Janice Beckett, M. S. CADC

Janice Beckett, M. S. CADC

Offers online services
Offers online services


I'm motivated by my need to help others and solve problems. My confidence comes from years of experience of learning from some of the best, working to help and sometimes failing and subsequently learning from my own youthful short-sightedness. It is the consistent learning, growth and ultimately the ability to perceive things differently that has made my service and support to others in this field profound.

In some way, it is as simple as helping a person connect to themselves in a way that changes the trajectory of their life.

I have over 25 years experience working with people challenged by alcohol and substance dependency. From the beginning, having worked with large Alcohol and Drug Treatment centers, I was involved in designing and structuring programs to meet the needs of our clients. While working at Gateway, I witnessed countless of women on my unit who had been sexually abused from childhood. And, our record showed they would relapse shortly after discharge in larger numbers. We had followed protocol, treating first the addiction and then referring them to specific support. But they weren't connecting and returned to old coping behaviors. I developed a program that incorporated initial stages of counseling for clients who suffered sexual trauma and continued after their discharge from our AOD Program. Client's would learn coping skills that would help in post inpatient treatment to weather intrusive memories. The outcome was prodigious. The program was adopted and used as a standard in many major treatment facilities.

I would go on to work at other major agencies helping to developed programs and solve problems. I would finally work as a partner in developing a successful AOD treatment center.

I hold a Masters of Science in Counseling, a Certification in Addiction Counseling and countless hours of training in treating trauma, addiction and common comorbidities. I am knowledgeable in the state rules and administrative governing of professional practice in Illinois, 2060. And I thoroughly enjoy what I do which helps me to be wonderfully self-motivated and effective.


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Developing a rapport. And after establishing that foundation, we move into understanding why they have come for counseling at this time. We then prioritize their issues and examine how to proceed. We would later assess their problem and their relative strengths. When we develop their treatment plan, we gave a basic template to guide us through treatment although it remains flexible as things often change. Before proceeding to the next steps, I always ask myself, have we covered the most important ground so far? Is the patient in agreement and motivated to move forward? Do we have a rapport?

I hold a Masters of Science in Counseling, a 2year Certification in Addiction Counseling, a state Certification in Addiction Counseling (CADC) and countless trainings in treating trauma and addiction in adult men and women. 

At my most recent agency, we billed directly to insurances companies and other state agencies.  For this reason, fees would very, but are mostly standardize throughout the industry.

I was recruited by a agency director and a renowned treatment facility for women: The Women’s Treatment Center in Chicago.

I have worked with adult men and women, victims of trauma, dual diagnosed and those with the singular issue of addiction.

Working with patients to develop coping skills during the COVID-19 pandemic. Helped patients to develop cooing skills and strategies during quarantine while remaining abstinent from any alcohol and/or substances. Patients were guided on how to develop rituals of medication, affirmation and personal prayer in addiction to garnering outside support from a supportive community via phone and video conferences on a regular basis.

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