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Consider this: What would life be like if you were NO Longer living in "Reaction To" other people or past situations?
Trauma is NOT reprocessed. Instead, by targeting & healing the original "roots" of distress, the mind is then able to do what it was designed to do; self-heal. For example, if we target the origin of say, FEAR OF JUDGMENT; and then heal it. Then, simply by proxy, all the residual pain that once stemmed from that root, can be resolved. (Remember this, subconscious never ages, therefore, it can always be healed.)
After the root is gone, we then are No longer perpetually stuck in fight or flight response, in a moment in time from early childhood that can be easily triggered even decades later, propelling perhaps even childlike responses and overpowering fear. Now, no longer frozen in a survival response, we are no longer controlled by that moment in time. These emotions  now don't overpower us, allowing us to feel more in control.  We now have the freedom to experience emotional pain from an adult response framework (effected merely 15-20 seconds; rather than hours or days).
For it is being stuck in these sustained survival responses to trauma that separates  us from our authentic selves. We develop a suit of protection, made of layers of defense mechanisms, façades & fear responses. After many years, that suit can become quite thick, making it virtually impossible to connect with our authentic self, to know our intrinsic needs, to even hear our own gut responses.. let alone, experience self-love. It's exhausting. 
Think about it. Everything we dislike about ourselves and other people is just FEAR responses. Which aren't even genuine representations of any of us anyway. Vulnerability is freedom. Vulnerability is authentic; vulnerability is LOVE.
How to know if a trauma-root has you stuck? If yes to any: 1. You find yourself repeating unwanted behaviors, despite KNOWING better. 2. Distress lasts longer than 3 min. at any time. 3. Attracting drama/ toxic relationships & second guess yourself regularly. 4. Talk yourself OUT of first trusting your gut, or overthink even small things. 5. Having the same endless arguments that only just circle the drain.
For: trauma; unresolved grief, self identity, PTSD, bad habits, relationship reconnection, couple intimacy issues, childhood trauma, Borderline Personality Disorder, codependency, perfectionism, OCD, Narcissistic abuse, ADHD, forgiveness, trust repair, self-sabotage, infidelity, panic attacks, depression, bullying. MA in Clinical Mental Health Counsel: DBH
Intensive & thoroughly targets core triggers quickly. Therefore, treatment is short-term as unlike traditional talk-therapy, which could which can require years. Most clients reach full resolution within 12 to 15 sessions. TraumasNOT reprocessed. Specifically tailored allowing freedom/ feeling more "in-control." See website for workshops & couples programs.
DO CHECK OUT below YouTube link on Childhood Roots/ Stop Reacting From Our Past.  Removing Emotional Shackles (you may have to copy & paste)

Molly McGinnis, MPCC 
text for fastest response: 602-812-9593

The primary intervention I utilize to remove trauma-formed blocks is SR. Clients are never the same after SR completion vs first coming in. I have the best vantage point because I get to witness these transformations. It’s harder for clients to clearly recognize because they see themselves all the time and the changes are subtle yet daily adjustments are occurring. 

The most visceral example I like to share is a client who first came w PTSD resulting from her 2 yr relationship w a narcissist. She was afraid to eat bacon. He had conditioned her to the point of 6 months after the breakup , she still felt “not allowed” to eat bacon. Long story short, part of her treatment involved, of course, eating bacon. And that was the beginning of her transformation. 

Now, she owns her own business , is assertive, self confident, no more panic attacks, and solid, healthy boundaries in relationships. At the beginning, I couldn’t even get her to say out loud that she liked herself. Now, her self love is both evident and abundant. And , of course following suit was her (significant) increase in income. Money always follows happiness. 

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  • Armaan M.

    Molly is wonderful. She is attentive, listens, and helps. She has built a trust with my son that no one is ever able to establish. I highly recommend her.

  • Helene D.

    She is awesome

  • Patti R.

    I look forward to each session to be able to uncover another aspect to facing my insecurities and gain more self-confidence.

  • Julie G.

    Excelente respectful and understanding person

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What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

I have been developing the primary methods used (to be more thoroughly described later), for over 19 years & for the past 10 years have been utilizing these interventions in case conceptualizations of over 9600 patients. Results reveal remarkable findings: relief of somatic & emotional distress instantaneously (avg. 50% disturbance reduction in one session).

It was vital to me that the McGinnis Theory on Subconscious Reformation (SR) be scrutinized to the strongest degree possible as to maximize its healing impact. I don't know about you, but for me, when I am feeling crummy, I want to get out of that feeling as quickly as possible. And not just a temporary fix, I want it to be gone for good! With SR, once a root is pulled it cannot return. Which means, that initial disturbance will not hinder you ever again!

The other half of the scrutinization process was ensuring resolution would occur quickly. Talk therapy can take months or sometimes years before true relief is gained ~ who wants to sit in "it" that long? Therefore, this approach has been evaluated by numerous mental health professionals, undergone several years' worth of evidence-based studies & research; & endured lengthy analysis by EMDR, trauma, & Somatic relief doctors to all collaborate on its development. I sincerely hope you enjoy this experience & honor yourself for the gift of putting YOU first!


The first session is typically focused on the clinical assessment process & emotional outlining. Together, we will develop your personal treatment plan in order for us to delineate our initiating focus. At times therapeutic "homework" will be given, if you decide to complete it, great! If not, we can still learn from the barriers as well so please do not get caught up thinking negatively about yourself or the process. Often when interpreting the subconscious, it's in what is not said or done where we learn what that part of the mind is trying to tell us.

