Barbara Socher Self Discovery Trainer

Barbara Socher Self Discovery Trainer

Offers online services
Offers online services


· Step 1 - Complimentary 2 hour Self Discovery Life Mastery Introduction;

This is an introduction to the Self Discovery Life Mastery Process. A person gains more perspective on how their consciousness operates. They begin to see how they create beliefs and how and where they hold them and how these beliefs affect their lives. They will realize experientially that their beliefs are held at a deeper level than thinking, and how to become aware of these beliefs. They will also realize that there is a direct correlation between what they believe and what they experience in their lives. Many of the beliefs we hold are limiting and unconsciously sabotage different areas of our lives. People often struggle with challenges in their lives without even knowing how or why it is happening. Unconscious limiting beliefs are always at the core of these patterns. A basic attention technique is learned at this event that will support a person to remain present and self-aware. Also, the 2 day Self Discovery Life Mastery Workshop is explained and an opportunity to enroll is available if a person feels they are ready. Personal Training is available locally and via phone.


I am passionate about training people in skills to take command of themselves. The results start with the Introduction. There is a way out of sabotage patterns and negative thinking and being at the effect of others. Its an amazing experience when people transform in front of my eyes... Love empowering them to empower themselves!!


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

Two hour Complimentary Introduction.

If they are interested in workshop...sign them up for next two day event.

If interested in Personal Training,discuss the best place to meet.I have several locations from West Palm to North Lauderdale. ZOOM CALLS FOR INITIAL CONTACT DURING PANDEMIC.

I have been trained by the author of Self Discovery , over the past 17yrs. Leading workshops and individual clients.

Three days of Workshops and a one on one session with me before and afterwards


Personal Training $3,600.00 for 12 sessions

All work is Guaranteed!!!

I was having back problems, went to a chiropractor for relief. They asked me  how I would like learning how to take care of myself. I attended the Complimentary Introduction. In that experience I realized I was creating all the challenges I was experiencing. I decided if I am actually doing that  I wanted to know how to create deliberately more of wat I want and discreate what I dont prefer. That was 14 years ago.

My clients are driven,ambitious, know they are not living their Ideal life and want more for themselves personally and professionally. They are willing to invest the  time and money to learn a strategy to take command of themselves and move forward. 

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