Samuel Barsano

Samuel Barsano

Offers online services
Offers online services


Just to help people gives me satisfaction and the impetus to keep going. I work mostly with the strenghts perspective, building off my clients already existing strenghths and showing them how to transform those strength to function in all areas of life. I am also trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and have used it to help clients overcome their fears and anxieties. With me positivity is the name of the game, if one learns to think positive then I feel its one of the rules of the profession that it will be reciprical and return back to him. A compassionate and empathic personality I feel can also be therapuetic for my clients.

I have worked with a few different populations. Holocaust survivors, developmentally disabled and the mainstream population as well. I enjoy helping people simple as that. The bonds that are created withinn therapy gives me good feelings and reason to continue. Taiiloring my therapy to meet my clients needs is one aspect of my therapy which find very satisfying and something I have got better with over time. I like the challenge each new case brings and again the satisfaction that comes with this work is the results that I see.


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    As I get to know them I try getting a reading of their strengths and weaknesses. To put them in proper perspective I ask my clients about how they can sublimate their problems, putting every negative in their lives in a new light, trying to find the good in them as difficult as it may seem at first. In practice it is not, because its two heads against one.

    I learned statistics in college two times and I am capable of looking into empirical evidence for a new type of therapy or additional knowledge of therapy I currently practice

    I will make that decision on a client to client basis. Working with a sliding scale. 

    I once decided to work with the developmentally disabled population. I loved and cherished my time there. I convinced myself that I need to be in the helping profession it gives you so much statisfaction when you can help your fellow man

    Developmentally disabled, autistics, holocaust survivers, mainstream population, who present with the common type of disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and adhd. I am also trained in Trauma therapy

    As I worked with one of my autistic child, I have never seen more progress as a functioning child as with her. We were able to bring her from a 1 1/2 year old who could barely communicate to a 3 year old who could communiate very nicely. Much pleasure can come from this

    Look for someone who is passionate about helping others.Someone with enough experience with a diverse group of people. It makes for a well rounded therapist. 

    Am i looking towards the long run or for a quick fix. Because quick fixes don' t necesarily work. One must invest in the therapy and be willing to open up their hearts to their therapist, one who will not judge them negatively. 

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