Targeting relief is always the goal of each session. On occasion, methods for SR will be utilized during the first or second appointment. However, often that is not the case, as most of us need some extra emotional strengthening beforehand. Assessing the appropriate methods to utilize during each meeting is my upmost dedication to your treatment and healing. This theory is vast and complex. Though at times, other forms of subconscious- mind healing will be used. A wide variety of tools & interventions are necessary for the (sometimes) unpredictable nature of the subconscious. This is particularly why I am consistently assessing what to use and when.

Studying & interpreting body language, handwriting analysis, emotional awareness, energy transmission, & other non-verbal cues make direct connection to - & examination of - the subconscious. It is quite safe to say that the subconscious rules the session & whenever the conscious-mind attempts to interrupt, it is swiftly (& gently) reminded that this time is for its counterpart.

I like to call this "rapid therapy" because the point of catharsis (relief) generally comes within a 30-min timeframe. I've found this to be so effective that it has become my primary choice of intervention. It is quite effective for

somatic relief (aches/pains or illness caused by molecules of emotion), PTSD symptoms (nightmares, flashbacks, hypervigilance, anxiety, avoidance, etc.), social anxiety, &, general disturbance (bad habits, toxic relationships, overall attraction to drama, etc.).

The subconscious controls 80-90% of our behavior, never ages, remembers all (since birth), & is essentially the magical healer - so why do we waste so much time trying to heal our conscious mind, when really, that's just a compilation of "recorded" information from other people? Many have said that through our subconscious, we experience our direct spiritual connection - I have to say, that whatever your Higher Power may be, I do agree that the connection is found within the subconscious.

Want more? Think about it. Every, single, event (NEGATIVE or positive) No. Longer. Exists. - except for in our imagination. Through SR, I am able to assist in transforming how the imagination remembers a negative experience AND we create a more positive imprint in its place. This then reduces the results that any one negative event birthed (ex. Backaches, nightmares, sudden anxiety or avoidance, negative thoughts, etc.) Ever wish you could no longer be majorly affected by your past or wish you could rapidly heal from the pain? Yep, me too! I think that's why I love this approach so much. I feel so blessed & am continually grateful to have the honor of witnessing amazing healing through my work.

EMOTIONAL "ROOTS" (Removing the Barriers)
When a distressing feeling lasts longer than 3-minutes, that is your indication that you are experiencing a childhood trigger - not an adult reaction. Since personality is developed between the ages of 1-6 yrs. old, this is when what I call, "roots" are developed. Then, as we grow older, those roots grow trees, with branches, then leaves, etc.

For example, consider being 45 yrs. Old & someone says something that triggers the leaf connected to a "shame" root created when you were 5 yrs. Likely, the emotional reaction to that comment would feel as overwhelming as if you were a young child again, & less like how a grown adult would be impacted. Perhaps even emotionally paralyzing.

Often, we hear messages to "just think positive" or "stop stressing out." However, with many things, shifting our mindset is not necessarily that easy, nor simple.

Since the subconscious learns by repetition, then hearing oneself
repeat traumatic events could, in effect, more deeply groove the disturbance into the mind, reinforcing any resulting consequences (ailments, bad habits, negative behaviors, etc.). Additionally, the conscious mind frequently has a significant learning curve, meaning one could spend lengthy periods of time involved in talk- therapy "learning" (or rather, "re-learning") how to heal.

Whereas, with the subconscious - the only hindrance to healing is the barrier standing in the way (traumatic occurrence, negative thought, etc.). Once the barrier is removed, so then are the disturbances it created. Think of a splinter in your hand. Attempting to cure the damage the splinter is causing will be nearly impossible while the splinter remains. However, once the particle is removed, the body is free to do what it was designed to do - the process that had been interrupted - and that is to self-heal.

Therefore, when being treated for responses resulting from a triggering event, with SR, the "processing" of the actual event does not happen. Meaning, a series of directive techniques will aid in imprint replacement & barrier removal without having to actually discuss or speak of the occurrence. Since the subconscious works on an entirely different plain than how we typically think - this treatment may be difficult to describe &/or understand completely. The subconscious is non-verbal & experiential, & fittingly, so is its treatment.

"We don't hold on to negative thoughts because we want them,

we do so because we believe them."


Essentially this is the point of relief. Typically, this takes the form of either a big epiphany or healing of some sort. Usually results in a lot of tears. The goal of each session is to find most (if not all) healing from the presenting issue at hand.

It is at this point when a typical client remark is, "Oh my! All of a sudden all of these childhood memories are flooding in..." I always reassure that our subconscious is designed to keep us safe so rest easy because the memories that come back will be positive & uplifting. Typically, clients will feel physically spent, as if just having completed an intense cardio workout. One could deduce this to be the energetic release of no longer having to having the "pause" button on subconscious & now can resume the "play" mode. Imagine now, all of this newfound energy that can finally be put to better use! Oh, I must mention the yawning. This often occurs during Catharsis as well. There is no scientific evidence as to why this occurs, however, from my observations; this appears to be an energetic release of sorts as well.


What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

Arogosy University: Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 

Arizona State University: Studied in the Doctoral program/ Doctorate in Behavioral Health targeting somatic disturbance byway of treating mental health as primary

Brisbane, Australia: Mind-healing Centre, Mastery of Subconscious Reformation and Trauma Recovery 

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Individual pay-per $115

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Couples/Family $195 50min. $235 80 min. (see more options on website:

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