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Offers online services


Hello and thank you for visiting my profile. I’m a psychotherapist working out of Berthoud, CO (Northern Colorado just south of Loveland and north of Longmont). I work statewide via video and locally in office with women who are dealing with anxiety from a variety of different sources. Women I see often are (but not limited to): Anxious most of their lives and are finally deciding that it’s worth learning some skills to manage it; Are going through divorce or separation or having relationship difficulties and want to figure out their next steps; Women who are caring for/working with their elderly parents and the stresses that result from that unique perspective; Recent retirees who are actively looking to reframe and redefine themselves; and Professional Women who not only find themselves stretched but would like some perspective and coaching about their professional lives.

My education is a Masters in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. This lends itself to a far more wholistic way of viewing mental health and some of the controls we innately have to heal ourselves if we choose to learn them and use them. I have training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Memorial Health. I particularly love the blend of using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy combined with Mindfulness to take advantage of our brain’s amazing ways to reprogram and create new neural pathways. Many studies support this combination as amazingly effective in treating anxiety and anxiety combined with depression.

Whatever the source of your anxiety I am honored to partner with you on your journey to a more joyful you! Please feel free to visit my website at for more information. We can set up a 15-20 phone visit for your questions and decide if we feel like a good team!


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    July 20, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    We begin by sharing a 20-30 minute free phone call to discuss if we will make a good team. The rule of thumb by most therapists is that the best results come from a great client/therapist relationship. Some have measured success to be 80% of that relationship! I want you to make sure that I feel like a good fit for you after we talk. Your goals are extremely important.

    I have received training from the Center for Mindfulness out of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. This training expanded on my learnings at Naropa University in learning how to teach stilling the mind as well as ways to calm the body.

    My Master Degree is from Naropa University, the only Buddhist University in North America. This provided me with a deeper understanding of human needs and a great guide to actually providing meaningful therapy.

    I have completed specialty anxiety treatment programs and teaching in neuro processing in the brain, both to learn new ways of counseling but also to connect the science of the brain to the way mindfulness takes advantage of this process these brain processes. 

    My spiritual training for the past 32 years has been as a student with The Growing Place and Sharon & Patrick O'Hara. These decades of learning and passing through levels of awareness has brought great joy and knowledge into my life. I also receive teachings from Higher Heart Healing. 

    My range is $85 - $110/hr. Pick a number that feels sustainable to you.

    I realized after receiving my Bachelors Degree in Accounting that I spent more time counseling with my clients than doing their accounting. There was so much going on in their lives. I felt like I could help them better with just counseling and allowing someone else to do the numbers.

    I began coaching but coaching is encouraged as a telephone business and I want to see my client's faces and they usually want to see mine.

    I received my Masters Degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. I began worked exclusively in my office but realized I could reach those who really wanted my specific help if I spread my wings to reach those across the state using online connections.

    I offer office visits to those who have been immunized and boosted for COVID-19 and secure Zoom connections for those who live too far away from Berthoud, CO, and who have chosen not to receive the vaccine. No judgment. This is based on needs of a high risk spouse.

    I've worked primarily with women who live with a multitude of anxiety difficulties. Currently, anxiety is a problem because of our recent needs stay socially isolated, when as humans who need and crave community, we're restricted in our activities. Anxiety is natural as we all venture out again. I'm working a lot lately with mothers with mature children and relationships are strained and adult children are making choices we may disagree with.

    I recently received an email from a client who has been with me two years struggling to find some normalcy in a new area away from negative influences. She decided to get off her self proclaimed "pity pot" and use her inner strength to move on. This is just a huge leap for her that there's joy in my heart as we continue counseling with a newer outlook!

    Always look for a therapist whom you think you will bond well with. It's hard to know by reading. Take advantage of 20-30 minute phone calls to ask questions and talk over your concerns. You'll know by talking with a therapist if you'll make a good team.

    By asking for help you've already made the first big step. You've made the choice to be here. Now it's time to have a brief conversation to see if we'll make a good fit. 

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