Le Masseur ( House Call Massage )

Le Masseur ( House Call Massage )

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Le Masseur ( New York NY )

Professional bodywork includes any variety of hands-on work with your body. I can use various skills to get along with the needs of the clients including Oriental and Western method and mainly massage.

It may be therapeutic in any combination (Deep tissue ,Shiatsu, Swedish, Ayurveda,Hot stone massage oil massage, sports massage stretching, Thai massage, Cyadica Point Leg Massage, crystal healing, body tapping and healing massage) that incorporates perfect Eastern and Western massage corresponding to match the state of the body.

I specialize on the following:


This modality focuses on the ancient form of Japanese bodywork that works with the energy (QI) in the body. Shiatsu focuses on specific meridian pathways to support a client's health by balancing, enhancing, and restoring the natural flow of Qi.

*Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a manual therapy that mainly aims to improve venous blood circulation and lymphatic circulation by performing centripetal treatment on the skin. use body oil

*Breathing Work

Placing attention on the breath and using different rhythms of breathing can be an amazingly powerful experience in healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, increasing the flow of energy and reaching extended orgasmic states.

*Chakras treatment

Chakras are energetic structures or areas of power in and around the body. Different traditions describe their number and function differently, but they

are generally thought of as a link between the physical body and the energy, a non-physical body, or a spirit. It can be used as reference points for personal processes or worked with directly on or close to the body.

*Crystal , Bell Healing Treatment (along the full moon and new moon)

Buddha bell reduces negative energy and improves mindfulness

*Hot Stone Massage

Ayurvedic hot stone oil massage. Deep healing, improve blood circulation,Experience detoxification. use body oil

*Thai Massage

head as well as 15 major marmas on the body. Traditional Thai Massage Traditional Thai Massage may ... strength. Thai Massage works with the body’s movement potential and is practiced dynamically on a mat on ... is a modern expression of a 2500 year-old tradition of Oriental bodywork. Thai uses the whole body ...

*Sports massage

Sports massage use different massage treatment and stretching techniques to help an athlete relax, to prevent and treat injuries, to help loosen stiff muscles and joints and to increase an athlete's muscle condition. Sports massage stretching techniques, can improve an athlete's circulation and range of motion and reduce pain, soreness and tension after a workout.

** Cities have rush hour periods. Book a day or hours in advance. For scheduling and confirmation. ** 

*See below for standard rate services.



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    julianne H.

    Great massage! The price was very reasonable, everything was taken care of carefully,and my back pain was relieved. my surprise the calf massage was the best part. It was a quick 90 minutes I will definitely be back
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    March 26, 2023

    Victoria F.

    I was so tired that enjoyed 2 hour massage. It was so comfortable and relaxing that I felt like my body had been reborn.
    ... Show more
    March 21, 2023

    K. K.

    Healed deeply. I slept well that day.
    ... Show more
    March 12, 2023

    Diaz E.

    Q me cancelled a la Mera hora😤😡
    ... Show more
    June 15, 2021
    Hired on Thervo

    Leslie B.

    She was on time, lovely attitude and very good massage!
    I recommend her highly
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    June 04, 2021
    Hired on Thervo

    Jack R.

    She’s the best
    ... Show more
    December 02, 2019
    Hired on Thervo

    Frequently asked questions

    House calls, out calls are possible only in the Manhattan area!! We do not bring a massage table because Not safe, it is expensive to bring a heavy table and it takes twice as long to move.  If your residence does not have a massage table, We will create a space for it.  If you are a frequent massager, you can purchase an own table online for around from $100, so we recommend it.

    I've been getting body treatments and massages myself since I was little and have invested a little bit in that. I thought it was a wonderful job that could be done in any country and was needed by many people around me. Actual learning and knowledge are important, but it is more important to have a lot of experience to be able to respond immediately in the field.

    *OUT CALL **

    Out call, Home massage, House call: ( Regular massage, Tip, Round trip transportation expenses, etc. All included )

    1h $140

    90min $200

    2h $260

    if YOU or Your Family member need massage

    Same day Surcharge 

    30 minutes $60

    1 hour $120

    Couple Same day Same Location massage

    total 2h $260   

    3h $380

    *If have to wait for a long time, or if the location is particularly far away, or if there is little traffic, such as early in the morning or late at night, sudden schedule change , it will be a little extra charge.

    *Book a day or few hours in advance. For scheduling and confirmation. 

    Even after becoming a professional, I feel that I have been given the opportunity to experience things that are always enjoyable without forgetting to learn and appreciate them, and to convey these experiences through my actions. Due to the negative vibrations around them, some people have fallen ill relying solely on medicine. what can we do For those who are too busy to find time to relax, massage time not only heals the body, but also positively and mentally refreshes. Some people have changed their lives in just a short time. I am very happy to be able to continue to learn more and more by accumulating a small investment of time and money even though I am busy, through various encounters, valuable learning, experiences, and teachings from doctors and teachers. .

    I have certified and worked 10 years of professional bodywork including any variety of hands on work . I have experienced globally including athletes and celebrities, to various people. If you are interested feel free Please contact and LEAVE ME MESSAGE and FREE TEXT. I’ll call you back asap. ONLY MANHATTAN AREA


    Manhattan is a fun place to meet wonderful people from various countries and occupations through this job.

    Manhattan has countless places to get a massage. We can't count them on a global scale. In such a way, trying to do my best more good work than the price paid by the client who chose me.

    It is reassuring to have family and acquaintances close to you who care about your health. We look forward to helping you even a little.

    Services offered

    Massage Therapy
    Alternative Healing