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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have 25 years of experience in the healing arts!

I am an established somatic body worker and ceremonial body painter in Los Angeles, CA. globally my images n teachings have been supported by many print, film, and media publications, and nonprofits such as amnesty international.

Currant, I have an office, home healing center, and an exciting collaborative healing project with two amazing professional women in Beautiful downtown Boulder Co. We work together with our different skills, gifts, talents, degrees n experiences to support your unique healing path. My work is hands on here, also involving several very effective advanced frequency modalities. (Call for more info) my work has always been spiritual, emotional, and somatic by nature. My clients are and have also been remote from all over the world. I work with several

Other exciting,progressive, and informed practitioners also using these non invasive highly effective methods to support those in the life process of expansion, finding balance n healing! One of my partners, the founder of THE FREQUENCY PROJECT is a long time medical professional here in Boulder! Her knowledge and surgical skills n experience are very valued in my advanced intuitional somatic practice! I am looking forward to serving my community with a hear centered approach to both my business n my work in the world and to sharing a life time of wisdom n experience with those who feel drawn here! You got this. And we got you! 😇⭐️🌍


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Offers online services


Experience with alternative healing

Customers with previous alternative healing experience, Customers with no previous alternative healing experience

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Reiki / energy healing, Naturopathy, Herbalism, Craniosacral therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, The healer's recommendation

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    Frequently asked questions

    I prefer to communicate, call, or text, before our session, as to assure I am the right practitioner for your personal needs. 
     Then to make arrangements to visit my studio or Home, occasionally I will do in-home visits. 

    Energy Training and whole Body Healing  w Ashi Timmer

    2003 Reiki certified

    yoga instructor @ Yoga Desa for 8 years in Topanga CA 

     1995 Swedish and therapeutic Massage Certified

    17 years of training with the Maori Healers from  New Zealand. Attarangi Muru and Papa Joe/ Manu, Tribe. 

    4 years of training in somatic work with a Trauma Therapist and Somatic master teacher. Anada Signa

    35 years of Herbal medicine practice. North American Herg.

    10 years with Chinese herbalist with Ron Teaguarden Dragon Herbs

    22 years of food/nutrition training.

    I have spent 7 years as an end of Life Doula working with cancer as a result I have extensive knowledge of many new and progressive modalities and their facilitators. I often do consult on issues of chronic illness. 

    I specialize in working with women. But also have many regular male clients. 

    150$ 90mns 

    120$ 60 mins.. Please note new clients are best served by 90-minute sessions.

    I am also happy to work with those in crisis and regular clinets. 

    I myself like most healers found my way here through self-healing. I was very sick as a child and the damage from chemical poisoning took most of my life to recover from. I started working in LA in a beautiful "body shop" In Westwood in 1996 and soon found myself working with celebrities in addiction recovery. 

    Always an artist, this love of the human body and my ability to see the energy systems and their frequencies of them, HERE... This is where my unlikely career as a world-recognized Body Painter and Image healer began.

    I spent the first 5 years working on those in recovery. 

    the next 15 years I worked most often with women in my bodywork and and my body art. 

    I often worked with children and pets as well. 

    I spent 3 years then choosing to work with men as I felt I had much to learn. 

    I spent 7 years exclusively working with Cancer patients. And another 11 years assisting a woman with cancer. 

    I now have a very balanced practice of men and women, of people of all ages with many different conditions. 

    I also attract those who have a deep understanding of their own selves, of their body, as well as an intuitive sense of energy and how it affects the human body.  

    I gave a rock star a massage in a steakhouse bathroom in LA because she was detoxing from prescription pills and had a severe migraine. I worked it out and she went back to her Fleet Wood Mac meeting...I traveled with a different rock star as his therapist and watched him sing with Bonnie Rate and Jody Mitchell, I lived as an on-site therapist for a huge punk rock star and his wife. I am fond of this because I learned how to work quite successfully with addiction and early childhood trauma.   I recently worked on local women that I assumed were 33/34 years old, I have seen and worked on thousands of bodies. This woman had bouncy skin, strong muscle tone, and vibrance of youth as well as the face of an innocent child. I soon learned she was my age. in her mid 50's. 

    It is not that she was so ageless that made the moment to be "fond of," it was how recognized how many amazing and absolutely fascinating human bodies I have been blessed to witness. This is surely an important part of understanding the human body in all its diversity.  

    There are so many stories attached to my images and my work in the world. I must say I am fond of them all.

    I feel its always best to trust your intuition and to have a conversation with your practitioner to assure this is the best person for you. 

    And maybe not ask for deep tissue all the time. It is really relaxation you are requiring. Deep tissue seems to be best left to sports and medical or tribal therapists like the MAORI healers who are trained to spot and release trapped pain in structural and muscle memeory with an aggressive often painful technique. 

    The questions MOST concerning and most important for each client are, of course, the most important questions to ask. In my experience bodywork is not best in an institutional routine way. It is best to work WITH the client and their needs individually. 

    Bodywork is like ART. Everyone likes something different, we are all drawn to something that speaks to us directly, stirs us, and inspires us.

    except that: bodywork is not subjective.

    If you don't feel it, it's not working. 

    I do hope to support and co-create your best self.

    Services offered

    Relationship Counseling
    Spiritual Counseling
    Alternative Healing