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I love helping clients move through challenging times. There are moments in session when clarity or grace enters and everything about how the situation was seen is now transformed. These are the moments where spontaneous change occurs. I do my best to facilitate this with support and care and feel grateful they trust in me and the process.


I offer relatable guidance and feedback on any issues that are currently coming up to be resolved. Because I believe we are more similar than we are separate. We can therefor resolve almost any issue with right level of relatability, understanding and support.
The session types range from relationship to general growth and awareness. Each situation is unique so we will find the style of support that will best fit you and get creative to design a life that has options and freedom.


In a relationship session we will look at how the two (or more) psychologies are interacting. When this is  understood at a deeper level we will be able to better navigate the interactions with intuitive strategies that that can be heard by the other and therefore get results. This then opens everyone to the option of giving and receiving love.


We all have unconscious patterning that reoccurs. This patterning can be interrupted in a variety of ways. In pattern rewrite sessions we first will identify the pattern and sometimes explore where it originated (this is not always necessary). Through awareness and acceptance these ways of relating began shift organically without the pressure of trying to change.


There are many way to clear out the old. We all have old things laying around inside of our mind and body. When we clear these out, a self that is more original to your nature begins to emerge with love, purpose, and joy.

The people! I love getting to know them and relating on a level that is beyond our typical surface interactions. It truly shows us how we are all more alike than different. 

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  • Michelle P.

    Jeff helps me in so many ways. His guidance is invaluable in my life. Even just to help clear your mind of negativity from our inner voices! Worth it every time!!!

  • Reina M.

    Jeff Chaffee saved my life. I was at the worst time in my life. Where I felt like there was no way out. It was scary. I felt like no one or nothing could help me. When I got an email from him, I immediately felt like I could tell him everything. I felt a kindness in his words and the moment we spoke on the phone, I knew that he was the one that could help me. No judgments, just truth. I’ve been in therapy my entire life and every time after every session I felt the same. I was blabbing for 50 mins and the therapist was writing down something and I left feeling empty. With Jeff, he interacts with you and guides you through it. And calls it the way it is. Challenging you but in a very spiritual way. I’ve specifically asked for someone who did a holistic approach and not the typical sit down and talk at a person kind of deal. He IS the real deal. He practices what he teaches and I connect with him so well. So easy to talk to. He gets it. And you are enlightened immediately. Jeff, you are one in a million and I’m here now finally seeing the light and hope in my life and the vastness of what I can do. Limitless. I’m thankful for you. If you are looking for someone who can help you change your life. This is your guy. I hope that I will remain your friend for life. I have absolute respect for you. Love and Peace

  • Scott P.

    Fantastic!. Tinley Guidance is very professional and has been wonderful in helping me understand what issues are bothering me. I highly recommend him!

  • Denise

    I highly recommend Tinley Guidance and Hypnotherapy. I look forward to every appointment and learning/growing a deeper level personally. Amazing !

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