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Karen Esposito, LCSW-S

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Offers online services


I help people become the best versions of themselves - the vision they have for their life with their unique interests, abilities, talents and skills. I use a variety of therapies to do this and draw on 15 years of experience to achieve this goal.

Even though we all share many similar human experiences, each person reacts and responds differently. We each have an internal world that is unique to us. I am honored to get to get to do this work, be it for a short or longer time.


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Offers online services


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Angie G.

Karen is very easy to talk to, and listens to our concerns. She always gives helpful feedback.
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September 02, 2020

Frequently asked questions

A new customer should share with my their hopes and goals and it is my job to help tailor the treatment to meet their needs.  Although everyone has a lot of history and background knowledge, it helps to have a focus in session so the person feels the therapy is worth their time.

I have spent 15 years as a mental health therapist in a variety of settings with the common theme of helping others overcome past trauma.  This include the 'little t' and the 'big T' that is so often referred to.  The symptoms of unaddressed trauma can be depression, feeling unfilled, feeling overwhelmed at times where it is not necessary to do so, poor concentration and focus, poor memory, feeling irritable and easily angered, difficulty with sleep or appetite and in general not feeling grounded or quite themselves.  All of the symptoms can stem from uncomfortable past experiences and many types of therapy can help.

I offer a sliding scale of $90-145, depending on a family's income.  Family therapy is more costly at a $110-145.  I hope that cost will not be a barrier to treatment and can always help with referrals to reputable organizations, too.

I worked in public policy in Washington, DC for a number of years following college.  I really enjoyed this work and then I realized, there's a lot of psychology happening in politics!  Wanting to understand this and the greater environment in which policy decisions are made, I attended college at Columbia University School of Social Work.  After an internship, I became more interested in direct practice due it being so dynamic, complex and ever-changing.

I have worked with all ages of clients.  The common theme is wanting to feel less alone, to feel supported in what they know is best for them and to realize their full potential.

Although the COVID crisis has been tragic, I am in awe of people who have stepped up and created beauty from the trauma of the pandemic.  It's in small and big ways, and close to home, a nearby church doing drives to help people make ends meet with food and rent.   

I recommend that a client hone in on how they want to feel in three months and how they want their life to look different.  This will help them target the goal(s) they have in therapy.

Beginning therapy is a financial commitment, so a person should understand that it may take some time before achieving their long-term goal.  However, if it is a shorter-term goal, I have many clients who only need 4-5 sessions, or less.  It is important to have accurate expectations of the process.  Also, it is important that the client know that he/she/them is the boss.  They are in charge of treatment, so therapy does not need to go down any avenues they do not want to go.  Please do not think you will have discuss traumatic experiences right away, or even at all.  I recommend that a person not let that fear of disclosure get in the way of feeling better.  They dictate the work, in the end, while collaborating with the therapist.

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