David Low, MS PhD DTh  (no Insurance Taken)

David Low, MS PhD DTh (no Insurance Taken)

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Greetings! I welcome you interest but do not take insurance. And yes, I have credentials but CANNOT EVALUATE YOU FOR LEGAL OR MEDICAL AUTHORITIES, if that is your situation. My website is davidlowmsphd.com.

In my sessions I do everything possible to make you comfortable and feeling safe. My style is informal and personable, and I think it’s important that you be assured that nothing is off limits to talk about, and that we will double-check to be sure I really get it! If there is real trust in our relationship we can’t go wrong. The most rewarding feedback I get is to the effect that I care for my clients and/or students (I also teach adult ed classes) “I felt loved,” one person said.

I believe that everyone, without exception, comes from the same profound source and wants the same greatest happiness and contentment. Whoever you may be, I BELIEVE YOU ALREADY HAVE ALL THE KNOWLEDGE AND INNER RESOURCES YOU NEED to get happier, regardless of your situation.... you just may need help accessing it.

We will get things done in our sessions! Although I need to get to know in detail and have my own process for doing that, I always ask, “In what practical way can I help you right now?” You will get homework… what happens between sessions, after all, is ultimately more important than the sessions themselves. I like to email or text clients—within limits, I have a life too!-- to check in and see if they’re on track with what we want to accomplish together.

I don’t take insurance and don’t need to charge a lot. First sessions discounted to $50 as an incentive, $100/hour after that. $90 if you buy a package of four sessions. If you can't afford that after a while, we'll talk about it. I hate to turn people away who really need the help.

Blessings and good luck in your journey through life!!


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Offers online services

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    Anthony I.

    Really intelligent, nice guy and seems to genuinely care. Easy going and flexible while also concise and straightforward. Very positive experience.
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    July 20, 2022


    Christine T.

    He was very easy to talk to and provided reasonable homework assignments that made since in relation to my specific issues.
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    October 19, 2021
    Hired on Thervo


    Ariana V.

    He listened to everything I mentioned and would give me “homework” to help with teach and every situation! He gave me specific journaling exercises and meditations tailored to what I needed at the time. Everything he said was out of truth and offered many solutions to help me. I learned a lot during my time with him. Thank you !!!
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    June 21, 2021


    Jared J.

    David is an outstanding counselor, mentor, and uses his understanding of all layers of the human mind to help build skills and tools that are life-long. His contribution and impact on my life personally has helped in a transformation that feels life-changing.
    David spends time considering the things his clients need with great care and consideration while also helping to keep me accountable. He is one of the most skilled therapists Ive ever known as well as one of the most attuned listeners and guides through the journey of life. I would and have recommended David to anyone looking to heal, find inner peace, or just to work through issues of daily life.
    Davids abilities and skills as a therapist are positively adding to our world and I am so grateful that we were able to connect.
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    June 15, 2021


    Barbara S.

    David was caring and compassionate when my husband and I fell into a crisis. I would highly recommend his skills for any couple or individual.
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    January 24, 2021


    Matt K.

    Excellent experience with David. He has helped me immensely with his knowledgable experience and understanding. He is very resourceful and great at putting terms to my feelings.
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    January 20, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    I get to know them in informal convesation berfore moving onto a basic structure and format for assessing the client's issues. This always includes the question, "What is the single most important thing that I can help you with right now?" I make sure to give them (we practice it in the session) a basic relaxation techniqe if they want it, and at least one concrete homework assignment to be sure something gets done. At the end I get them to talk about how the session went for them and what parts of it they thought were or were not helpful.

    At this point, about 10 years counseling, 10 years teaching, and almost that long in full-time spiritual seeking when I could afford it. I wrote a spirituality textbook that I use for clients interested in that aspect of my work.

    PhD--Religion--lots of counseling in the classroom setting, believe me!! Students often want  to know how to handle their religious parents.

    DTh--Doctorate of Theology and ordained Interfaith Minister

    MS--Community Counseling; internship in substance abuse. Lots of anthropology in this curriculum, so good with indigenous / multicultural issues.

    Previous licensed as NCC and will soon be so again (as LPC as well).

    Certified 5-Star Dream Analysis method; practiced in Archetypal / Projective and a bit of Natural Dreamwork methods.

    40 years yoga/meditation; have taught meditation courses areound Philadelphia for 20 years.

    Recent courses/certifications in CBT and ACT

    See spiritual and other credentials on my website, davidlowmsphd.com

    First sessions discounted to $50 as an incentive, $100/hour after that. $90 if you buy a package of four sessions. If you can't afford that after a while, we'll talk about it. I hate to turn people away who really need the help.

    I can relate to wanting to "check out" a counselor by having a conversation with him or her, before committing to a whole session. On the other hand, the client wants to describe everything hoping that he'll get what he needs without a session, which I understand, but which isn't fair to the counselor. A happy medium on that is ONLY $50 for an initial one-hour session.

    Substance abuse internship in 1985 for my Masters degree.

    All kinds, over the years... lots of minorites and hispanics in substance abuse experience (as well as whites of course), some couples, and mostly white and some AAmerican women in dreamwork. Lots of college students from teaching days, as well. Most of my clients now tend to be people in their 20s and 30s dealing with anxiety AND deeper philosophical issues (again, often without realizing it).

    The other day, a client really got how her dream was telling her to accept her daugher's choice of husband, and her own strained relationship with this son-in-law, as her karma, and not as her fault. She almost came to tears. Another recently cried for a half-hour as a result of understandings connected with doing his first meditation--on his own!--after I taught him the technique. Also, I'd have to say seeing two people rediscover how they really do love and respect each other, once you get them communicating again.

    Plus, I've seen lots of CBT situations, etc. which are less dramatic but just as meaningful to clients.

    Be  sure the person is older, has a lot of spiritually-oriented life experience and is really easygoing to talk to. There's nothing worse than having someone just give you short answers to questions whidh are really important to you. If your issues involve relationships, divorce, that sort of thing, be sure that your counselor has a strong, decades-long marriage of his or her own.

    I would make a list of major issues, and then break each of them down in as much detail as you can. If dreams are involved, write them out and offer to send them to the  therapist ahead of time (if he or she does dreamwork). More generally, I would take the time to think through anything in your life that you have major difficulty with, even if it doesn't seem to be related to your problem situation. It probably does!!

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    Spiritual Counseling