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Offers online services
Offers online services


Coaching to me is like alchemy: turn the questions and struggles and unhealthy habits into clarity, grace, and vibrancy. I currently lean heavily on tarot and divination to facilitate a conversation between the client and their highest selves or Spirit, so they can get the 30,000 foot view that helps them make the most aligned choices. I started coaching in earnest eight years ago, through my Eastern medical practice. I'm honored to say many of my patients walk in with ill health and limiting beliefs about themselves, and they walk out with resilient health, frameworks and practices that can sustain a joyful life, new careers and relationships, and the confidence to take on whatever they want to create. I love my work because I get to share magic with people. There’s nothing more awe-inspiring to me (except maybe nature) than watching people transform pain and confusion and stagnation into flow and peace and joy.

My newest incarnation is to use tarot cards to help draw in higher guidance in my coaching. I absolutely adore the cards and all their wisdom about the archetypal journey of a human soul, and the magic that's palpable when you do a reading. I love listening to people's stories. I'm honored to hold space for their transitions, their struggles, their victories. I love learning about life through people's eyes, experiences, questions.


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Offers online services

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    Athena and I connected right away. I had never done acupuncture before—and to be honest I was a bit nervous! Athena has a very soothing, perceptive, and insightful demeanor. Athena is one of those special human beings—when youre around her, you instantly become more relaxed and calm. If youre looking for acupuncture treatment that targets both your mind and body as one, Athenas your person. I trust Athena with anything to do with my body. She is incredibility talented and knowledgeable. What I am most impressed about Athena and her practice: she continues to research and develop her skills, and keeps informed in the healing + acupuncture community.
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    October 28, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    I offer a 30-45 minute free consult with new clients, so we can feel out whether or not we'd work well together. I do most of my work over the phone or FaceTime, and new clients can call or email me with requests. 

    I have thousands of hours of training in communication from pretty varied experiences. I was a journalist for eight years, and then became an Eastern medical practitioner. I studied Buddhism, Landmark education and other transformational methodologies that inform my coaching. I've studied tarot w/Lauren Hall, Žhana Levitsky and Lindsay Mack, and other magical practices through the Modern Mystery School. I'm currently studying shamanism w/various teachers rooted in native Meso-American cultures.  

    I charge $125 an hour, but for financial hardship I have a sliding scale that goes down to $100 an hour. 

    I've always been the friend people go to for advice, the family member that tries to find the diplomatic solution. But I'd say I started coaching and counseling more directly in 2011 when I graduated from acupuncture school. 

    All kinds - veterans, small business owners, stay-at-home moms, business leaders - I'd say the thing that most people have in common is both a desire to go deeper and engage in their life in a spiritual or soul/heart-centered way, and have experienced or are experiencing some transition or trauma. 

    I have a client who calls our sessions "magical pampering" - she's a super driven entrepreneur, and in the session the cards were pretty clear that she'd be well served by taking a break. Not news she wanted, and she was in a stall w/her business that confounded her, but we talked through all the lessons around that. She took the break, got completely rejuvenated, and ended up with an entirely new, beautiful, revitalized vision of where to take her business, and feels inspired and energized to take it on. 

    Take the time to see if you connect. Coaching can be deeply rewarding or scratch the surface, but it is an investment in yourself and your life, and the relationship between you and the coach is Everything. 

    It's great to have an idea of where they need support. It also helps if they have a sense of their own learning style, so they can discuss w/the coach where their blind spots and defaults tend to be. And I'd say anything else that they're afraid of approaching, or what's really on their hearts. That way you're establishing a clear, authentic connection right off the bat + you'll have an easier time choosing who's right for you.

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