Dr. Keith Ablow

Dr. Keith Ablow

Offers online services
Offers online services


I provide a unique combination of life coaching, spiritual counseling and mentoring designed to empower my clients to overcome life challenges and to dramatically increase their levels of happiness, self-esteem and success.

I have worked with clients for over 25 years, from all over the United States and several other countries.

My website is www.theablowcenter.com.

I am committed to helping others understand and overcome unresolved issues that are limiting them from moving forward powerfully in life. I consider myself lucky to have been involved in critical chapters of my clients' life stories, helping them overcome grief, move on from toxic relationships, stop self-defeating thoughts and behaviors and take the steps needed to build real success in life and become "the people they were meant to be."

I have completed an undergraduate degree in neurosciences from Brown University (with highest honors), an M.D. from Johns Hopkins and a Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University.



Serves Newburyport , MA
Offers online services

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I always get to know the life story of my client, so that the current challenges he or she is facing can be understood in the context of that life story.  I then help my client to see underlying issues limiting them from moving on most powerfully in life.  

I use a combination of life coaching, spiritual counseling and mentoring to achieve profound change for those I work with.

I have a unique background as a graduate of Brown University, with a degree in neurosciences, a medical degree from Johns Hopkins and a Pastoral Counseling Graduate Certificate from Liberty University.  Therefore, I can integrate multiple perspectives, in service to my clients, regardless of their age or gender or marital status or religious sentiments.

I am also the author of Living the Truth and 14 other books.

I have been fortunate to be involved in counseling for over 25 years.  I have not only worked 1:1 with thousands of people all over the United States, but have been medical director of both outpatient sites and hospitals.  Now, my time is spent, full-time, working 1:1 with people who want to move forward to a new level of well-being, awareness and success.

I have worked with people from many states and foreign countries, facing hurdles in their lives they feel ill-equipped to clear without a healing partnership.  These have included men and women of every age and many backgrounds, including teachers, police officers, sports figures, CEOs, politicians, authors and other counselors.

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