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Dr. Spirit's Energy Healing & Counselling

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Offers online services
Offers online services



Mine is a one-stop practice. I offer 60 minutes spiritual counselling and Angel Light Hypnosis as a spiritual and energy healing modality, that accomplishes everything that regular hypnotherapy does, and more. My spiritual counselling sessions blends various divinatory techniques along with my years of psychic and spiritual training in multiple disciplines and modalities. I have certifications and real life experience offering Gemstone Therapy, Reiki and transcendental hypnosis to clients with a broad spectrum of psycho-emotional/ energetic imbalances.

In my line of work, everyday I get to connect with ordinary folk who believe at first that they are sick, cursed, broken, failures or just can't "connect" or "tune-in", experience the magical and out-of-this- world feeling of reconnecting with the unconditional love of their Spiritual family such as guardian angels, Archangels etc and receive such healing, enlightenment, Higher Knowledge & Wisdom, Love, transformation/ deliverance and empowerment to create the life that they truly desire; a life filled with peace, joy, love and fulfillment. Knowing that I am the human facilitator of that process and seeing my fellow brothers and sisters of humanity receive such Love, Light and Goodness into their lives, gives me a feeling of true purpose and bliss that is second to none.


5 years in business
Serves Miami , FL
Offers online services

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    Cache't W.

    Each time I work with Lisa, she ensures that she makes a pure connection in order to cater to what I may need. I wouldnt have it any other way than to work with someone that is professional, honest and authentic!
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    April 04, 2021


    Arleigh M.

    When I first heard the words Angel light Hypnosis, I was skeptical. I did not know what to expect from this experience. I spoke to Ms Lisa and she told me that the Angel Light Hypnosis and that it can be done remotely, over the phone. So we scheduled a date and time to do this Angel light Hypnosis. I Highly recommend this form of energy Healing. During the hypnosis I ended up meeting an angel that radiated colors of brilliant white and deep green that greeted me in the sky. The Angel introduced himself and the I felt the pleasant energy of love and belonging. The angel smiled and took me back to my childhood home and indicated to me events in my life that are cornerstones of who I am as a person. There were things within myself that also needed healing. The angels showed me who I was before coming in this incarnation, also the angels played and showed many many things that I love to do and see in this current life. I was overwhelmed with emotions of love and joy. It was wonderful experience and it is very transformative.
    I feel a reconnection to parts of myself that I had forgotten. All of visualizing were very very lucid and I could here the calm voice of Ms Lisa guiding me through the journey.
    I highly recommend the Angel light Hypnosis for anyone who is ready to heal parts of themselves; for people who want to look deeper into their subconscious and other worlds and for people who want reconnect with themselves. Ms Lisa is very professional and the experience with the angels was something I cherish up to this day. Thank you Ms. Lisa for Connecting me with my angels and thank you for the Angel light Hypnosis.
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    April 02, 2021


    Walter F.

    I’m extremely happy with the way my session went, I was able to relax and access my higher self like never before without any substance.
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    April 02, 2021



    I enjoyed my experience as it was enlightening and eye opening as it seemed as if my entire life and struggles we brought to the forefront in the reading I received which was followed by a radiant feeling of bliss and relaxation as I had been able to understand the route of my struggles and thus was able to actively work towards healing myself and becoming a better version of me. I am truly appreciative of this experience as it was one of a kind and I urge others seeking to liberate themselves and connect to a higher source of love and connectedness to give this a try. Blessing live and light on your spiritual journey.
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    March 26, 2021

    Frequently asked questions


    Receiving your phone number and email address are an integral part of the process. Send an email with your full name, preferred date and time for session and a short single statement on what service you are seeking/ reason for reaching out for counseling and healing.  I will reply to your email with an informational brochure which contains a briefing on my list of services, pricing and the hiring procedure including policies and how I conduct the sessions. It is a detailed PDF which outlines the whole process and gives you the next steps to take to secure a session.  All sessions are conducted through either Whatsapp/ Google Duo so please download either of these apps on your phone/ device PRIOR TO  booking a session.

    ATTENTION: I work on demand, by a first booked, first served basis like a live hotline between the hours of 11 AM- 7 PM EST, Monday to Friday. I don't use an appointment system, so request the session when you are ready for the service, or no more than 24 hours in advance. After completing payment, if you don't get a reply within 10 minutes, I am in a session, and you will recieve your call in the order that your payment is served. Most times you will be served right away, but sometimes there may be a delay. I have no staff, so please be willing to exercise a little patience. Thanks for your understanding. 

    Email me with service requests at: [email protected]

    Spiritual Counseling diploma with the Centre of Excellence (U.K., 2020)

    Crystalline Lightworker Training, (ANU GRACE, CA,)

    Certified Oracle. Tarot card reader (Hay House Publishers, U.S.A., 2019)

    Certified Crystal Therapist C.C.H. (Hibiscus Moon Academy, U.S., 2018)

    Spanish Language, Bachelor of Arts, (University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, 2013-2016)

    60 minutes pyschic/ intuitive reading- $111

    60 minutes distant reiki healing for humans and pets- $150

    Angel Light Hypnosis guradian angel connection- $222

    transcendental hypnotherapy (psychic therapy)  -$300

    (The above service is for delivered only if a need for it is indicated in an intuitive reading session with me  and ONLY with prior FREE consultation of 20 minutes). This 2 step process is to ensure that you understand the process of this service and that it is BENEFICIAL for you prior to booking. Since this is a service and not a tangible good, payment before session is the policy and  ALL FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE. 

    Services offered

    Life Coaching
    Spiritual Counseling
    Alternative Healing