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Christa Anahata

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Anahata Neuman has a passion for providing the best care for her clients. Ethical and trauma-informed perspectives are at the forefront of her clinical practice. Her distinct gift of humor and love for helping people make sense of miserable experiences is what creates the foundation of her therapeutic relationships.

The human experience is comprised of feeling emotions, learning (whether we are aware of it or not), holding beliefs, and interacting with others. I am proud to offer individual and family sessions, groups, and intensives to find balance within challenging life experiences and after a crisis.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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As a CBT (Cognitive Behavioral) therapist, I primarily use logic and humor to inspire healing and change. I love working with thoughts of all varieties. Many of my clients have lived experience with isolation, fear, anxiety, in addition to hearing and seeing things other people don't. I provide a comfortable and supportive environment to ease your therapeutic experience.

I have a way of explaining concepts through metaphors that help new ideas become part of your everyday thinking processes. With over five years of experience working with people diagnosed with severe mental illness, I have excelled in learning how to serve people in my private practice best.


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Offers online services

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    Dr. C.

    I was overjoyed to learn that Anahata Neuman was going to be setting up a local therapy practice, specifically working with patients suffering from psychotic disorders. This has been a huge missing in our community, as traditional therapists often struggle to work with these patients. After referring some patients to Anahata, I realized that she is able to meet people where they are, whether it be trying to stay out of the hospital, or trying to manage a mentally ill family member, or destigmatizing a diagnosis. She works effectively with all types of patients, from those who experience paranoia and auditory hallucinations, to those who have mood instability and problems managing lifes stressors. Her ability to adapt and not pathologize behavior allows patients to quickly connect with and trust her. She is flexible and genuinely caring, it is effortless for her, because it is clear that this is who she is. And with this kind of approach, as she says, Healing happens.
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    May 13, 2021

    Dr. M.

    Anahata and I collaborated together at a crisis residential house where people felt extremely vulnerable, having just been released from a psychiatric hospital.
    While working together, I came to realize that Anahata strives to treat all people with the dignity and respect they deserve. She works to empower her clients to be connected and understand themselves, so they can be in charge of their health and wellness. Using empathy, she helps her clients to feel safe, to feel understood, and to ultimately feel like they can make progress.
    During our work together, she demonstrated time and again that she is an empathic, compassionate, and dedicated professional with absolute integrity. She can provide a diagnosis if necessary, but she does not let the diagnosis define her work with a client.
    She has the insight and knowledge to help her clients work through highly vulnerable feelings or memories in a safe and therapeutic way that will not be re-traumatizing. She genuinely wants to help her clients work through difficulties in a non-pathologizing, deeply respectful, collaborative process in which people experience their innate capacities for well-being.
    -Sara Bassler MD, Psychiatrist.
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    December 19, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    What is short-term therapy?

    Short term-therapy is useful for short-term problems.  This therapy is based on building skills and has a foreseeable endpoint.  You and I work together to identify short-term goals and when the goal is reached, therapy is brought to a natural ending and a final session is conducted to review your progress and attain closure.  Short -term therapy requires approximately 12 sessions or less.

    What is longer-term (supportive) therapy?

    Some problems cannot be addressed in under 12 sessions. Struggling with patterns of behavior that seem out of our control are brought to light in therapy. Evaluation of progress determines the length of treatment the appropriate time for termination.  Longer-term (supportive) therapy requires more than 12 sessions.

    What is a Single Maintenance Session?

    Sometimes you want to drop-in and get support about something that feels overwhelming at the moment but will resolve soon. Perhaps you would like a listening ear, a refresher on valuable coping skills, or distress tolerance techniques.  Drop-in psychotherapy appointments are available for returning clients after an initial consultation, and short term sessions are complete. This therapy is appropriate for depression, anxiety, and psychosis that is mostly in remission. 

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