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Offers online services
Offers online services


Are you curious about how astrology can help you better understand your gender expression? Look no further than your birth chart placements.

First, let's talk about the Masculine energies. These are often associated with action, assertiveness, and independence. When Mars and the Sun are prominent in your chart, these traits may be dominant in your personality.

On the other hand, Feminine energies are often associated with receptivity, nurturing, and intuition. If your chart prominently features the Moon and Venus, you may find these qualities to be more prevalent in your personality.

But it's important to note that everyone possesses Masculine and Feminine energies, regardless of gender identity. It's about finding a balance between the two.

For example, if you have a lot of Masculine placements in a chart dominated by Air signs, you may excel in communication and analytical thinking. But it may be vital to balance that energy with Feminine placements in Earth or Water signs, which could bring more grounding and emotional depth to your life.

Remember, there's no one "right" way to express your gender or energy. Your birth chart placements provide a blueprint for understanding your unique strengths and challenges.

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Offers online services

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    Swaun J.

    A keen listener , great advice and the ability to allow the client to speak and pin point the issues that dont resolve or heal but advise a better solution.
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    August 10, 2022


    Mo F.

    This has been the most awakening experience of my life! I been battling my Inner Demons and since I have been having mentor sessions with Honeychild Ministries my life as been More Abundant and Peaceful, my path has been Clear and Innovative my old ways has passed away I’m re born again. I’m Thankful and I recommend this Experience to everyone. I’m Proud that the High Power Connected me to this Ministry.
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    December 23, 2021



    I loved it.Everything is done in an orderly fashion.Everyone is friendly which makes you wanna come back and especially since its Christian based is a plus.Honeychild Ministries yes maam.HONEYCHILD MINISTRIES ROCKS ALL-DAY EVERYDAY...😘😘😘😘💪♥️♥️
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    December 20, 2021


    Traci B.

    She is always there if you need her.
    The love and dedication is amazing!
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    December 20, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    I like to get to know my charges/ clients and find out where you are currently in your personal journey and growth. I treat the whole person. My sessions are very intimate and go deep into the core of your being to pull out what Spirit has put in you, use it to elevate your life in every area.

    I am qualified because I care. I am uniquely connected to the Divine as a PLUG, a Source of living water 🌊 and 🔥 fire. Ancient in years spiritually I have lived many lifetimes. I am degreed in Communication but my true learning AND training comes from above.

    Current introductory session $75 for 1 hr. $55 per 1hr after that . Couples $125 per hour. Family of 3 or more $150 pr hour. 

    Lifelong spiritual growth from the age of 12. High priestess psychic intuitive. Self taught. Degreed in Speech Communication and Sociology. Christian background. Spiritual approach.

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