Strong Living Professional Counseling

Strong Living Professional Counseling

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Offers online services
Offers online services


TELEHEALTH sessions via phone or video only using HIPPA compliant format.

I am Licensed both in Texas and Florida and can serve those clients anywhere in both of those states.

My Website is if you want to learn more about the services I offer.

I used to be a National Level Bodybuilding Figure Competitor so I understand the mindset of athletes and know how to help my clients make lifestyle choices to achieve optimal results both mentally, emotionally and physically.

Therapy should not be scary nor should it be complicated. I provide a non-judgmental, safe environment for you to explore your concerns and become the best version of yourself. My clients describe me as encouraging, loving, motivating and professional.. I don't use psychobabble. My approach is down to earth, educational and adapted to meet your individual style. I use psychological principals combined with lifestyle education (exercise, diet, nutrition) to empower you to start living the life you want. These techniques may be used for physical and emotional problems and may positively impact areas such as personal relationships, sports and business.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 24 years of professional experience and two Master's degrees. My career experiences include working in a hospital, a high school and owning a private practice. More importantly, beyond my credentials, is that you feel comfortable with me. This is the foundation of a powerful therapeutic relationship. I specialize in working with highly sensitive, empathic, gifted individuals who at times find it hard to find a therapist who can relate thus leaving them feeling more alone. I never want any of my clients to feel alone as they work through the things that are challenging in their lives.

I may not have walked a mile in your shoes but I guarantee, I've tried them on or I may have even run a marathon in them. I "get it". I use techniques that protect your dignity, teach you how to process the source of your pain while gaining strength, understanding and compelling insight.

I'm humbled by the work that I do. I think my clients are among the strongest people I know. It takes a strong person to be vulnerable and to trust as they make changes in their lives. I'm honored that my clients trust me and I believe that trust is earned not just given. I love to help my clients out of pain, to identify what's holding them back and to do life with them. 50% of my practice involves working with males and 50% is working with women. I also work with firefighters, police officers and first responders as these positions can be very demanding and can cause virtual trauma; thus needing other modalities than just talking therapy to process that type of information effectively

My passion is also to help balance the brain naturally by finding out through genetic testing (a simple cheek swab) what neurotransmitters are low i.e seritonin, dopamine endorphins, gaba etc...that may be causing psychological distress or are linked to behaviors and thought processes. This can also help with ADHD. By giving one's brain the neuronutrients(all natural amino acids) it needs; these deficits can be regulated thus creating a totally different life and well- being!!! If interested, please go to and click on services and go to GARS link and to the Restoragen link for more detailed info.

Even if a person already has a therapist, I can do the GARS test over the phone and interpret the results to get one started on the correct Restoragen formula for one's particular genetics thus balancing the brain naturally.This has changed my life and many of the clients I work with. This is a scientific alternative to medication with 30 years of patented research.


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Offers online services

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    Ms. Hawley is an excellent clinician that calls to the best and most from each of her patients. She is always professional, responsive, thorough, reliable, experienced, relentless, and kind. If you need the counselor that can see through the fog and speak directly to your heart, Ms. Hawley is the one.
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    February 27, 2019

    G A.

    I have known and been working with Gwen for about 8 years now. There are not enough words to describe her amazing gifts and abilities. Not only is she the most loving, kind and gentle person I have ever known but her professionalism and education of the working mind is beyond all others. Her ability to resolve a plaguing issue from so many different directions sets her apart from anyone else in her field. You will not find anyone else like her.
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    January 23, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    First, I will email or text intake paperwork 

    Next, schedule an appointment 

    It’s very important to my my clients feel comfortable with me and that we both feel we are a good fit; so developing a mutual rapport is of high priority 

    i have many different certifications to help my clients so I tailor a plan with my clients that best meets their needs. 

    I have two Masters Degree’s:

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Florida and Texas 

    Masters In Exucational Administration 




    EQUINE ASSISTED TRAUMA THERAPY( some principals can be taught via Telehealth) 

    Specialize in working with Emotionally Gifted/ Intense, Empaths and Intuitive People 

    I have a tremendous amount of experience: 25 years and I continue to educate myself in more and more modalities to continue to meet my clients needs on many levels. 

    My clients get better; they feel better and are able to create a healthier more dynamic life after working with me. 

    I give my all to my clients and they are loved  and cared about. Im not the average traditional therapist. 

    50% of my practice is men and 50% women.

    Military, Teens, First Responders, Fire Fighters

    Gifted Individuals, Highly Intuitive persons, Corporate people  and everyday people who are hurting who just want to feel better and get out of pain. 

    Those who are motivated to better their lives and learn how to do it .

    Im a real person and I work with real people 

    Make sure you feel comfortable with them and that your style meshes with theirs 

    Just because someone is a professional and has a degree and training in EMDR or other areas; doesn’t mean they are good 

    In this field; 70% cannot be necessarily taught. It’s who a person IS and either you get it or you don’t 

    There cannot be enough said for life experience and years of experience 

    So much of what we deal with cannot be taught out of a book. Book knowledge and personal experience are two very different things !

    You want to know what the therapist’s experience is with what you are dealing with and how they intend to help. Sometimes just “talking therapy” is not enough to evoke change and with painful events can actually make it worse. 

    The honest truth is you get what you pay for

    A more experienced therapist may charge more but you mostly likely won’t need as many sessions unless you really like them and want to choose to keep them more of a life coach in the future 

    A good therapist will empower you with information, knowledge, tools and resources so have a notepad :))

    Services offered

    Relationship Counseling
    Spiritual Counseling