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Valley Life Improvement Center

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Joe and Annette successfully relate with and work with people of all backgrounds, professions, ages, educations, religions, races, etc. We use the most advanced tecnniques that really get results. We love to help and are very good at it. We do not put people on drugs because these just mask the problems and make them worse.

The websites of the big online counseling businesses have success stories that say something like "I found someone I can talk to about my depression." Their clients may talk about their depression or anxiety or marriage difficulties or other problems for years. This is because they do not have workable techniques to fully handle the problem. We do. Our clients don't just talk about the problems. We enable them to eradicate the problems fully.

You can be happy again. Something can be done about it. We look forward to helping you with your life.

We are friendly and non-judgemental. Anything you say is kept confidential.

We have been successfully counseling since 1968 and 1970.

Your happiness and success in life are what make us happy. We enjoy helping you have a happier, healthier, more successful life with better relationships & marriage, happy, healthy and successful children with ability to achieve their goals. We have hundreds of success stories from happy clients attesting that they got results like these.

We look forward to talking with you, finding out about your life and helping you with it.


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Offers online services

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    Ferdy B.

    Kay Curtis
    I loved working with the Valley Life Improvement Center because they really listened to what was going on in my Life, and helped me turn things around. After seeing them, I finally had direction in life and have accomplished so much more than I had ever dreamed I could all because of them. I will always be greatful to Joe and Annette for all their help.
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    May 17, 2020

    Mitch E.

    Not at all. They were Scientologists recruiting.
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    June 13, 2019
    Hired on Thervo

    M. P.

    I realized that a lot of my problems I thought I had weren’t that big of a deal. I’m now capable of handling anything that comes my way without any worry.
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    March 10, 2019

    A. y.

    … A really good way of taking inventory on your life, getting perspective on your actions and raising your level of responsibility. Now, I feel lighter, more at cause, more responsible and not so much the effect of my past. Confronting [transgressions] has also allowed me to not only [realize] what a jackass I have been sometimes, when I really didnt even realize I was a jackass, but it allowed me to see that in some cases I wasnt such a jackass as I thought I was either. Looking forward to life with this new perspective. Looking forward to being a better man.
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    March 10, 2019

    S. M.

    I’m so glad we decided to do the marriage counseling. I admit that in the middle of the process I was ready to bail out – but after seeing the process all the way to the end, I’m so happy. It seems like we both have a better understanding of the real picture, not the reactive picture, and will be able to make good decisions on what direction we will go from here.
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    March 10, 2019

    T. N.

    The ... session ... a few weeks ago has made a great difference in my life. For the first time in seven years, I am able to recall and talk about my brothers murder without experiencing the intense anxiety and emotions that I had buried and hidden so far away in my subconscious mind, afraid of the pain that I would experience if I dared to think or talk about it.
    Thank you again, Joe. The session that I had with you had a tremendous impact for me and I greatly appreciate the help that you gave me.
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    March 10, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    I begin by discovering what unwanted condition(s) you have in your life.  I will address that in your first session.  I can almost always help you to experience significant understanding and relief with it in that session.  Then we will work out a longer term plan based on what you need and want to greatly improve your life to what you would really like it to be.  The program may include face to face sessions, phone/video/text sessions, some reading and videos as well as practical homework for you to do between sessions.  The exact program is tailor made for you to deal with your difficulties in life as well as helping you to achieve your hopes and dreams.  No two programs are the same.

    During the current situation I am helping new clients by phone, video, text and email.  When again possible we will be seeing clients in person in person again in Northern and Southern California and other locations by special arrangement.    

    I have been successfully counseling since since 1970.  There is very little I have not encountered and handled fully. I can help anyone who wants to improve.  I have other education that I long ago found to be relatively useless.  I use what works. Primarily that includes the techniques of Dianetics because those get the best results. Most of our clients have not studied Dianetics and such study is not required.  We accept and help people from all nationalities, religions, races, political beliefs, sexual orientations, etc.  You don't have to believe in anything or join anything for these techniques to work for you.  I have the highest training available in Dianetics. My education is comparable to a post doctorate level.

    For more information on how this works or what it is go to and

    The first session is $100.  It is not limited to an hour.  I want to ensure you are satisfied you got a worthwhile result and a plan for your future happiness.  Included with the fee is a book and extension course personally chosen for you.  Sessions after that are $100 per hour.  If you are not able to afford $100 or maybe  you just want to try it out we also provide life changing personal counseling and education services for $30 and for free.  Let us know what you can afford and we will help you. Package rates are available. 

    We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Most services are covered by tax deductible donations. 

    I always knew there had to be more to life.  I did the usual study of psychology and other practices and found that although there was some wisdom to them all they had limited workability.  At last I found Dianetics in 1970.  I had it used on myself and applied it to others and found that it really worked.  Now that I found techniques that really helped people I have made helping people with these techniques and common sense my life's work.

    For more information on how this works or what it is go to and

    Our public has included 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs, a couple of Academy Award winners, directors, screen writers, rock and other genre of music stars, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, two New York Times best selling authors, political figures as well as house painters, bar tenders and office workers.  We have helped babies to start new lives and people on their death beds to move on. We have worked with Christian and Muslim Ministers, Rabbis, Buddhists and people with no religion.   We will help anyone who wants to improve themselves or help others.  The common denominator of all of them is they sense that life can be better, that they can be more happy and release their native abilities, that there is much more to life than life as most people see it.  

    Recently I did a first session by phone with someone that lasted about 2 hours. He is about 32 and had been getting counseling and weekly therapy since the age of 10 from 2 different psychologists.  He told me he had more forward progress in that one session than in all the previous therapy.  

    Decide if you just want a band aid or do you want happiness, deep understanding of life and release of your full abilities. Look for someone with good results.  Take a look at their Success Stories.   Are the results just that they found someone they can talk to about their problems or did they actually get rid of their problems and become happier and more successful. I am very easy to talk to but that is just the beginning.  

    Look.  See for yourself, not what others tell you that you see.  Ignore gossip, rumor, tabloids, etc.

    Find out if they are just going to just give you advice and try to put you on drugs or do they actually help you find the root of your problems so that you are able to solve your own problems?

    Check out  See if you think it might be a fit.  There is no obligation.

    Find out if they actually get results or are they just going to try to put you on pyschiatric drugs that have serious side effects and/or have you talk endlessly without positive result?  Do they only treat symptoms or do they actually help you find the sources of your relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, stress so that you are able to get rid of them?  It doesn't matter what high priced diplomas they have.  It is a matter of whether they can get long lasting beneficial results.  

    Services offered

    Life Coaching
    Family Therapy
    Relationship Counseling
    Career Coaching
    Spiritual Counseling
    Business Consulting