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Offers online services


I am a transformation and personal development coach specializing in my clients' emotional and spiritual health and wellness. I work with my clients to help refresh and renew their perspectives of themselves, the world, and their relationships through compassionate inquiry of the inner dialogue that creates our stories.

Our internal dialogue affects the quality of our life more than the external conditions and challenges we face. It guides us in how we show up in each moment and how we connect, our experience of life a reflection of the choices, judgments, and criticism it makes. However, many of us are unaware that we have that choice. Without an empowered awareness, our internal dialogue is generally in the past tense, a review and repetition of our history. And while we desire to better our lives, our actions toward change from this perspective can give us results that are frustratingly the same and not what we wanted. This cycle can create anxiety, depression, and a sense of hopelessness over being able to affect our own lives positively.

Transformational coaching focuses not only on what actions to take but a new way of being and perspective that opens us to a whole new dimension of our lives. Transformation coaching may or may not change what we think about, but it will change how we think about it. Opening us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, our relationships, and how it is all connected. In this, we receive new guidance that can direct us to new choices and actions that enable us to create the life in which we thrive.

As an informed trauma coach, I work with my clients on healing past traumas, issues, and relationship stories by helping them uncover the unconscious motivators for negative habits and patterns that sabotage their inner and outer relationships, confidence, and self-esteem. In revealing these hidden patterns, we discover that seeming obstacles and problems can come with their own gifts and acts of service. With compassionate awareness, we can identify what needs they serve and, in that awareness, develop healthier and more empowering habits and tools that better serve both our emotional and physical well-being. The focus of this work is to help my clients realize how to achieve their center of peace and empowerment in any situation. My philosophy is that what appears broken, chaotic, frightening, or confusing has yet to be understood. What we can understand, we learn from. With new insights and integration, we can develop new and empowering patterns that improve our relationships and enrich our lives.

My background and education are in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming designed to help people change their inner dialogues and perspectives), Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Transformational Coaching Method, and Safe Conversations (relationships) facilitator and workshop leader. I am a certified practitioner in all four, as well as continuing my education in neuroscience and as an informed trauma coach. I am also an educated and active practitioner of meditation, mind/body, and breath work therapies that deal specifically with our somatic "felt" experience of thoughts and behaviors, such as fear, depression, and anxiety.

As a coach, my job is to help you increase awareness of your model of the world and help guide you to create new possibilities for how you see yourself, other people, and the world. Those new possibilities bring new perspectives and a fresh outlook on how to let go of what is not working for your state of mind, relationships, and overall well-being and open the door to a healthier, energized, and centered way of living. My job, too, is to be your accountability partner, to remember and remind you of your potential and possibilities when you cannot.

During our sessions, I will help you uncover the meaning and reason for the unconscious habits and obstacles that always seem to get in the way. And how you can transform them into stepping-stones towards your dreams, goals, satisfying relationships, and fulfilling life you know you are meant to live. My purpose and passion are to help you become the most powerful person you know and create the reality in which you thrive.


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Gagan D.

Michele is a great counsellor. She has helped me navigate through the obstacles in my life journey and also introduced me to my inner self. She has definitely improved my quality of life. I was hesitant at first to try therapy but Michele has proved that how much therapy can help a person to live life to their fullest. I love that she’s culturally competent, open and trustworthy. Highly recommended.
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November 13, 2022
Hired on Thervo

James B.

I had very good experience working with Michele! I am especially impressed by how some of her practical advice--by which I mean specific actions and habits drawn from insights--has had a measurable positive effect on my daily life. Very satisfied!
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February 23, 2021
Hired on Thervo

Premilla B.

Michele is very engaged during our sessions and provides a humanistic and mindfulness approach to learnings. I have grown tremendously since my first session and look forward to more growth.
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January 08, 2021
Hired on Thervo

Andrew (A.J.) E.

Michele is an absolute gem! She is incredibly thoughtful and helpful with all her feedback and insights. I would recommend her to anyone! If you are looking to grow as a person and understand your feelings more then Michele is the one!
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September 01, 2020
Hired on Thervo

Cheryl W.

Michele was a divine intervention for me at a time I really needed that help. Along with being personable, supportive, and genuine, Michele provided me tools to use between sessions and beyond. She is very generous with her time and attention. She will give you as much homework or personal work as you might want for yourself. After years of therapy, I value my time with Michele over any other traditional therapy I have experienced in the past. It was a different approach and one that worked in seeing new perspectives.
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April 01, 2020

A. D.

Thought provoking. Enlightened. Peaceful and loving guidance.
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March 14, 2020

Frequently asked questions

The most important part of working with a new client is finding out if I truly can help them, for it is my purpose to be impactful and help my clients make the changes and live the lives they desire.    The first step is the discovery session in which we work together to figure out what is the outcome that the client wants and what he/she feels is the obstacle in the way.  Then we agree on on outline to how we will achieve this.   I am here to be the accountability coach, to keep my clients on track, to listen, to be a cheerleader, to be the tough love when needed, but most of all to help my clients see and believe in themselves in a way that they are living life from an empowered, centered perspective.    


·         NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

·         CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy

·         Health Coach

·         Life Coach

·         Transformational Coaching Method

·         Safe Conversations Facilitator

Continuing Education:

·         NLP Master Practitioner

·         CE/CME Credits - Helping Anxiety and Depression: National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine 

·         Developmental & Somatic Coaching

·         Mind/Body Therapy

Active Member of ICF, International Coaching Federation, ACC Candidate

Discovery sessions are free, individual and packaged sessions are dependent upon clients' needs.

Bodhi Biz was founded in 2013 after twenty years in the business world as an executive leader.   My years at business and my personal upbringing taught me that life's satisfaction and our sense of fulfillment is not just in what we achieve, but in how we achieve it and the people we become in the process.  I started coaching and writing in 2007, and have been engage in continual education and development in leadership, business, transformational, wellness and mindfulness practice since.

·  Both individuals and businesses that are:

·  Facing personal or health challenge

·  Stuck in a rut

·  Wanting to change unhealthy habits into life enhancing behaviours

·  Unable to meet goals

·   Stressed Out

·   Lacking energy, feeling dull or in a fog

·   Feeling lost or have no direction

·   Taking on a new job, relationship or location

·   Needing an accountability partner to help define and meet meaningful goals.

·   For individuals and businesses that feel out of sync and want to get back on track with their vision, mission and values.  

·   For individuals and business that need help with structure, financial set up, input and analysis

·   For individuals and business that need help developing and building teams.

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Life Coaching
Family Therapy
Relationship Counseling
Spiritual Counseling
Business Consulting