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In addition to hiring season clinical practitioners at the Master's or Doctorate level that provide evidenced based practices, specifically CBT & TFCBT, this agency sponsors over 40 CEUs to mental health clinicians. The Social Work licensing prep course is yet another pearl HMOCS offers to Social Workers taking or trying to pass the LGSW, LCSW, LCSW-C licensure exam. The 12 hours CEU Supervision, Leadership and Management class is another valuable training offered at HMOCS and the facilitator of these workshops has over 30 years in the mental health field.

As the President/CEO of Haley's Mind of Care Services and practitioner, I'm committed and enjoy helping individual, couples, famiies, and children improve their overall emotional, social, psychiatric, and behavioral wellbeing. As an evidenced based practice, we utilized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Structural Family Therapy and Cutting Edge "Emotional Focused Couples Therapy". I'm also a Certified Anger Managment Specialist I (CAMS I). I have clinical licenses in DC (LICSW), MD (LCSW-C) & VA (LCSW).


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    Patricia P.

    I chose Haley’s Mind of Care Services LLC because it was located within my community (12801 Old Fort Rd Suite 303, Fort Washington, MD 20744) and because my health insurance was accepted there. The appointment was needed due to issues within my marriage. When calling to make an appointment the President/CEO, Emma Norfleet-Haley (Dr. Haley), Psy.D., LICSW, LCSW-C, answered the phone; this in and of itself was impressive to me because many doctors at this level believe they are too important to answer a telephone call leaving it to their low-level employees. That said Dr. Haley was great over the phone. We discussed my situation, with me providing initial information of my reason for my needing therapy and an appointment was scheduled.
    For my first appointment, I was extremely nervous because I didn’t know what to expect; however, the office manager, Tracy, made me feel comfortable and welcomed while I waited to meet with Dr. Haley. Once sitting with Dr. Haley, she conducted a patient intake, asking me basic questions about myself, my reason for needing therapy and the outcome that I wanted with the latter making me think for sure. During this conversation, Dr. Haley was down to earth, easy going and most importantly non-judgmental towards me. Her calm disposition made me relaxed and willing to share my story. I remember it like it was yesterday, she said “I’m glad you are seeking help for yourself; you will enter therapy one way and leave another way, which I didnt understand at that moment. My therapy started on a weekly basis but when some weeks were unbearable because of actions and occurrences with my then husband I saw Dr. Haley twice a week. My journey with Dr. Haley was the hardest thing I have ever done, but with her by my side, I did not feel alone. Whether sitting on her couch or calling her in the middle of the night, Dr. Haley was there for me and served as my voice of reasoning during the roughness period of my adult life. Dr. Haley displayed patience, was caring and showed great empathy with me. Don’t get me wrong or misunderstand what I am acknowledging here, she didn’t hold my hand but rather worked with me to get me where I am today. Dr. Haley showed me how to use my mind instead of using harsh/nasty words to resolve issues; she is a game changer in regards to altering the mental state of an individual. Dr. Haley called me out on my “wrongs” too but in a professional, caring type of way. She showed me how to take care of myself, she taught me how to love myself first and demand respect for myself. Her focus was on me which in turn made me realize that I mattered. I didnt understand the therapy process at that time, but I did know I trusted Dr. Haley and I knew the guidance she was providing me was working. It was apparent that her method of therapy was effective as I saw the change in myself. I cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Haley enough, and it exists solely because of the person I am after receiving therapy from her. Dr. Haley was great, and I am in a great place thanks to her. I can honestly say that Dr. Haleys treatment has reformed my entire life. Dr. Haley of Haley’s Mind of Care Service LLC is the best from my perspective!!!!
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    April 03, 2019


    I was reluctant to enter therapy, but after struggling with Depression for years, one of my girlfriends in the mental health field highly recommended Mrs. Haley. I started sessions with her soon thereafter and from the first visit, I felt hopeful for the first time in years. Mrs. Haley was sensitive, knowledgeable, patient and I had lots of homework assignments from the very beginning and throughout my year and 1/2 time frame learning how to manage my depression. I loved how she took time to explain what theory and related interventions shed use to assist me in managing my depression.
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    April 01, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Once a referral is received, via email or phone call, we make contact within 24 hours to schedule an Intake and Assessment appointment.  After the Intake and Assessment is done, therapist will be assigned to the case and psychotherapy begins within 5 to 7 days. 

    I hold a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology, Master & Bachlelor Degrees in Clincial Social Work.  I am also a Certified Anger Mangement Specialist (CAMS I) and the degrees & certification provided the clinical foundation used in applying various evidenced based psychotherapies that have helped many move on in life well adjusted.  Several evidenced based psychotherapies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); Trauma Focused-(CBT); Motivational Interviewing; Structural Family Therapy; Emotional Focused Couples Therapy; and I'm a CAMS I (Certified Anger Managment Specialist I) are utilized to assist clients with learning how to cope with depression, anxiety, unresolved marital issues, trauma, grief and loss, OCD, & ADHD, just to name a few.  The degrees and certification provide a great fund of knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to foster, promote process and discuss ways for clients, families, couples and children to deal with and improve his/her overall emotional, social, vocational, behavioral, and psychiatric wellbeing.

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