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Hi, I'm Keri.   My approach to helping you is simultaneously efficient, systematic, provocative, confronting, nurturing, and safe. 

Ideally, it addresses YOU fully as the perfectly imperfect human being that you are.   We will first identify what it is that you wish to change, work through, let go of, feel your truest feelings around, or accomplish.

  Then we will excavate anything and everything which is in the way of doing exactly those things. The messier and more complicated the better!  From there we will look very closely at those things and greatly reduce or eradicate the fear, judgment, shame, blame, resistance, and so forth.  For example, you want to leave an unhealthy relationship but are scared to do so: I will help you confront, embrace, and no longer reject the parts of yourself which are in the way of bravely facing your deepest fears of being alone and facing the world as a single person perhaps for the first time in a long time.  Another example is that you would like to show up differently in your relationships, finally attracting a mutual, supportive, emotionally responsible, and deeply loving partner.  I will help you own and lessen any negative patterns of self-worth which hinder you from finding your perfect match. 

 Whether it is setting out to date, dealing with stepchildren and blending a family, navigating what feels like endless conflict, commitment fears, attachment wounds, feeling continually triggered by your partner, healing from infidelity, or dealing with compulsive and destructive patterns, I am guessing you have parts of yourself that you are not at peace with and you keep trying to hide, avoid, judge, and shame them when they reveal themselves or blame and make others wrong when they arise.  Maybe you are in the codependent realm of constantly working your butt off trying to fix, change, or have your partner reach their potential.  Maybe you sacrifice your true needs for minute bursts of validation hoping eventually it will lead you to love and fulfillment and betray your boundaries.  Maybe you feel incredibly anxious, insecure, and needy in relationships.  

Or maybe you avoid conflict at all costs and resort to passive aggressive behavior.

This is not a problem and I will help you own these parts of yourself gracefully rather than blame and shame yourself and others for having them.  How about anger? Even rage?   Addictive tendencies?  Do you engage in compulsive behavior with porn, food,  and spending money, in exchange for temporary numbness or a hit of dopamine?  Have you had affairs or cheated on your partner?  Have you been cheated on and cannot move on?  We will lessen the emotional charge around anything which is blocking your ability to move forward.  None of these emotions or scenarios are problematic on their own, but my assumption is that they cause you to behave in a way that can result in pain for yourself and others.  

Maybe you cannot get over a break-up or get past a betrayal.   We will work through this until you feel more at peace.  Want a different career or more money? Let's make it happen! 

 Anything you are feeling right now in this moment is fully acceptable and worthy of further investigation and illumination.  I do not care how ugly, messy, or dark it is.  In order to create what we want, we have to shed light on the obstacles in the way of fully receiving it.  

We do this by naming it, neutralizing the negative emotional connotation we have around it, and normalizing it as a part of ourselves worthy of embracing and accepting. From there we can behave in a new way which is in alignment with the understanding of all of these parts of ourselves.

Are you ready for relief?

Let's do this right now!

With love and gratitude,


*Our Sessions are normally on Zoom*

*I offer email and text accountability between our sessions which ensures that we will never have an opportunity to NOT succeed!* xo

I enjoy helping individuals and couples normailze and neutralize the pain and shame surrounding their issues.  I love seeing the transformation that takes place between the first and last session!  It makes me smile just thinking about it.  I also love the synthesis of doing deep emotional work, taking major action, having a sense of humor and watching the magic unfold in the process. 

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  • Matt H.

    I feel really safe with Keri even when w'e're exploring territory that is uncomfortable for me. Her insight and intuition are really sharp, and she's highly articulate in her communication. When she challenges me, it's always thoughtful and in service of growth. I feel her intelligence, intuition and compassion working in a really balanced way, and I always come out of a session with Keri in a better place than when I went it. Matt, Canada

  • Jenny C.

    Keri is an amazing coach with an ability to get right to the heart of an issue and compassionately challenge and inspire. She can handle really heavy issues and maintain a sense of strong support.

  • Karen W.

    I have worked with Keri over the last year and have enjoyed every moment with her. I am struck by her ability to hold space for whatever is arising in me and the level of safety I feel with her which I felt from the first time we met.. I learn so much about myself in our time together and through that I have felt held, seen and heard. It takes a lot for me to trust and Keri makes that effortless. I feel safe when I am with her and I know she is deeply listening which has me feeling soothed just by being with her. The trust I feel with her is remarkable. I have grown immensely through our sessions and I think I am a better partner in my relationship because of all that I have learned from her. Keri challenges me in a way that has me taking responsibility for myself with what I want and what I need without apologizing for anything. I get to be me when I’m with her and I have learned how to accept all of myself in relationship to others with her help. I highly recommend her!

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What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

All of our sessions are usually on Zoom

First, we have a free 20-30 minute consult to see if we are a perfect match for creating profound healing and results!

Second, if we decide to proceed, you will sign up for a 3, 6, or 12 package set of sessions.

I strongly suggest the 6 package option to start, and we often just do maintenance calls after that.  Usually we can accomplish your goals in 6 sessions or less!

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

I have studied at and The Relationship School with Jayson Gaddis,  Bard College, and Naropa University.   I have a background in psychology as well as extensive training in relationship and life coaching.  The culmination of my varied degrees and certifications has brought me to the destination of being  a Therapeutic Relationship and Relationship Transitions Coach.