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Offers online services
Offers online services


We are a 50 year old debt free company with a subscription service that provides AFFORDABLE access to the legal system, with a dedicated law firm in each state, providing nationwide coverage for less than a dollar a day, with no long term contracts. Our law firms are AV rated and enjoy helping you, NOT billing you.


Hired 7 times
700 employees
52 years in business
Serves Sebastian , FL
Offers online services

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    Theodore F.

    I having worked wit anyone yet they tell me to go on their website and all I see is ads for dementia gummies cbd gummies wats that got to do with me I need a landlord tenent lawyer like now
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    August 31, 2022
    Hired on Thervo


    Mary S.

    A letter from a lawyer can make all the difference.
    Recently a member reached out when a jewelry store lost her wedding ring set and refused to fully refund or replace it. After her LegalShield provider attorney contacted the company, it reversed its decision and paid the full cost: $13,982.
    Find out what a LegalShield provider attorney can do for you at
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    May 15, 2022


    Shannon K.

    Divorce with children is never easy, especially for the children. Having a provider law firm that is caring and empathetic toward my personal situation has taken a bit of the burden and stress off me. That has freed me up to be the mom I want to be for my children, without the worry of the divorce process. I couldnt be more grateful for the help and support I received from them. Kudos to such an amazing t=eam of professionals
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    November 29, 2018


    Mae F.

    I want to express our deepest thanks to you for your legal services and the law firm of DSK in Orlando.
    We had over $25k in damage from Hurricane Irma and our insurance company did not wish to pay. They sent us a check for less than half. We attempted to get an independent adjuster and that did not work out. So I told my husband to
    call since we had you (unbeknownst to him.😁)
    You see I signed up as a favor to a friend and figured I’d have a will made and probably cancel after a few months. Thank Goodness I didn’t!! And I will happily continue your service.
    DSK requested all our documentation and sent a letter on our behalf to the insurance company and shortly thereafter we had a letter from them stating they would send a check for an additional $11+k!! They sent it to the law firm and they in turn sent it to us for our signatures and we had to send it back to them. After about a month we received the entire amount!! What a blessing! I have since told many this story praising your company.
    Thanks again for the wonderful (LEGALSHIELD) service you provide!
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    October 16, 2018



    “We were given a car by a family member — it was an older model with many miles, but it was FREE. We got use out of it until things started to go wrong ... and then we didnt have time, energy or desire to tinker with it to keep it running. So, I decided to sell it. I posted photos and a description on our local Facebook resale page and was immediately contacted by a BUNCH of interested folks. Since Id never sold a car to a private party before, and because I knew this car had issues -which I fully disclosed - I wanted to make sure I did it right so I had zero liability once that car left my driveway. I called LegalShield, an attorney called me back within 5 MINUTES and spent 15 minutes explaining the four things I needed to do. It wasnt a huge deal, but I also didn’t have to spend hours on Google and end up still second-guessing myself; it gave me peace of mind to know I had all the correct info and did everything right as I watched that car drive off yesterday and I held $700 cash in my pocket. 😊 I call LegalShield for everything because I can ... and I think having unlimited calls to a top-rate law firm as just one of many benefits for a $25/month subscription is a no brainer.”
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    October 16, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    Phone conversation and texting them videos about our service in addition to live Zoom conferencing video calls.

    Our company has been in business for over 48 years.

    We have a network of over 6900 attorneys, nationwide. 

    Our law firms are all AV rated.

    We are also CITRMS certified Identity Theft specialists.

    We have ongoing personal development classes at LegalShield

    Family Legal Plans -  $300.00/yr

    Business plans start at - $468/yr

    IDShield Individual -  $120/yr

    IDShield Family -  $300/yr

    Introduced to this new concept and incredible service when it became available in Canada in 2000.

    We have used this service over 150 times (and we are not criminals) and continue to use it whenever we have a question or issue.

    Single parents, Families, small business owners, commercial drivers as well as providing this service to employees of companies.

    Services offered

    Personal Injury Lawyer
    Divorce Lawyer
    Dui Lawyer
    Immigration Lawyer
    Bankruptcy Lawyer
    Real Estate Lawyer
    Consumer Lawyer
    Criminal Defense Attorney
    Family Law Attorney
    Employment Law Attorney
    Probate Attorney
    Contract Attorney
    Estate Attorney
    Wills And Estate Planning
    Copyright Attorney
    Intellectual Property Lawyer
    Corporate Law Attorney
    Tax Attorney
    Traffic Lawyer
    Insurance Attorney