Our company has made it possible and feasible for everyone to access to the legal system whether your situation is trivial or traumatic.

I have helped hundreds of people from identity theft issues, divorce, adoption, foreclosures, real estate issues, treated unfairly on a warranty, traffic violation, estate planning, IRS issues, and more.

I am the agent between customers and attorney and identity theft counselors.

The services I help provide individuals and famlies are very rewarding. There are only a few people who can afford legal assistance in our country. Many people will pay for the injustice done unto them or will become ill from stress trying to figure out a way to get through their legal issues. With LegalShield's service a simple phone call or letter from a top rated law firm could correct their issue immediately. I have received counless phone calls from members thanking me for my assistance in sharing our service and providing them with access to our law providers throughout the nation. Some member testimonies are: saved a families home/no foreclosure, wrongly arrested and thrown out, individual suing a member from a car accident, numerous medical insurance issues, child identity theft issues, number of moving violation assistance, save an elderly mother from being "evicted" from an assisted living home, being taken advantage of from an auto mechanic and so much more.

I love helping people overall but, when one feels there is no way out of legal situations by me providing and assisting LegalSield services is most rewarding.


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51 years in business
Serves Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I find out what their need, help them with a plan that best suits them and show them the process and how simple it is to contact an attorney anywhere they are in North America.

The company puts associates through trainings and other trainings are optional.  I have been trained in every area of our company and attend trainings monthly.

Services offered

Divorce Lawyer
Dui Lawyer
Bankruptcy Lawyer
Consumer Lawyer
Auto Accident Injury Lawyer
Criminal Defense Attorney
Employment Law Attorney
Contract Attorney
Estate Attorney
Copyright Attorney
Corporate Law Attorney