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As an experienced licensed therapist of more than thirty-two years, I provide an environment of competence, trust and care. I'm able to connect with people in ways that help them feel safe as they talk about their concerns. I work with individuals, families and couples. I don't work with children under the age of eight.

I provide professional counsel, guidance and insight. I ask good questions and encourage people to make positive changes in their lives. I'm actively involved in the sessions, and i'm not afraid to express my concerns.

Most clients make helpful changes, and if they don't we talk about their resistance. I give homework assignments as well as speciifc steps clients can take to make life better.

I'm not afraid to challenge my clients to reconsider unhealthy thinking, decisions and behaviors. And, when clients share life events they haven't shared with anyone else, it's a life-changing moment for them.

In addition to my private pracice, I'm a certified facilitator for domestic violence/anger management groups in San Diego. I've worked with male and female offenders for twelve years. I use this material and experience with my clients who are dealing with anger issues.

For the last nine years I've taught graduate online behaviorial science classes for marriage, families, crisis and trauma, and conflict resolution.

I do counseling in my office, over the phone, with Skype or Zoom. I offer a very fair rate for therapy.

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I define my work as the opportunity to help others.. My counseling practice brings energy to my life as I see people wanting to make changes in their life and relationships. I'm humbled by their honesty and willingness to share their pain, guilt, struggles, grief and disappointments.

I'm reminded every day that we all have issues and concerns that we need to address. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share in the the lives of those who ask for counsel.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Respond to a client's interest in counseling. This is done on the phone so that I can idea of their issues.  They can also ask questions of me and my practice.

2. Client makes appointment and fills out the intake forms available on my website. This is done prior to their first session.

3. At the first meeting, review the intake forms and ask questions regrading the information and answers they gave.

4. Set up a treatement plan and possible interventions that may take place during the counseling process.

5. Meet weekly with the client(s) until they've resolved issues and are ready to stop counseling. They can come back at any time, and sometimes do.

I'm a licensed therapist in California, LMFT#23779.

I hold a doctorate in counseling and am a trained facilitator for domestic violence/anger management groups in San Diego.

I take yearly continuing education classes for my counseling license and my domestic violece work.

I charge $50.00 per hour  I take cash, check, credit card, Paypal or Venmo. I don't take any insurance but my fee is not much more than a co-pay for insurance. Clients with insurance often work with me because of my very fair rate. Because of my retirement income, I don't rely on therapy for my daily expenses. This also allows meto help those who don't have insurance and can't afford higher rates.

Many years ago my older brother committed suicide. I went to counseling as a client in order to heal. I thought at the time that being a therapist would be a good way to help people and make a contribution to society.

Almost all -

Relationships - married, living together, premartal therapy, divorce counseling, grief and loss, substance abuse, anger and domestic violence. Assisting those with trauma as a child or adult, anxiety and depression, teens and families, multi-generational healing, senior issues.

Last  year I helped a couple who were considering divorce.  I encouraged them to look at a number of issues before making a decision. We talked about consequences for their children, financial implications, long-term disruption to the family, and the positive things that drew them together as a couple. After many months of counseling, they decided to work things out and keep their family together.  I also counseled their two teenage children, and had some family sessions as well.

!. A client who makes changes and improvements to their iife are those wanting to do the work and stay with the process. Some clients have good intentions but don't follow through.

2. Those who are open to problems in their life and are willing to discuss their pain, loss and destructive patterns. Honesty is a first step to healing.

3. Those hurt by others as a child or adult. This can be the result of child abuse, teen issues such as being bullied, substance abuse or divorce, just to name a few areas. 

4. Those open to suggestions and are willing to follow through on homework assignments or other interventions.

1. Are they able to be specific about initial concerns to discuss?  Other issues may come to the surface during therapy.

2. Are they able to express why they want counseling, and why now?

3. Are they open to be commmitted to the process of healing and change?

4. What do they need to know about the counselor and their experience and experise?

Services offered

Life Coaching
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