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Son Rise Counseling Agency & Institute

Offers online services
Offers online services


Son Rise Counseling Agency (SRCA) team provides spiritual therapeutic counseling services for individuals, couples, and families. Our counselors assist those who seek relief from their present conditions, by providing insights and tools to aide them in living a qualitative lifestyle, achieve personal and professional growth, gain focus, and achieve healing. Our agency utilizes a diversity of methodologies to aide our counselee's to achieve the outcomes they desire.

Ms. B.-Walter, the founding partner and the agencies Senior Therapist Mr. Richard Ballard, Jr. love when a counselee's have an 'Epiphany Moment' these moments of breakthrough moments are monumental achievement's; which enable them to accomplish their desire goals.

These moments afford us to embrace that we've been an effective instrument in their healing process.


3 employees
20 years in business
Serves Severn , MD
Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

All individuals seeking to acquire services must complete an intake packet. Intake packets are required to be completed before the first scheduled session. Service Fees must be paid before services are rendered, our admin team will forward 'Intake documents' to scheduled initial counselee's for completion. Documents will be sent via email, or can be sent via U.S. Mail if requested at the time of scheduling initial appointment. NOTE: All 'Intake Documents must be completed, and signed, and submitted with with first payment before scheduled appointed.

Claudia B. – Walter, CPPC, CTC

Certified Professional / Pastoral Counselor / Certified Temperament Counselor

Areas of Specialty: Family and Marriage, and Premarital Counseling- Women's Supports, Life Recovery, Leadership Coaching 

Number of Years Counseling:   20

List of Counseling Certifications: Multiple Certifications held in several disciplines

Highest Degree:  Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling and Education

Richard Ballard, Jr., MSW, LPC and LMFT

Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,

Areas of Specialty: Senior/Licensed Therapist Trainer, Marriage and Family Counseling, Life Recovery

Number of Years Counseling:    25

List of Counseling Certifications: Multiple Certifications held in several disciplines

Highest Degree: Masters of Social Work

Son Rise Christian Counseling Agency & Institute is a non-profit pastoral counseling/therapeutic center. The standard fee for a first (1st)

evaluation appointment is $80 (dollars) and the standard fee of ongoing counseling is $ 65(dollars) per 60-minute session. 


Health Insurance Accepted 

( Approval Needed at Time of Scheduling and Intake) 

-Our Sliding Scale-----------

 In addition, the agency takes cases on a sliding fee scale for individual whom demonstrate a financial need if they meet the required criteria for eligibility. The agency afford these opportunities to ensure all in need of therapeutic supports have a chance to acquire them to aide them in their journey of healing.

All new continuing counselees will be accessed an increase of 1-2% of the service fees assessed to accommodate the 

standard cost of living increases each year. 

As the founding partner Ms. Claudia B.-Walter, CPPC, CTC began her career counseling those in need over 20 years ago. She started, as a volunteer providing simple rap sessions during bible studies with incarcerated youth, and supportive aides for those struggling with addiction. During this time period her  and her family  went through a monumental transition of divorce. While still providing supports to other's-she  sought counseling for herself and her children-this prompted her to take a reflective look at the impact she had while supporting others through  their "Journey's of Healing" the results were phenomenal-the testimonies of many prompted her to pursue a career. She believed she could be an instrument to aide many more in healing, and having a positive outcomes for their life.  

She utilizes the skills she has gained throughout the years to counsel, advise and mentor many; aiding them in their personal and professional development, and through their personal journey of healing, spiritual growth, and self-development and growth. She provides customized training to leaders of all statuses, businesses, organizations and provides corporate team development.

We have both worked with a variety of clients with vast backgrounds, economic status and various needs. We both have served families, couples, troubled youth incarcerated and school age. Our services have aided married couples and those seeking relationship supports for various reasons. Our services aide those suffering with depression and those looking for supports as they greige a loss, or are facing a transition in lives.  

Our Agency is in partnership with ou Non Profit Branch of the founder ( Dr. Claudia B.-Walter). She helps schools become community hubs during their events free mental health supports are provided to aide persons and familoin distress or whom have various needs. Her and her team have witnessed transforming outcomes. 

We believe if you are seeking a service you should do some preparation-

First, list out your needs, and what services your think you need to help you with the need. 

We suggest making a  list of what you want areas you want the of  professional  to help you with. Start by asking yourself what type of qualifications do you want them to have. What type of personality, and values do your want them to possess. 

Last, are you willing to pay top dollar to acquire what, or who you need to aide you with your need.

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