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Offers online services


We identify what's behind the problem that's solving "The elephant in the room." We explore the inventory of your past to identify issues that aren't addressed. From there, your intuition provide answers step by step to attack challenging issues head on as you move forward.

I have been involved with addressing anxiety and exploring forgiveness issues for 20 years through meditation and seeking knowledge to take steps in your life that's healthy and authentic. Consequently, people become enlighten with curiousity and move forward with an awareness that eventually help them overcome emotional obtacles on their own.

I enjoy watching how my clients use their intuitions to seek and solve their problems.


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Offers online services


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Ann G.

Ann Gates Middleton
CEO at Brit Am Enterprises
I have known Rich Prim for many years. I have survived some really bad times with Richs help, advice and of course his coaching. He has helped me so many times. He get’s me back on track when I decide against his advice to go it alone.
Rich helped me understand that I had to exercise and make meditating a habitual practice in my life. He never lost patience with me; no lectures, Just sage advice. It has now been about 3 years since we have worked closely together, but the knowledge that he is always there for me gives me great strength. I am now happily married and successful again.
I owe my life success to Rich, he really gave me the coaching and encouragement I needed in a way that I could accept and understand.
Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Rich Prim should grab it with both hands. Just listen to him and follow his lead. I believe he is wise beyond his years with an understanding that I have never found in anybody else.
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June 10, 2020


Elizabeth R.

Elizabeth T.
Successful Realtor
After complaining to a colleague about the countless hours I had spent with therapists, counselors, psychologists, group meetings and self-help books over the last two years of my life I was referred to a Life Coach named Rich Prim. I could at this point in my life recognize major issues that were causing me problems, however, I struggled to change them. I knew I was not happy, yet I truly did not know how to be happy. I had lots of people telling me what to do, however, when I even tried to take their advice I was not able to do any of it successfully. I did not believe they understood what my personal struggle and situation was like. How could they possibly understand me, if I did not understand myself and why I was the way I was? I recognized I could change my actions every day and become a robot, but it would never last and my feelings inside did not match those actions. I had read enough to identify my problems but none of the therapists, counselors, psychologists, group meetings or self-help books changed how I felt about my situation or offered any solutions that I would even consider a possibility in my life. That is until I met with Rich Prim.
Rich had an approach that was far different than any therapists, counselors or psychologists I had ever met with. In 4 visits with Rich I had come farther in my personal journey, and was able to understand more about myself than I had in all the years with the traditional approaches I used to try to learn how to change my life. I was used to being told what to do -and for me that does not work and would never last even when I really tried. I was able to figure out that even if I truly wanted to change my life for the better, which I did, I cannot just do what I am told. I have to understand, in my own mind, why I should make a change and I have to believe this is right for me. Instead of just telling me what to do, Rich was able to help me uncover, understand and identify why and how my brain works, and direct me to thoughts, habits, beliefs I had no idea were in the way of getting me to my end result…changing. I discovered that I am in essence a lazy human and I created habits and beliefs early on in my life that are so ingrained in me that changing them would be as difficult as convincing my brain that grass is purple, not actually green.
Many people might say that it is the “Life Coach” approach that has helped me. I would strongly argue that it was a combination of Life Coach and Rich Prim. It took someone willing to put in the extra effort and actually listen beyond the words I was saying, this person for me was Rich Prim. He did not offer me the answers, but even better, he showed me how to find them for myself, which naturally brought about change in my life. When my perspective changed my actions just naturally changed. I highly recommend Rich Prim to anyone looking for direction or change in their life, even if they don’t know what direction that is...especially if they do not know what direction that is.
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June 10, 2020

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