Offers online services
Offers online services


I am a warm and highly compassionate therapist. i work intuitively and use interverntions from many different frameworks. my favorite framework is of the Layers of Self that sees the individual as consisting of the five layers - physical, energetic, mental-emotional, intuitive and bliss layer. in essence we are love, peace and joy though most of us have lost connection with our true nature. i love working with my clients to regain this connection and live from a place of completeness with wisdom, abundance and beauty.

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i enjoy the fact that i get paid to be loving and compassionate to my clients, so that they can learn ot be loving and compassionate to themselves. i enjoy getting to know my clients on a personal if not intimate basis. i love that i get to help them help themselves. i enjoy seeing the changes in thier behavior and attitude as we explore their thgouhts and feelings, even their relationships become more hassle free. usually they become more confident, self-assured, and caring individuals and true to their authentic Self.


8 years in business
Serves Saratoga , CA
Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    typical process for working with a new client includes going over the informed consent and listening to the client narrate the issues they are currently facing. a discussion of the tools and strategies they have used thus far and what has worked and how effectively. then i dig deeper into thier expereinces and strenghts and the session organically evolves to a space of acceptance and growth. i send out vibrations of healing, positivity and peace that they often expereince tanglibly.

    a have a double Master's degree one in clinical psychology from India and another in counselling psychology from the Hoistic department at John F. Kennedy university.

    additionally i have done tons of trainnig in various psychotherapy models and attended workshops and seminars in different healing modalities.

    one therapy session i.e. typically 50 mins costs $ 150/-.

    occassionaly i see couple or families for 120 mins and the cost for that is $225/-.

    i got started in this business years ago after completing my first M.A. in India.

    i have worked with a variety of clients from several different ethnicities, with varied psychological or emotional issues and in different settings including schools, counselling centers and private practice.

    a client has been talking about all the changes they have made since they came into therapy. not only are they comfortable being ni social situations, something they were terrified of a few months ago, but they are going out of their comfort zone and forming community by attending church services, surfing lessons and music congregations. they feel comfortable inside their skin and are engaged in their job and feel alive, energetic and joyful.

    find a therapist that is a good fit for you. someone you feel comfortable with and who you would not mind telling your deepest secrets. someone who "gets" you and recognizes the awesome person you are (even when you cannot seem to see it).

    why are they seeking services?

    what do they hope to get out of therapy?

    what are they willing to change to reach their goals?

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