Dr. Walter J. Matweychuk

Dr. Walter J. Matweychuk

Offers online services
Offers online services


Dr. Albert Ellis and Dr. Aaron Beck, the two founders of cognitive behavior therapy, have trained me. I have 28 years of experience. I work at the University of Pennsylvania and teach at New York University. I have authored books on psychotherapy and train young psychologists. My qualifications are second to none. This professional background allows me to quickly help people understand the reasons for their emotional and behavioral problems. I then teach people HOW to avoid responding to the life's adversity and their relationship conflicts in self-defeating ways. I teach you how not to let other people drive you to emotional disturbance. I show you HOW to react in self-helping ways to overcome the problem. I don't believe therapy should last forever AND I think the psychologist should actively help, teach, and show people how to handle things more effectively.

Please go to my website REBTDoctor.com, and you will see how I will help you as I am a very transparent psychologist. I want you to be an informed consumer before you choose a mental health professional. Do your homework before you invest your time and money in a particular psychotherapist, counselor or marriage\family therapist. When you consult a psychotherapist or counselor a great deal is at stake, and you need to spend time finding a competent professional as you could end up wasting your time if you fail to research the background of the person you choose.

I enjoy teaching people how to cope with whatever the hand of fate throws their way so that they can be happy and prevail despite the adversity they face in their life. I enjoy teaching people how to liberate themselves from emotional upset so that they can creatively rise to the challenges of life. Life is too short to upset yourself and to remain upset, bitter and disturbed. I enjoy terminating therapy after teaching my patients lifelong skills that they can use instead of keeping people dependent on psychotherapy for the rest of their life.


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Engaged couple, Married couple, Unmarried couple

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Couples seeking counseling together, Individuals seeking counseling (with partner's knowledge), Individuals seeking counseling (without partner's knowledge)

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Communication, Conflict resolution, Trust, Intimacy and passion, Family planning

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    Frequently asked questions

    My first session is for 90 minutes. I quickly gather some preliminary information and then get an idea of the nature of the emotional, behavioral, or interpersonal problem that has brought the person in for counseling. At the initial session, I begin to teach the person how to solve their problem, how to cope with their adversity, and how to have some degree of happiness despite the presence of the problem. I believe that at each session, including the initial session, a patient should learn a skill or a useful idea for addressing their problem. I do not think therapy should go on endlessly with nothing but venting about the problem occurring. Life is short and I try to get you better in the shortest possible time. I want you to not only feel better but to get better. By this I mean I want you to learn a skill that endures over time and you can use on future problems.

    I trained at the University of Pennsylvania and Hofstra University. I have a doctoral degree in psychology which means I have advanced training beyond what most master's degree counselors and psychotherapists. As a clinical psychologist, I worked with and trained with Dr. Albert Ellis and Dr. Aaron Beck. These two men are the founding fathers of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). They were the psychologist and psychiatrist which introduced a new model of treatment to replace the neverending Freudian model. CBT is a practical, action-oriented therapy which teaches you essential skills and rational attitudes and beliefs so that you better handle and solve your interpersonal problems and other adversities. CBT was intended to be more practical and to be time limited so that people can get over their issues and on with their lives. 

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