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Offers online services
Offers online services


Coach My Love LLC is a privately owned relationship coaching practice founded by Michael and Shavon Ballard. We provide relationship coaching based on Biblical principles with a specialty in divorce prevention. We're certified coaches and part of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

We know the pain personally of divorce and having a bad marriage. We know what it's like to have children growing up in two different households. We've been there, and we've vowed to have a marriage that wins! We went from filing for divorce to a marriage that's now on course. And we're on a L.O.V.E. mission to save marriages. Follow us on all social media platforms @Coachmylove


2 employees
9 years in business
Serves Miami Beach , FL
Offers online services

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    I loved our coaching sessions. Michael and Shavon we kind, patient, and they didnt judge us.
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    August 06, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    First, we have new clients fill out a marriage assessment form. Second, we set up one free zoom session, so they can get to know us, and we get to know them. And then, after the session, we determine if we're a good fit. If the client chooses to work with us, they choose which program they want, based on the results they want to achieve. Then if necessary, they can apply for financial assistance to pay for the program. We have 100% gurantee finaincal aprroval.

    Certified Mental Health Coach
    Members of The AACC (American, Associations of Christian Counselors)
    SYMBIS Certified.
    Certified Life Coach
    Certified Relationship Coach
    Certified Domestic Violence Coach
    Ordained Minister

    Per session $497.00 (90 minutes)

    4 week program $2,000 (6 X 90 minute sessions)

    3 month program $7,500 (14 X 90 minute session)

    12 month program $25,997 (52 X 90 minute sessions)

    We started in 2014. Our first business was named the marriage doctors, and that evolved into Coach My Love. We worked with hundreds of couples and tailored our programs around the most common needs of all the couples that have worked with us.

    We work with Christian Married or engaged couples.  

    We had a couple on the verge of divorce, and after just four sessions, we could save their marriage and family.

    Thousands of couples are asking the question “does marriage coaching work?”. And yes, marriage coaching can save your marriage. Marriage coaching is not just the latest fad, it's been around for years. In fact, research done by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists found that marriage coaching has helped over 98% of couples surveyed. These couples are benefiting in various ways from marriage coaching including improved physical health and the ability to function better at work.

    Reasons coaching might not be right for you:


    1. Have you waited too long? If you’ve been tearing each other apart for years, there’s a really good chance that there’s so much damage that unraveling it can’t be done.
    2. Do you really want to save your marriage? Sometimes people go to counseling just to say that they tried. They aren’t really wanting it to work. They’re just saving face to assuage their guilt.
    3. Is there violence or abuse in the relationship? If there is, you’re not trying to save a marriage, you’re trying to stop criminal activity. Abusers, whether physical or emotional, aren’t “unhappy” in their marriage; they are often scared and impotent people who feel powerless everywhere else in their lives.
    4. Does this arrangement meet your needs? If saving your marriage means that you get to spend another 30 years suppressing everything that you want to do, is that worth it? It takes a hard and honest look at what each person wants to make sure that you’re getting from the relationship what you need.

    Services offered

    Spiritual Counseling