Jansen Solutions Expert Attorneys Established Law Firms In All Areas Of Law

Jansen Solutions Expert Attorneys Established Law Firms In All Areas Of Law

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Offers online services
Offers online services



Hired 4 times
2500 employees
56 years in business
Serves Houston , TX
Offers online services

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    Dina H.

    I am extremely satisfied with Jansen Solutions as they took on my case, as difficult as it was and walked me through everything with full knowledge of what is happening and when
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    September 28, 2022


    Sandy S.

    Super helpful!
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    September 28, 2022


    Brian S.

    Friendly and helpful
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    September 28, 2022


    Cheri O.

    They are very professional and met my very need large or small.
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    September 26, 2022

    Frequently asked questions

    First the Client calls 18002171438

    We will then go over what the need is and it is free to call.

    Second we will go over choices and if they wish to use our services. We then get them all signed up and put into the system for $29.95 we can keep our prices low due to the fact we have over 6 million members.

    Third once in the system the client has access to all of our services at no charge except criminal and pre existing.

    Unlimited advice on unlimited issues

    Letters and phone calls made on the clients behalf

    Contract and document review 

    Home owners policy reviewed in its entirety 

    We will do all of our clients Estate planning at no cost and it's good for life.

    We update Wills and Powers of attorneys at no cost and they are good for life.

    We handle our clients traffic related situations and only costs more for criminal violations.

    Plus much more


    What education 

    All of our law firms in all 50 states are vetted, have over 25 plus years of legal experience. Our law firms work only for our members. Each law firm has lawyers that are experts in every area of law. Each law firm makes sure each member is taken care of and properly satisfied with the situation they are in. Each law firm is licensed and has a five star rating in the state they are in and covering.

    United States Marine Corps,

    Marine Corps University,

    Parks University,

    Campbell University,

    Western Illinois University 

    MBA in Business, History, Public Speaking, law

    30 plus years of work experience 

    thousands of families protected

    thousands of truck drivers protected

    hundres of small businesses protected

    thousands of active duty and there families protected.

    Expert. Authorized and Certified in employee benefits.

    Our standard pricing is $29.95 per month

    For the this price 

    1. Unlimited questions on Unlimited topics 5 days a week

    2. Review letters, contracts, and documents on your behalf

    3. Make phone calls on your behalf 

    4. Emergency attorneys on call 24/7/365 for all Emergency situations

    5. Estate planning (Will, Healthcare power of attorney, Trust for minors, living Will)

    6. Traffic related situations that are not pre existing, not criminal.

    7. Member perks

    Plus much more 

    All this for the $29.95 per month no contracts, no co pays, no termination fees.


    Anything not covered, pre exsisting, and criminal you still get at the very least a 25% member discount 

    How did I get into this business

    I am a Marine Veteran, I went to college after the Marines for a law degree. I was approached by a fellow Marine who told me about a company that does thing different and gives the justice system back to the every day person and that they needed help to get the word out and to help people.

    I looked at the company and the business model and realized that it was an opportunity to do what I wanted and help as many people as possibly 

    How we stand out

    First we are available 24/7. We have on call attorneys for any and all emergency situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Including holidays.

    We cover our members even if they leave the city, county, zip code, state. 

    We handle all areas of law, 

    We guarantee our attorneys will call you back within four business hours.

    We are less the $1 a day due to our millions of clients and thousands and thousands of big and small businesses and the thousands of truck drivers and trucking companies.

    We handle the Traumatic to the Trivial 



    Call me now and I or one of my associates will get back to you. 1-800-217-1438 

    Services offered

    Personal Injury Lawyer
    Divorce Lawyer
    Dui Lawyer
    Immigration Lawyer
    Bankruptcy Lawyer
    Real Estate Lawyer
    Consumer Lawyer
    Criminal Defense Attorney
    Employment Law Attorney
    Probate Attorney
    Contract Attorney
    Estate Attorney
    Wills And Estate Planning
    Legal Document Preparation
    Copyright Attorney
    Intellectual Property Lawyer
    Corporate Law Attorney
    Tax Attorney
    Traffic Lawyer
    Insurance Attorney