hour later with enlightenment that he gained from a text book in grad school and dropped on you to solve your particular issue. That wouldnt work anyway, for anyone, even if he did. Its a slow process which requires a lot of effort, patience, and working through difficult emotions. But if youre seeking therapy or coaching seriously to change and improve your life thats exactly the type of situation you should be looking for.
    There was a time relatively early on when I was seeing Troy where some painful and traumatic events came up and were being discussed. As I explained my feelings and the situation in general, Troy took notes and listened like he does, except this time he was so moved that he got emotional. Thats happened several times during our sessions. Troy is too humble to admit it but he is an extremely talented vocalist, a successful businessman and has a host of other talents. Hes doing this because he genuinely cares about helping people, and he is extremely passionate about it. Thats extremely rare to find in any capacity in my experience.
    Troy I wish you all the success in the world. I will continue to see you as my therapist as long as youre seeing clients. Thank you for everything.
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    June 06, 2019


    Cassie M.

    I am the person I am today because of the work that I’ve done with Troy Gremillion. I went to him over eight years ago with a vague sense of unhappiness in my primary relationships and have gained greater insight and self-assurance than I ever imagined possible. I went to other therapists before, and they helped me to successfully manage different situations I was facing at the time. With Troy, however, I forged a truly healing working-relationship that provided the foundation I needed to transform myself into a more grounded, confident self, able to face (imperfectly) whatever inevitable challenges arise. It is because of Troy’s skillfulness, gentleness, consistency, and not to mention hilariousness, that I have been able to do that. He has done the work himself, and it shows. Inspired by the help I received from Troy, I made a career change and am now a therapist for others. I try to pay forward what I have been given by providing the same steadiness, understanding, gentle challenges, and good humor that he has and continues to provide for me. I absolutely cannot recommend him enough.
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    June 02, 2019


    Aaron W.

    Troy has taught me, guided me, coached me in every faucet of my life from career, to marriage, to internal struggles, to family, to fill in the blank over the past 8 years and he does a good job of helping me, with the appropriate amount of time, to connect the dots of why I might be doing something and strategies for approaching my issue a different way next time. I take away some nugget of wisdom every hour I am with him. I view my time with Troy as valuable for my emotional and mental health as much as my gym membership is for my physical health or my time in church for my spiritual health and I will pay for his services even if I am not going through some crisis or hardship at this point.
    Last thing I will say that has been important to me after using several therapists is people tend to search for a specialist or a certification that matches their prompt issue and that may work until your problem seemed fixed then you start questioning the value you get in subsequent visits. That has caused me to go in and out of different offices for about 10 years and I felt like I was rehashing the same issue over and over but in a different department. Troy has been my one stop shop and can really empathize with me in a variety of areas due to his own life experiences and journey. He has a lot of rapport from my standpoint as well as education which means a lot to me.
    I really cant say enough good things about him. Thank you for helping me navigate this journey of life.
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    June 01, 2019


    M.L. L.

    My experience with this therapist was life-changing. I was struggling with a recent traumatic event and needed someone to listen to me. I was barely functioning when I went to see Troy as a result of this event.
    I was skeptical at first, and I was very resistant. However, I came to see that Troy was a seasoned counseling professional. His warmth, eclectic life experiences, and impressive business acumen added so much value to our sessions.
    Troy was extremely knowledgeable, gentle, understanding, and helped me to find balance again. Eventually, with his help, I became empowered and I was able to regain my sense of purpose. I was able to smile again (we were always laughing in sessions), and I found a new path for myself.
    As a result of Troys work with me, I developed a greater ability to reflect on my experiences, explored aspects of my personality, and how specific events have informed who I am today. I was able to move forward, and today am happily married with a successful career. I will always be grateful for his guidance in therapy which continues to help me achieve my highest and best self daily. I have recommended him to anyone I knew that needed a discreet counseling professional.
    I went into therapy with no expectation of doing anything more than surviving but left therapy having been empowered to cultivate a new perspective and the ability to thrive.
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    May 22, 2019

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    I prefer to have a brief telephone chat with prospective clients to see whether I'm best suited to their needs and a great fit for them. If so, then we move toward scheduling a full consultation, either in person or via videoconference. If not, then I refer them to another coach or therapist who I believe would be a better fit for them. This work is so personal that I think it's all about "the fit" in order for the counseling to yield positive results.

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