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    Christine G.

    Expressing myself to someone that I feel comfortable talking to.
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    February 20, 2021
    Hired on Thervo

    Andy R.

    Carla was very helpful and really took the time to get a clear understanding of my situation. I called Carla because she offered a free phone consultation and I could tell right away that she would be a perfect fit for me.
    The office environment at Life Line Counseling was warm and welcoming. I was immediately relaxed and comfortable being able to open up in a way that makes my sessions with Carla truly beneficial. Occasionally Carla gives me homework assignments that have been enlightening to me as well and helps to track my progress going into my next session.
    I can recommend Carla and Lifeline Counseling without hesitation. If you are thinking of counseling for yourself or a family member, please reach out to Carla as I did. That first call was the most difficult for me to make, but I am certainly glad that I took that leap of faith!
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    May 04, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    I listen. I listen to what you want to tell me about your life. I learn from you what parts of your life are going good, and what parts of your life need some improvement. Sometimes we all need help. After you talk and I learn about you, I give you feedback about what you've told me, and I create a written treatment plan of how we can make changes in the areas that are troublesome. I discuss this plan with you and you let me know if the plan sounds good to you and then we get to work! 

    I have Master of Arts in Professional Counseling. I graduated from Liberty University. I have worked with families since 2011, children, teens and parents. My specialty is helping people get along better with their loved ones, starting with themself! We have to love ourself first, in order to give love to others. I work on communication skills, self esteem issues, and relationships. These are the important parts of our lives that either make or break our hearts. It is so worth the time to work on improving how we see ourselves and how we relate to others. That's what makes life incredible or dreadable. You decide.

    $100 Individual (1hr) $125 initial intake  (1.5 hr)

    $125 Couple (1hr) $150 initial intake (1.5 hr)

    I also offer a sliding scale fee based on income. (On a case by case basis).

    I have worked with families whose children were at risk for removal by child protection for various issues, most were that the adolescent was acting out due to underlying issues that needed to be improved, such as low self-esteem, relationship issues with family or peers, or just learning how to communicate their true feelings. These things are powerful parts of ourselves that can impact how our life turns out and where we end up. I've went through some very tough times myself, and once I came through it, I just wanted to help others do the same.

    I have worked with at adolescents and adults. I have worked with people with low self-esteem, anger issues, ADHD, Depression, relationship issues, and other various issues. 

    A couple of days ago, one of my best friends' aunt was being discharged into hospice after a long battle with illness. A nurse that had cared for her since she started the battle 14 years ago, decided to take her patient into a large room for the hospital and performed ball room dancing for her (waltz) with her dance instructor. The nurse had hand made her own beautiful ballgown and performed the waltz for my friends dying aunt. It was very special. I am so impressed with people that go out of their way to do things such as this for other people. It doesn't take much to make a big difference in someone else's life.

    When you meet someone, you know when you "click." It's the same with finding your therapist. If you don't "click" then find someone else. Finding that connected relationship will make all the difference in your therapy. 

    Are you ready to commit to change? We can't solve our problems with the same thinking that we used when we created them. If your not ready to think about things in a different way, then don't go. But if you are... you're life can be everything you've always wanted!

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    Family Therapy
    Relationship Counseling
    Spiritual Counseling