Andrew Chie

Andrew Chie

Offers online services
Offers online services


I have been doing massage for more than 20 years and accumulating a lot of experiences and established a prestegious reputation ever since, qualification and competence in oriental massage skill and techniques. I have Massage liscence and qualification paper in America ( Chinese as well )


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5 years in business
Serves Atlanta , GA
Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

Normally when I receive an appointment I will prepare all the massage necessarites such as towels, sheets, massage oil, lotion, pillow in my shop, I will arrive the clients residence estimatly 10minutes before the appointed time. Filling in the take-in form and then double check everyhthing be ready and start to work

I start my carrer in the year 2000, I got professional and completed training course and I graduated from Seattle Ananda massage training school in 2019 with 500 hours full time training programme. I passed EMBLEx in 2019

1 hour Full body massage    $70.00 

1 hour Deep tissue massage   $70.00

1 and 1/2 hour full body massage (head to toe ) $100 plus

1 and 1/2 hour deep tissue massage (head to toe)

$100 plus

2 hour completed massage (head to toe ) $130.00

I started business in Feb 2018 in Seattle just started with a local spa as a reflexologist and Shiatsu therapist, gradually I accomodated to the clients with different skills with spesific clients requests accordingly which includes Chinese massage, Tuina, Shiatsu and so on.

I have to say I deal with all kinds of customers, senior, elderly people, average people just for relaxing and some professionals from all works office workers, labor workers, and house wives and so on.

Everette Mall Christmas promotion which is amazing when I work there we provide fabulous job to the customers and staffs as well the period of time is unforgettable cuz it is a lot of fun and tiredless even 12 hours more work a day

Safety and security for both sides, keep the valuables items away from the room massage process, Be sure any written guarrantte letter mutual signed and it s better to have a recorder if it s not bother especially the first time knock-in service.

Think through all "in case" and follow the normal protect measures openly or secretely and then let the pro in with all relaxation come out

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Massage Therapy
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