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Offers online services
Offers online services


I am a life-coach, NLP hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and The American Guru. I seek to bring light, balance and lasting peace to my clients. I don't just treat symptoms of anxiety, depression, fears, procrastination, guilt, conflict, etc. I lead and coach my clients to discover the root causes of issues, inner and outer conflicts and imbalances within and without themselves and in their relationships. We will partner to build & create a positive vibe of abundance and wellness in your life.

I love helping people and showing them the best part of themselves. I seek to know the spirit of the person in this way I can understand where they are coming from and help guide them to where they are going. We are all special in this world and we are all born for a reason to help and uplift others is always one of them.


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Offers online services

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    Marc D.

    Different aspects of life and what I needed to implement in mind to make changes so life could be better for me and God and different things Angelas been discussing positive vibes with me for years now hes a very good guy very trustworthy and very loyal
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    April 04, 2022


    Annalisa L.

    Its good to know someone whom understands what you going through.... BUT... Its great to know that there is a clearer way of getting through what your trying to save!!! Thank you again man!
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    October 14, 2020



    I liked the fact that he was very straight forward and honest about the choke situation. Thank you!!
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    April 26, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    My process is first getting to feel the vibe of the person or person's. Having a conversation and listening to the person's thought's, Hope's and dreams carried by the song of their voice. I ask them, what is their true goal in seeking counseling & guidance. And what do they expect from me. I then let them know what I expect from them. I expect truth, commitment, effort & compromise to the goals, new behaviors and attitudes I advise as a life-coach, teacher & guide. I love to help people if they are ready and they let me. I will know in short order if my clients are real or going through the motions. If you need help getting ready for help ok I will be there for you just let me know people. My life is guided by the Angel's and I don't do this just for money. I need to know one's true spirit to help them. I speak of the "real" you. That hides behind your projected self,  created by your childhood and your life's circumstances. I am tough but always respectful and expect the same. Please be real and no money is worth me wasting my time or yours...


    I am a Reiki Master & Guru.; A certified NLP hypnotherapist and life-coach. As a Reiki Master I recieve guidance and wisdom from the Angels. As a hypnotherapist I am able to communicate with ones unconscious spirit to get to the root causes of issues or imbalances the are bringing a disturbance in (the force) just kidding !!! In our lives and relationships. Sincerely,  Michael Angel 

    I seek donations for my guidance: Initial Rate: On- line/phone / In person sessions my living room/150 hr/half Your living room 200 and up depending on distance. Two hour session min. Approximately I do not really watch a clock it's always more not less.  

    I was always interested in spiritual things since I was a child. I knew there was more to us as humans; More than we could see, I felt it in my heart. In any event I started on the path of awakening & self-awareness. I studied, I meditated, I invoked my higher-self.  Henseforth, while fighting inner & outer demons I realized, I could not only advise and help myself I could help & advise others as well. 

    I have worked Mostly as a hypnotherapist, with people with Anxiety, feeling of loss over deceased loved ones. Relationship & Marriage counseling. Life-Coaching, Addictions, Children with behavioral problems and fears. I provide guidance on parenting; Spoiled children will think the world is supposed to give them everything and will lack ambition. 

    Services offered

    Life Coaching
    Family Therapy
    Relationship Counseling
    Spiritual Counseling
    Alternative Healing