Dr. David Ransen, PhD, LMFT, CHt

Dr. David Ransen, PhD, LMFT, CHt



In my 42nd year of practice, I have evolved many changes compared to most therapists. First, no waiting, ever. Second, going overtime is frequent, but there's never an extra charge. Instead of paying $160 for a 50-minute "hour," my sessions usually last at least two hours, minimum, for $320. It's amazing how much can be accomplished when we're not staring at the clock! If that sounds steep, here's the third difference: I have no long-term clients. That's not a rule. It just turns out that my clients know when they have achieved what they aspired to, and that takes just a handful of sessions. The reason? Unlike old-fashioned therapist, I don't psychoanalyze my clients, whjich takes forever, costs a fortune, and usually makes things worse. Instead, I begin by challenging my clients (with my help if needed to imagine what small changes they would notice in their preferred future. From that point, we spend all our time creating solutions that will empower you to make that preferred future real. It's quick, painless, and very obvious when you have learned how tiny changes in your habits can make huge diferences in your lives and relationships. I cannot recall the last time I needed more than 5 sessions. More commonly, 3 or 4 sessions suffice.

Smiles and hugs. I sometimes get choked up when clients reach that point when they understand that they have no more need for my services.


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    Instead of asking what problem brought clients to me, I ask what they hope to achieve by seeing me. This turns upside down the usual problem-focused therapy to create solution-focused therapy. This gets people in the habit of creating solutions and happy memories, instead of analyzing problems and pointing fingers.

    Dual-degreed doctor: Psychology from Cornell (PhD '79).

    Second degree 25 years later from Nova in Mariage & Family Therapy.

    Board-certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

    Served on the faculties at Cornell, Princeton, and Tulane Universities, and Harvard Medical School.

    Fees appear to be around the same as other therapist's in this area, but the value is consistently greater than with others. Why? My sessions frequently go longer than anticipated (I always leave extra time between sessions), but there is never an extra charge for overtime. Instead of jamming 8 clients into a day, I never see more than 3 clients in a single day. Quality, not quantity makes all the difference. People very much appreciate this flexibility and lack of pressure.

    My usual sessions last at least 2 hours. Sometimes they last 2.5 hrs. or 3 hrs. or even longer. But the fee always remains the same. So there's never any time pressure.

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    Relationship Counseling