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If you have any pain, anxiety, feel burned out or overwhelmed my Spa in person or virtually is the right choice for you! My love of the body has been a bed rock of my life and studies. I have been practicing and teaching yoga for over 40 years. I was a dance major in college in the 80's and went on to earn a Masters in Chinese Medicine. I combine years of study in both Western and Eastern medicine. Over the years I have developed my signature healing modality. One of the most effective healing modalities. I have worked athletes, artists, dancers, musicians, children and the elderly. I have worked at resorts all over the world from Mexico where I was born to Central and South America and Bali, Jamaica, Egypt, Israel, Moroccoand most of the 50 States. My clients are diverse in all ways. My practice is inclusive. I have taken my acupuncture services into detention centers and recovery facilities as well as brought meditation, mindfulness and yoga into schools and hospitals.



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Lisa H.

What A professional, relaxed, warm, inviting, zen atmosphere. I have experienced Edgy Zen Spa in person before COVID-19 and have always come away feeling rejuvenated and centered. Recently I had the experience of a virtual massage from Jen Fanning. I didn’t know what to expect. I felt her energy and my energy flowing together. I came away entirely relaxed. I would definitely do this again!
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January 05, 2021

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After completing an assessment of your overall health and your wellness goals, you’ll receive a customized treatment session combining structural and energetic work to support your wellbeing, energy and structural alignment. We will evaluate and balance key areas throughout the body.  

B.A. Dance and Human Development 1991

Yoga Teacher Training 1991

Holistic and Nutritional Coaching 2008

M.Ac. Masters degree in Oriental Medicine 2011

$197 per session

$333 Spa Day

I started in 1970's my mom and her best friend jhad a yohga teacher come to the house three days a week, this continued till I went to college. My grandmother introduced me to affirmations, food and energetic cleanses etc

My clients range from rockstars, athletes and children to eldrely and other people who may be restricted in their mobility and range of motion.

I had Christmas 2021 with my 105 year old grandmother. Her and my teenager talked up a storm - not all intelligible.

I encourage you to check the reviews and ensure they stay active in their further development of their techniques and studies and education.

Do theyu feel safe, valued and privacy respected.

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Physical Therapy
Massage Therapy
Alternative Healing