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Self-directed attorney offering 8 years of legal experience zealously advocating for clients in superior, state, municipal and juvenile courts in traffic, criminal, dependency, civil, family, dependency, and delinquency cases and in federal bankruptcy court (Chapter 7 & 13); works efficiently and ethically to achieve the best outcome for clients while working in the interest of justice.


vClient Advocacy

vCase & Project Management

vCreative Solutions

vEmotional Intelligence

vTime Management

vLegal Research

vFinancial Literacy

vWorking Collaboratively


vAnalytical Reasoning

vSound Judgment

vAttention to detail

vGuardian ad Litem


January 2011 - Present, Attorney at Law

Represent clients in traffic, TPOs, divorce, adoptions, misdemeanor and felony cases from probable cause hearing through trial/disposition; interview clients, police officers, expert witnesses & others; prepare discovery, conduct legal research, prepare & argue motions, negotiate with solicitors, ada's; represent clients in transactional matters (primarily contracts) & in Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcies.

January 2016 – Present, Child Welfare Attorney

Child Attorney/GAL Douglas County Georgia- Contract Position (dependency & corresponding delinquency cases); Court Appointed attorney for additional delinquency cases, superior court transfers and appeals (Children & Parents); Parent's Attorney, Rockdale County Georgia (Court Appointed & privately retained); Child's Attorney, Delinquency & CHINs (conflict list).

January 2013 - January 2014, HOA Attorney


September 2002 - February 2011, Senior Project Manager, URS Corporation, Environmental Remediation Projects; Columbus, OH & Atlanta, GA

November 1995 - September 2002, Various: Business Manager (Inside Sales), Plant Manager, Product Information Specialist, Industrial Hygienist; Columbus, OH

August 1995 - August 1993, Research Assistant, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN,

Aug 1990 - Aug 1991 Underground Storage Tanks State Project Manager, US EPA, Region 9, San Francisco, CA

August 1989 - August 199o, Industrial Engineer, US Dept of Defense, Vallejo, CA


John Marshall Law School, Juris Doctorate, May 2010

Purdue University, M.S. Engineering (Environmental emphasis), August 1993

Georgia Institute of Technology, Bachelor’s of Industrial Engineering, June 1989


1 employee
13 years in business
Serves Atlanta , GA

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Frequently asked questions

Free consultation, I don't typically set a time limit, but it's got to be reasonable.

Listen to a client, gain an understanding of their case and expectations and repeat all back to them to make sure you are on the same page.

Ask questions to establish the timing and other needs of the client, check my case load and upcoming obligations - in and out of court - and check those with the needs of your potential client.

Establish primary and back up forms of communication (phone, text, email, in person). 

Discuss fees up front, including whether they're hourly or a flat rate (case type & situation dependent) & timing & accepted forms of payment.

Always be honest with a client from start to finish and let them know you expect the same from them.

If I feel like I am not the best attorney to represent a client's needs and desired outcome, I don't hesitate to say so and am always happy to provide a referral to another attorney if I know one who I believe is a better match.

I worked as both a process engineer and an environmental engineer (project manager).  The skills I gained through my prior career have enabled me to manage multiple cases and clients at the same time without missing deadlines. 

I choose continuing legal education courses that keep me up to date on my primary practice areas including trial and pre-trail advocacy, evidence, child welfare law, family law and criminal law.

Pricing is case & client dependent.  I offer flat rates for some legal services, typically contracts and bankruptcy, and reasonable hourly rates for other cases.  I've got to keep a roof over my head so I can't work for free.  A reasonable retainer is typically required.

I wanted a change from working primarily for large chemical companies.  Although I originally thought I'd work as an environmental attorney, I found that my years of business experience translate well to assisting clients with contract needs and being in the courtroom represting individuals provides an exciting venue for me to zealously advocate for my clients and justice. 

I've worked with clients from all walks of life including children, parents, LGBTQ individuals, cis-persons & other clients with a variety of backgrounds, educations levels, and ages.

Most recently I sucessfully prevented a case from being transferred from juvenile court to superior court where the child would have been tried as an adult on felony charges. On a less serious matter, I have proven success in assisting individual with traffic charges in getting those minimized.

Make sure you do your homework, hire an attorney that is experienced in the area for which you need assistance!  Make a list of questions you want answered before you speak with anyone you're considering hiring.

Their expectations and communicating them to the attorney.

The attorney's ability to listen and respond to those expectations.

Reach an agreement on the primary method and frequency of communication between you and your attorney

Services offered

Dui Lawyer
Bankruptcy Lawyer
Criminal Defense Attorney
Traffic Lawyer